How can 2-1-1 Long Island help me?

How Can 2-1-1 Long Island help me? | How does the 2-1-1 call center work? | What are the benefits of the 2-1-1 online database? | What's Included? | Inclusion Criteria

2-1-1 Long Island provides two convienent ways to access accurate information about Long Island agencies, organizations, and programs -- through its call center and through its online database.


  • Child care for a working parent
  • Individual or family counseling
  • Support group for a parent under stress
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Emergency housing and food services
  • Internship, community service and volunteer possibilities
  • Eldercare services
  • Debt counseling, bereavement and domestic violence assistance
  • Disaster Response Resources
  • And much more