What are the benefits of the 2-1-1 online database?

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  • Free, online, providing 24 -7 availability
  • Extensive and up-to-date; information expanded and updated on a daily basis. 
  • User-friendly; search by organization, subject, or keyword.
  • Searches can be streamlined to limit geographically and by language.
  • Supports potential for greater coordination of services, planning, and needs assessment efforts.

    Businesses can help their employees locate help for employees’ personal and family problems as well as education and training opportunities.

    School guidance counselors, social workers, nurses and psychologists can locate resource & referral information for students and families within minutes.

    Students can access information independently and use the database for research and to locate volunteer and internship opportunities.

    Community-based agencies and government departments can use the database to support their information & referral activities—freeing staff to spend more time with clients.

    Hospitals, private practitioners and health care workers can use the database to assist with discharge planning and community referrals for the entire family’s needs.