About 2-1-1

About 2-1-1 Long Island

2-1-1 Long Island is a free, non-emergency information and referral service that connects Long Island residents to health and human services they may need on a daily basis or during a disaster. 2-1-1 specialists are trained specifically in connecting people to health and human services resources quickly and easily.

Available by telephone and online, 2-1-1 Long Island provides callers and web visitors with detailed information on nearly 10,000 community resources for help and assistance in a range of areas.  Some examples include:  
•    job training opportunities
•    heating emergencies
•    financial or legal counseling
•    mortgage/rent assistance
•    health services
•    food assistance
•    substance abuse
•    education and training
•    child or elderly care

To learn about 2-1-1 Long Island's inclusion/exclusion policy visit the FAQ page.

So what’s the difference between 2-1-1 and 9-1-1?  2-1-1 complements 9-1-1 by fielding calls about non-public safety needs, such as food and shelter.  This ensures that 9-1-1 operators aren’t tied up with non-emergency calls.  If it’s a life-and-death situation, dial 9-1-1.

2-1-1 Long Island is brought to you in partnership between United Way of Long Island and Middle Country Public Library.  Including 2-1-1 Long Island, there are ten regional 2-1-1 Call Center and Database Services available covering 100% of counties in New York State (see http://211nys.org/ for details).