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    Programs that attempt to reduce the incidence of bullying, a form of violence among children, on school playgrounds, in neighborhoods and in homes, through a variety of interventions which may include use of an anonymous questionnaire to assess the nature and prevalence of the problem, development and announcement of an intervention program, open discussions of bullying at school and in other venues, increased supervision of children in areas that are "hotspots" for bullying, arrangements for reporting bullying incidents, immediate intervention when bullying incidents occur, development of protective strategies for targets, formation of support groups for victims of bullies, discussions with parents of involved students, and engagement of community members in support of the program. Most bullying prevention programs are school based and target students in elementary, middle and junior high schools. Bullying can be physical, verbal, or psychological; and involves intentional, repeated hurtful acts, words and other behavior such as name-calling, threatening or shunning committed by one or more children against another child.

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    AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING PROGRAMOffers after school tutoring services to youth ages 6-13. Also provides homework assistance, anti bullying workshops and computer literacy instruction.NassauAFTER SCHOOL TUTORING PROGAMHEMPSTEAD HISPANIC CIVIC ASSOCIATION, INC.
    BASIC AWARENESS WORKSHOPProvides outreach programs to schools/agencies about self-esteem and feelings, decision making and peer pressure, anger, bullies, teasing, coping skills, stranger awareness, safety and more.SuffolkBASIC AWARENESS WORKSHOPSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    BULLY HELPLINEProvides a helpline for students, parents, and educators to call for guidance and assistance with incidents involving bullying, harassment and discrimination.NassauBULLY HELPLINECAPS-CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION SERVICES
    BULLYING PREVENTION CENTERProvides resources and support to children, parents, teachers and the community to work together in keeping youth safe from the harming effects of bullying. Call for additional information.NassauBULLYING PREVENTION CENTERCAPS-CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION SERVICES
    CREATIVE RESPONSE TO CONFLICT INC.Conducts a variety of workshops for people of all ages. School-based workshops include staff development workshops, in-classroom workshop, bias awareness, bullying, problem solving, and a three-day peer mediation training workshop for students. Community-based workshops are conducted for community, organizations, hospitals, and religious organizations that work with children and young adults. Conflict Resolution for Facilitators Workshop provides participants with conflict resolution training skills. Nurturing Inclusive Community Environment (NICE) is an emotional support program designed to end school violence and encourage academic success in a safe, peaceful learning environment. The CRC Elder Concerns gives support in the decision making process regarding health concerns and the transition to assisted living or nursing homes. Other services are also available, such as in-service course credits, mediation services, response to bullying workshops, a leadership and social justice day camp, LGBTQQ workshops, and a re-entry support program for formerly incarcerated parents and their children.CREATIVE RESPONSE TO CONFLICT INC.CREATIVE RESPONSE TO CONFLICT INC.
    DIGNITY ACT CERTIFICATION TRAINING IN HARASSMENT, BULLYING, CYBERBULLYING AND DISCRIMINATION IN SCHOOLSProvides a six hour course for Dignity Act Certification Training in bullying, harassment, cyberbullying and discrimination in schools. Provider is New York State approved for training. Schools may call to request special scheduling of this course. Course also offered off site. Call for upcoming locations.NassauDIGNITY ACT CERTIFICATION TRAINING IN HARASSMENT, BULLYING, CYBERBULLYING AND DISCRIMINATION IN SCHOOLSCAPS-CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION SERVICES
    EDUCATION/SEMINARSEducators provide specially tailored trainings in schools, small businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Issues discussed include: racism, Anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination including sexual harassment, bullying and cyber bullying. Call for more information.SuffolkEDUCATION/SEMINARSBIASHELP A DIVISION OF LINCS
    FRIENDS FROM SUNSHINE CENTER CHARACTER EDUCATION PROGRAMTeaches children, in grades K-3, character education and social skills through directed lessons, songs, multi-cultural puppets, stories and activities. Cultural diversity, anger management, conflict resolution, strategies for dealing with bullies and the understanding of emotions are some of the issues that are addressed. Training, in the areas of alcohol, drugs and violence prevention is available. This program is available to schools and agencies.SuffolkFRIENDS FROM SUNSHINE CENTER CHARACTER EDUCATION PROGRAMSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    FRIENDSHIP MATTERSProvides a new bully prevention program workshop for 5th and 6th grade girls focusing on keeping kids safe, even in their friendships. Call for more information.NassauFRIENDSHIP MATTERSCAPS-CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION SERVICES
    K-12 PREVENTION THROUGH EDUCATION WORKSHOPSOffers a variety of workshops on classroom violence prevention and child safety education for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Workshops are targeted for specific grade levels and held in small classroom settings. Topics include Internet safety, bullying, child abuse prevention, sexual harassment awareness and prevention and date/acquaintance rape awareness and prevention. Call for more information.NassauK-12 PREVENTION THROUGH EDUCATION WORKSHOPSCAPS-CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION SERVICES
    OUTREACH SERVICESOffers Character Education Series for preschool-high school audiences. Topics include Anger Management, Bullies/Teasing, Friendships, Suicide/Depression, Substance Use/Abuse, Diversity/Tolerance, Self-esteem, Peer Pressures, stranger awareness, expressing feelings and more. Available for Health Fairs, Awareness Days, Community Events, and Facilitator/Staff Trainings.SuffolkOUTREACH SERVICESSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    PARENT PREVENTION PROGRAMSOffers parents of elementary and middle school students parent education on bullying prevention, Internet safety and relational aggression. Workshops are offered on site to parent groups of ten or more. Call for more information.NassauPARENT PREVENTION PROGRAMSCAPS-CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION SERVICES
    PEOPLE TALKOffers training, speaking presentations and consultation services aimed to solve various problems and relieve tensions through improving communication for a variety of environments including universities, elementary through high school, social service agencies, families and businesses. Workshops tackle topics such as bullying, behavior management, and the Golden Rule .SuffolkPEOPLE TALKPEOPLE TALK
    PREVENTION PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTSOffers two and three-session workshops for elementary, middle, and high school students in classroom settings across Long Island at no cost. Programs include child abuse prevention, bully prevention, relational aggression, sexual harassment, date rape and Internet safety.NassauPREVENTION PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTSCAPS-CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION SERVICES
    SOCIAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPSOffers workshop for children ages 5-8 and 9-12(parents included). This program provides education and support to families. Topics include building healthy friendships, communication skills, understanding and expressing feelings, dealing with teasing and bullies, and more. Discussion groups, creative arts, games and hands-on activities are utilized to increase understanding and strengthen social skills. Teen Support Group also available for ages 13 and up. The Parent Component offers support and guidance to parents, and provides practical skills for helping their child in a variety of situations. The Parent Component meets at the same time the children's program runs.SuffolkSOCIAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPSSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    SUSS (STUDENTS UNITED FOR SAFE SCHOOLS)Uses the power of peer influence to change school culture. Provides training and guidance to teams of students to empower the recognition of bullying, harassment and discrimination in the school environment. Encourages these students to reach out to peers through school-wide program initiatives aimed at helping all students feel valued and respected. Call for additional information.NassauSUSS (STUDENTS UNITED FOR SAFE SCHOOLS)CAPS-CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION SERVICES
    THE HAMPTONS-GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL, AND TRANSGENDER CENTERProvides a meeting place for Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender youth, young adults and their families, and seniors. Also hosts anti-bullying and sensitivity workshops at local schools, along with counseling, mixers and other services. Call or visit website for more information.SuffolkTHE HAMPTONS-GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER CENTERTHE LGBT NETWORK (THE NETWORK)
    THE MCGRUFF CRIME DOG BULLY PREVENTION SAFETY PROGRAMThe McGruff program offers children in grades K-9 important personal safety lessons while getting them actively involved in the learning process. It seeks to give children the social tools they need to recognize bullying behavior, prevent it from occuring and handle it effectively. The program runs for 4 consecutive weeks: one day per week for 30 minutes, taught by a Suffolk County Sheriff.SuffolkTHE MCGRUFF CRIME DOG BULLY PREVENTION SAFETY PROGRAMSUFFOLK COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE
    WHAT'S UP? GIRL TALKProvides a one-hour workshop for 7th-8th grade girls on preventing relational aggression. Schools may call to request special scheduling of this workshop.NassauWHAT'S UP? GIRL TALKCAPS-CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION SERVICES
    YMCA FAMILY SERVICE BRANCH-HOLTSVILLEOffers Suffolk County residents and their families, ages 6-99, a variety of services which include: individual, family and group counseling for substance abuse treatment, These services are offered in Spanish as well. Also offer youth counseling, ages 6-21, to help strengthen the family in life situations through counseling, which include: help with the transition of divorce, anxiety and stress, foster care adjustment and many other types of life areas. Also offer prevention services to strengthen and build the community. These services are mainly offered in the schools through evidence based program to prevent violence, alcohol and drug use, teen pregnancy and promote overall healthy living. We provide workshops in the community that give resources and information that the community has identified as a need, such as gambling, heroin use, how to talk with your kids, and healthy ways to cope with stress. Also provide bully free training and services to camps across all ages. Also tailor trainings and workshops to meet needs that organizations feel could benefit the community at large.SuffolkYMCA FAMILY SERVICE BRANCH-HOLTSVILLEYMCA OF LONG ISLAND, INC.

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