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    Programs that provide special assistance and accommodations that support the ability of students with visual, hearing, physical, emotional, learning or other disabilities to achieve their academic goals and participate in, contribute to and benefit from the institution's programs, services and activities.

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    ALTERNATIVE LEARNING CENTERSOffers special classes that bridge the gap between classes for the disabled at Western Suffolk BOCES Centers and classes for the disabled and non-disabled students located in local school districts. Classes, staffed by Western Suffolk BOCES teachers and paraprofessionals, deliver instruction that incorporates the Common Core Learning Standards to students referred by participating school districts. Mainstreaming within the host school classes is available where appropriate. ALC classes serve a variety of youngsters ages 5 through 21. Groupings are determined by the severity of need and similarity of educational, social and physical functioning. Classes serve disabled students ages 5 through 21 in district elementary, middle and high schools. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkALTERNATIVE LEARNING CENTERSWESTERN SUFFOLK BOCES SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM
    CHILDREN'S RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMOffers a residential program for children with autism spectrum disorder ,and/or multiple disabilities to include autism that incorporates Applied Behavioral Analysis teaching methods and positive behavior supports. Programming focuses on life skills recreation and leisure skills, household living; with opportunities for participation in Special Olympics Events. Housing placement is based on age and level of functioning. Family outings day and home visits are encouraged.CHILDREN'S RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMANDERSON CENTER FOR AUTISM
    DISABILITY SERVICES CENTER (DSC)Services are designed to meet the unique educational needs of currently enrolled students with documented permanent/ temporary disabilities or disabling medical conditions. The Disability Services Center (DSC) is dedicated to the principle that equal opportunity be afforded each student to realize his/her fullest potential. The goal is to assist students with disabilities to function as independently as possible, and to ensure a comprehensively accessible college experience where individuals with disabilities have the same access to programs, opportunities and activities as all other students at the college. DSC offers its services to all students in face-to-face, hybrid, online courses and distance education programs. Documentation about your disability will need to be provided. Please contact Malka Edelman, Director to discuss your reasonable accommodations.SuffolkDISABILITY SERVICES CENTER (DSC)FARMINGDALE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK
    DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES/SUCCESS THROUGH EXPANDED EDUCATION PROGRAMProvides a supportive environment for students with documented disabilities and is committed to complying with all applicable provisions of: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Disability Support Services/Success Through Expanded Education Program (DSS/STEEP) at Molloy College strives to provide access to an equal educational experience for qualified students with documented disabilities, while ensuring that the integrity of all college standards and requirements is maintained. In support of the College's commitment to transformative education, DSS/STEEP aspires to educate the Molloy community so as to increase awareness, knowledge, and integration of those with disabilities. If you are a prospective or current student and would like to discuss your eligibility and services offered please call or email for more detailed information.NassauDISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES/SUCCESS THROUGH EXPANDED EDUCATION PROGRAMMOLLOY COLLEGE
    EDUCATION PROGRAMOffers an educational program based on the Applied Behavior Analysis Positive Behavioral Supports model for individuals with autism spectrum disorders ages 5 to 21 . Focuses on academic, social and life skills development, transition and vocational training. Provides certified Behavior Analysts/Specialist and IEP. related services.EDUCATION PROGRAMANDERSON CENTER FOR AUTISM
    GENERAL CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATIONHelps prepare classified students, ages 16-21, for employment or supportive employment upon graduation or for entry into advanced programs with support in Secondary Career and Technical Education. Students, referred to the program by their local school districts, spend one-half day at their home high school and one-half day at a Tech campus. At the Career Assessment Center, located at Wilson Tech's Manor Plains campus, students are evaluated on their career and academic strengths and weaknesses and this information is used to match the students with appropriate career choices. Call for more detailed information. SuffolkGENERAL CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATIONWESTERN SUFFOLK BOCES CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION
    ITINERANT SERVICES FOR THE HEARING IMPAIREDMainstreamed hearing impaired students are eligible for this complete language oriented, academic support program in their home schools. Based upon individual need, certified teachers of the deaf provide intensive language development, auditory training, speech correction, lip reading and academic tutoring program as well as sign language, manual alphabet and lip reading. This service is coordinated with the curriculum thus, requiring close cooperation with the teacher in the home school. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkITINERANT SERVICES FOR THE HEARING IMPAIREDWESTERN SUFFOLK BOCES SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM
    ITINERANT SERVICES FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIREDServices are available to blind and partially sighted students in their home schools. The itinerant teacher carries out an ongoing program with local school staff so they can help a student develop those skills needed to function optimally in the regular school setting. These skills can include the use of optical and visual aids, tactile and auditory aids, braille reading and writing, listening and oral communication, orientation, mobility, travel, proficiency in the skills of daily living, counseling in social adjustment, independence, efficient use of resources and personal organization. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkITINERANT SERVICES FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIREDWESTERN SUFFOLK BOCES SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM
    JEA JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMServes students ages 12 through 21 who present a range of disabilities and require intensive support. Classroom instruction incorporates the Common Core Learning Standards, and major emphasis is on developing life skills so students may be successfully placed in a supportive work environment upon graduation. A variety of training opportunities for supportive employment including a comprehensive Work Activities Center is available. Many of the students participate in travel training to assist them in independent ambulation within the community. Most students participate in community-based vocational sites and receive training by working with non-disabled individuals. The program’s team approach brings together the related service staff, program psychologists, and social workers who work in concert with the classroom staff to maximize each child’s potential. The services of a consulting psychiatrist are available for those developmentally disabled students who also have psychiatric needs. The highest priorities within this program are to help students to develop functional and independent living skills for daily living activities and prepare for success in the New York State Alternate Assessments. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkJEA JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMWESTERN SUFFOLK BOCES SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM
    JERUSALEM AVENUE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLProvides a dynamic, child-centered, educational experience at the Jerusalem Avenue School, which is staffed by certified special educators dedicated to providing a high-quality, individualized learning environment. Class ratios, as determined by student need, are 6:1:1 or 9:1:2. Reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies are aligned to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards and address students' cognitive levels and learning styles. Learning, behavioral or developmental disabilities that interfere with students’ abilities to succeed in general education are addressed by social and emotional supports integrated into classroom activities. A school-wide growth recognition PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) program addresses social and emotional needs and a specific plan is developed for each child by the child's teacher and counselor. Social learning skills are emphasized throughout the curriculum and students work as a team to support each other in social growth. Parents are kept informed concerning their child's progress and are encouraged to be active partners in the education of their child by reinforcing what the child learns in school at home. Supportive and related services are available as needed. Psychologists and social workers work closely with students in individual and group sessions to support the development of positive social skills and behaviors and are available to parents on a group or individual basis. Occupational and physical therapies assist students in meeting goals. Speech and Language services are designed to increase students' learning potential and address receptive and expressive difficulties. Different modes of communication are used to meet individual students' needs. The Jerusalem Avenue School also provides the Intensive Support Program (ISP) through a collaborative program developed by Nassau BOCES and the North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center for students with significant emotional difficulties with an on-site psychiatrist, psychiatric social workers and coordinator. Services include psychiatric supervision and ongoing parent counseling to address emotional and behavioral issues that interfere with the achievement of educational goals. In addition to the center-based program in North Bellmore, two 9:1:2 classes located in the Michael F. Stokes Elementary School in the Island Trees School District provide students with opportunities for integration with non-disabled peers during specific activities during the day. Call for more detailed information.NassauJERUSALEM AVENUE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLNASSAU BOCES DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION
    KIDS IN ACTION OF LONG ISLAND, INC.Offers comprehensive evaluations of infants and children and provides recommended therapies. Services include occupational, physical and speech-language therapy. Also offers counseling, services of special educators and psychologists along with pediatric yoga, infant massage sensory-motor camps, play groups and auditory integration therapy.SuffolkKIDS IN ACTION OF LONG ISLAND, INC.KIDS IN ACTION OF LONG ISLAND, INC.
    LONG ISLAND PARENT CENTERAssists patrons and professionals in obtaining services that meet the needs of children with disabilities, ages birth through 21. Provides information about options for required services, educational environments, service delivery system and New York State Education Department reform initiatives. Also offers workshops/training for parents and professionals on topics which may include evaluation, early intervention, transition planning, parent involvement and IEP meetings.SuffolkLONG ISLAND PARENT CENTERLONG ISLAND PARENT CENTER
    OFFICE OF SERVICES FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIESProvides an academic environment free of the barriers that can hinder a student's efforts to learn and succeed. The OSSD coordinates the provision of accommodations, including, but not limited to, note takers, readers, sign language interpreters, and electronic books. The OSSD maintains a working relationship with, and makes referrals to, college services, government and private agencies, and other community resources and programs. Students are encouraged to register with OSSD as soon as possible after admission to the College to ensure timely provision of services. Up-to-date documentation of a disability is required for services accommodations are provided based on individual needs and circumstances.NassauOFFICE OF SERVICES FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIESSUNY COLLEGE AT OLD WESTBURY
    RELATED SERVICESOffers related therapies for children with a disability (3-8 years of age) including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychological counseling, and parent training.NassauRELATED SERVICESVARIETY CHILD LEARNING CENTER
    STUDENT ACCESSIBILITY SUPPORT CENTERServes as a resource for students and values self-empowerment, self-direction, and self-determination. Our mission is to advocate for a campus environment that meets the needs of students with disabilities. The Student Accessibility Support Center is the designated support service center to help students enable students with disabilities to develop their academic potential, by making their academic experience accessible. In addition to arranging accommodations, a major part of the mission of SASC is to encourage students with disabilities to achieve a high level of autonomy at Stony Brook and far beyond. We provide services and accommodations that advocate for the needs of students. We improve academic and environmental accessibility to foster individual growth, student empowerment, and support a community of care. Services are provided to all eligible Stony Brook students covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAA). Documentation will be requested to verify a disability and to determine appropriate accommodations. Services can only be initiated when students self-disclose their disabilities and request some type of assistance. All information and documentation related to a disability is confidential, not part of the academic transcript and is not released without the student's written consent. The staff is here to support your interactions with faculty, staff and community agencies. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkSTUDENT ACCESSIBILITY SUPPORT CENTERSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY
    STUDENT ACCESS OFFICEOffers students services through the Student Access Office. The office achieves their mission by: Providing cost-free assistance and services that are tailored to meet the needs of individuals based on their specific, appropriately documented needs, while preserving Adelphi’s academic integrity and high standards of academic expectations and performance; Encouraging independence through the training of students with disabilities to effectively advocate for themselves within the University community; Serving as a liaison and resource for the University faculty, staff and administrators to foster a greater awareness and appreciation of issues of concern to people with different needs. Accessibility Support Services include: Academic Accommodations and Adjustments for Students with Disabilities; Accessible Classrooms and Campus; Accessible Parking; Assistive Technology; Dietary Modification/Food Allergy; Extended Test Time; Reasonable Flexibility to Attendance Policy; Reduced-Distraction Testing Environment; Requesting Services; Residential Life and Housing Accommodation; Scholarships and Financial Aid Resources; Sign Language Interpreters and Veterans and Military Resources. If you have questions about services or campus housing for a student with a disability, please contact the Office for specific information.NassauSTUDENT ACCESS OFFICEADELPHI UNIVERSITY
    STUDENT ACCESS SERVICESArranges academic accommodations and provides support for students with physical, learning and/or psychological disabilities. In order to access services, students must first formally disclose their disability by registering with the office, and then must submit appropriate documentation for review. Staff members are available to help students with the registration process, and then will work with students to determine which accommodations are appropriate for their needs at the college level. In addition to arranging accommodations, a major part of the mission of SAS is to help students develop the skills they will need to be effective self-advocates at Hofstra and beyond. The programs and services will encourage active involvement from students in managing their own disabilities, while offering coaching and support along the way. Sample program offerings include: Program for Academic Learning Skills (PALS) and Academic Coaching. Some of these services are fee based. Call for more detailed information.NassauSTUDENT ACCESS SERVICESHOFSTRA UNIVERSITY

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