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Programs that offer any of a variety of therapeutic interventions, which may be used singly or in combination, to address the range of social, language, sensory and behavioral difficulties experienced by children and adults with autism and related disorders. Because of the spectrum nature of autism and the many behavior combinations that can occur, treatment approaches must be tailored to meet the individual needs of each person. Included are behavioral and communication development approaches such as Applied Behavioral Analysis, TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children), PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Systems), Floor Time, Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), Social Stories and sensory integration; biomedical and dietary treatments including psychiatric medications, vitamins and minerals (such as Vitamin B6, magnesium and essential fatty acids), treatment using the hormone secretin and special diets; and various complementary therapies such as music, art or equestrian therapy which may be used on an individual basis or integrated into an educational program.

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ADULT DAY HABILITATION PROGRAMOur LifeLong Learning centers offer day programs for adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. These programs focus on building a wide-array of skills in the areas of pre-vocational, vocational, communication, and social skills. Individuals are offered opportunities of community involvement through volunteer training programs and volunteer placements with small, local businesses.ADULT DAY HABILITATION PROGRAMANDERSON CENTER FOR AUTISM
ADULT RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMResidential Program offers a complete array of specialized services designed to enrich the lives of adults with autism. This unique program supports our adults' continued development and growth toward the achievement of a well-rounded lifestyle and integration into the community. each resident is an individual person and we are dedicated to developing their interests and skills to their full potential. Residents are prevented with a diverse selection of recreational and community involvement opportunities including shopping, hobbies, arts, and Special Olympics.ADULT RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMANDERSON CENTER FOR AUTISM
AUTISM RESPITE RECREATION PROGRAMEnhances social skills of children who are on the autism spectrum in a recreational setting. Prevents social isolation for children who are often not part of peer play groups. Siblings welcome.SuffolkAUTISM RESPITE RECREATION PROGRAMFAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE, INC.
AUTISM SOCIAL SKILLS/PARENT SUPPORT GROUPProvides a social skills program for autistic children to assist them in maintaining appropriate relationships with peers, family, friends and community. Assists parents and siblings meet challenges with the family by providing parent and sibling support groups.SuffolkAUTISM SOCIAL SKILLS/PARENT SUPPORT GROUPFAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE, INC.
AUTISM SPECTRUM DAY HABILITATIONProvides day habilitation services which include enhancement of daily living activities, money management, socialization, work ethics, language and communication development, and behavioral therapy.SuffolkAUTISM SPECTRUM DAY HABILITATIONMARYHAVEN CENTER OF HOPE, INC.
BROADER HORIZONSOffers a socialization group for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities that meets at the Commack site and participates in recreational activities in the local community. Referral required.SuffolkBROADER HORIZONSYAI NETWORK
CAMP ACHIEVECamp experience provided for children ages 6-12 on the autism spectrum and for those with other learning and speech disabilities. Campers participate in a range of activities to foster socialization and skill buildingNassauCAMP ACHIEVEFRIEDBERG JCC
CHILDREN'S RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMOffers a residential program for children with autism spectrum disorder ,and/or multiple disabilities to include autism that incorporates Applied Behavioral Analysis teaching methods and positive behavior supports. Programming focuses on life skills recreation and leisure skills, household living; with opportunities for participation in Special Olympics Events. Housing placement is based on age and level of functioning. Family outings day and home visits are encouraged.CHILDREN'S RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMANDERSON CENTER FOR AUTISM
CONNECTIONS DAY HABILITATIONOffers a Day Habilitation Program designed for adults (Nassau residents who are 21 years and older) who have an Autism Spectrum diagnosis or present with similar strengths and challenges. Utilizes the major tenents of the TEACHH approach which is a nationally recognized therapy.NassauCONNECTIONS DAY HABILITATIONADULTS AND CHILDREN WITH LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES, INC.
DIAGNOSTIC AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERSServices include: Comprehensive autism diagnostic evaluations (for toddlers, children, adolescents and adults); Individualized psychotherapy (for children, adolescents, and adults with high-functioning ASD); Social skills groups (for all ages); and Milieu Communication Therapy (a language intervention focused on building prelinguistics and overall functional communication). The institute also is committed to providing ongoing support for family members and caregivers of children with ASD. These services include individualized counseling, outreach support, education about the needs of children with ASD, and assistance in utilizing community resources. The institute is also working on developing support groups for siblings of children and adults with ASD. In addition to the services provided, the institute is also active in a number of different research programs. Currently, the clinic is conducting a study on the effectiveness of Milieu Communication Therapy (MCT) in young children with ASD. MCT utilizes a naturalistic approach to improve nonverbal (such as, reaching, pointing, eye contact, vocalizations, etc.) and verbal communication in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Intervention is individually tailored to each child’s play interest to maximize their motivation and increase their likelihood of making gains. There are also ongoing studies on the effectiveness of social skills intervention for children with ASD; the potential auto-immune connection for children with ASD; and possible Etiological relationships among the more than 100 families the institute has served thus far. Call for more detailed information.NassauPSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION RESEARCH AND COUNSELING CLINICHOFSTRA UNIVERSITY-JOAN AND ARNOLD SALTZMAN COMMUNITY SERVICES CENTER
EDUCATION PROGRAMOffers an educational program based on the Applied Behavior Analysis Positive Behavioral Supports model for individuals with autism spectrum disorders ages 5 to 21 . Focuses on academic, social and life skills development, transition and vocational training. Provides certified Behavior Analysts/Specialist and IEP. related services.EDUCATION PROGRAMANDERSON CENTER FOR AUTISM
FOR STUDENTS ON THE AUTISM SPECTRUMProvides environment where programs and services are customized around individual needs, allowing our students to reach their highest potential. Bringing Love, respect and dignity to individuals on the Autism Spectrum.SuffolkFOR STUDENTS ON THE AUTISM SPECTRUMGERSH MANAGEMENT SERVICES
LAND AND SEA SPORTS CLUB, INC.Provides recreational and therapeutic land and sea sports programs for children on the autism spectrum and other developmental disabilities. Family members are encouraged to participate, providing a vital opportunity for support and networking.SuffolkLAND AND SEA SPORTS CLUB, INC.LAND AND SEA SPORTS CLUB, INC.
RELATED SERVICESOffers related therapies for children with a disability (3-8 years of age) including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychological counseling, and parent training.NassauRELATED SERVICESVARIETY CHILD LEARNING CENTER
SOCIAL SKILLSOffers a 10 week session to promote positive peer relationships among children with an autism spectrum disorder and/or a developmental disability. The sessions are comprised of role playing, emotional recognition, social stories and scripting. This is a private pay program and the fee is based upon the families yearly income. Locations and times vary depending on the group. Referral required. Call to schedule an appointment.SOCIAL SKILLSYAI AUTISM CENTER
SOCIAL TRAINING CENTERProvides therapeutic services to high school and college-aged individuals and their families, in order to help negotiate life adjustments such as the social, academic and vocational challenges. Most adolescents and young adults with Asperger’s want to find a safe forum to discuss and explore topics that can be very difficult to address. We provide group and individual processing opportunities to students. This enables them to share and explore their experiences dealing with disabilities in areas such as understanding social cues, executive functioning difficulties, family dynamics, sexuality and dating concerns, establishing and maintaining relationships, and work-related problems. The Social Training Center provides ongoing therapeutic and support services in groups and individual counseling sessions to high school and college-aged individuals, between ages 15-22, with a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism. Each group is comprised of individuals matched according to age, interests and developmental needs. Group sessions last 1-hour, and individual sessions are 45-minutes. Each participant will be charged a moderate fee for individual and group sessions. To find out more about the Center's services, or to indicate your interest in scheduling an appointment, please fill out our Interest Form online or call.NassauSOCIAL TRAINING CENTERADELPHI UNIVERSITY
SPEECH AND LANGUAGE SERVICESWe offer IEP-based speech and language services including evaluations, individual and group therapy and consultation with treatment team members and family. Evaluations include full Augmentative Alternative Communication Evaluations to secure speech generating devices. We serve adult participants though our Article 16 Clinic. Speech-language services are designed to optimize an individuals, ability to communicate and swallow, theropy improving quality of life. SLPs develop and implement treatment to address the presenting symptoms or concerns of a communication problem or related functional issue, Our most common targets are receptive language, expressive language (verbal, SGD, PECS or sign) and pragmatic language skills. The ultimate goal of therapy is to improve and individual's functional outcomes. All services are provided NYS licensed speech-language pathologists who hold certification by the American Speech-Language hearing association.SPEECH AND LANGUAGE SERVICESANDERSON CENTER FOR AUTISM
THE FAMILY CENTER FOR AUTISMOffers a full range of therapeutic, educational, social, recreational and vocational programming for the person with Autism, and support, informational, respite and social opportunities to their parents and other family members. Call for additional information.NassauTHE FAMILY CENTER FOR AUTISMLIFE'S WORC, INC.
TYREE LEARNING CENTERProvides a NYSED approved article 81 residential school for youth ages 5-21 years old. Includes a 12 month program with a 6:1:3 ratio as well as speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy and counseling.NassauTYREE LEARNING CENTERSCO FAMILY OF SERVICES
WESTBROOK PREPARATORY SCHOOLOffers a therapeutic/residential setting for students ages 12-21 with classifications of autism, emotional disturbance, or health impairment.NassauWESTBROOK PREPARATORY SCHOOLSCO FAMILY OF SERVICES

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