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    Programs that find paid, meaningful work in a variety of community-based settings for people who have disabilities and which assign a "job coach" to work side-by-side with each client to interface with the employer and other employees, and provide training in basic job skills and work-related behaviors, assistance with specific tasks as needed and whatever other initial or ongoing support is required to ensure that the individual retains competitive employment. Included are individual placement models in which a job coach works on-the-job with a single individual and group models such as enclaves (which are self-contained work units of people needing support) and mobile work crews, in which a group of workers with disabilities receives continuous support and supervision from supported employment personnel. In the enclave model, groups of people with disabilities are trained to work as a team alongside employees in the host business supported by a specially trained on-site supervisor, who may work either for the host company or the placement agency. A variation of the enclave approach is called the "dispersed enclave" and is used in service industries (e.g., restaurants and hotels). Each person works on a separate job, and the group is dispersed throughout the company. In the mobile work crew model, a small team of people with disabilities works as a self-contained business and undertakes contract work such as landscaping and gardening projects. The crew works at various locations in a variety of settings within the community under the supervision of a job coach.

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    CLUBHOUSEProvides people with psychiatric disabilities, particularly those who are homeless, with a place to build up their social, learning and job skills, through self-determination, and at their own pace. Members run the clubhouse alongside staff. Call for more information.CLUBHOUSEGOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF GREATER NEW YORK AND NORTHERN NEW JERSEY
    COMMUNITY RE-ENTRY PROGRAMOffers a combination of services including individual and group counseling and therapies, family education, community mobility training,independent living skills training, neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessment, social skills training, pre-vocational training, vocational rehabilitation, communication skills, swallowing evaluations, case management and TBI Medicaid Waiver Services. All services offered at St. Charles, in the home, workplace or other community settings. Also offers a book club and Pilates Group.SuffolkCOMMUNITY RE-ENTRY PROGRAMST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    FANCY FREE DAY HABILITATIONOffers adults, 21 years and older with a primary diagnosis of autism and/or mental retardation the oportunity to participate in the inventory, retail and customer service aspects of a community store. Also provides volunteer and prevocational opportunities through a variety of daily community outings.NassauFANCY FREE DAY HABILITATIONFAMILY RESIDENCES AND ESSENTIAL ENTERPRISES, INC.
    GENERAL CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATIONHelps prepare classified students, ages 16-21, for employment or supportive employment upon graduation or for entry into advanced programs with support in Secondary Career and Technical Education. Students, referred to the program by their local school districts, spend one-half day at their home high school and one-half day at a Tech campus. At the Career Assessment Center, located at Wilson Tech's Manor Plains campus, students are evaluated on their career and academic strengths and weaknesses and this information is used to match the students with appropriate career choices. Call for more detailed information. SuffolkGENERAL CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATIONWESTERN SUFFOLK BOCES CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION
    JEA JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMServes students ages 12 through 21 who present a range of disabilities and require intensive support. Classroom instruction incorporates the Common Core Learning Standards, and major emphasis is on developing life skills so students may be successfully placed in a supportive work environment upon graduation. A variety of training opportunities for supportive employment including a comprehensive Work Activities Center is available. Many of the students participate in travel training to assist them in independent ambulation within the community. Most students participate in community-based vocational sites and receive training by working with non-disabled individuals. The program’s team approach brings together the related service staff, program psychologists, and social workers who work in concert with the classroom staff to maximize each child’s potential. The services of a consulting psychiatrist are available for those developmentally disabled students who also have psychiatric needs. The highest priorities within this program are to help students to develop functional and independent living skills for daily living activities and prepare for success in the New York State Alternate Assessments. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkJEA JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMWESTERN SUFFOLK BOCES SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM
    MANOR PLAINS HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMOffers a secondary program which is a collaborative effort between the Special Education Division and the Career & Technical Education Division. This program prepares high school students for graduation and enables them to be self-sufficient adults with ongoing employment and ability to live independently. Students are exposed to various vocational training experiences in this program. Special education staff provide academic instruction that incorporates the Common Core Learning Standards while vocation teachers teach the skills needed in each student's chosen vocation. All students at Manor Plains High School participate in one of the small class size programs offered through Wilson Tech. In addition to learning work-based skills, Tech’s Huntington campus also offers MPHS students opportunities to participate in leadership organizations and skills competitions. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkMANOR PLAINS HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMWESTERN SUFFOLK BOCES SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM
    MILL NECK SERVICES FOR DEAF ADULTSProvides vocational evaluations for individuals who are hearing impaired and have developmental disabilities. Adult vocational evaluations referred by VESID. Provides case management for all ages. Provides job placement, a communications skills program, an interpreter referral program, a disabilities (HCBS) waiver program, and residential habilitation services.NassauMILL NECK SERVICES FOR DEAF ADULTSMILL NECK FAMILY OF ORGANIZATIONS
    PILGRIM ACT TEAMProvides rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation and support services including medication support, wellness management, integrated treatment for co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders, family education, supported employment, self help and peer support services.SuffolkPILGRIM ACT TEAMPILGRIM PSYCHIATRIC CENTER
    PLACEMENT PROGRAMProvides evaluations for individuals with a developmental disability for determination of competitive or supported employment to include job training.SuffolkPLACEMENT PROGRAMMARYHAVEN CENTER OF HOPE, INC.
    ROSEMARY KENNEDY SCHOOLOffers a school which is designed for students with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. The instructional program, which is aligned to the New York State Standards for Students with Severe Disabilities and the New York State Common Core Learning Standards, builds confidence and capabilities of students and focuses on developing communication skills and personal independence. Research-based methodologies, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), visual strategies, the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), augmentative communications systems, functional behavioral assessment and positive behavioral supports are utilized in this program. The Rosemary Kennedy School consists of the elementary, middle and high school classes as well as district-based classes which provide mainstreaming opportunities for students. Community-based instruction is an essential part of the curriculum and compliments traditional classroom learning. Students participate in recreational activities (libraries, bowling), life skills (grocery shopping, restaurants), volunteer work sites (Mercy Hospital, Hofstra University) and vocational enclaves in the community (fast food restaurants, retail stores). Each student is educated by an interdisciplinary team comprised of the classroom teacher, teacher aides, psychologist, social worker, related service personnel, curriculum teachers and administrators. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child's education through daily communication notebooks, conferences, visits, parent training sessions and parent support groups. Transition planning for students from ages 12 to 21 is facilitated by vocational rehabilitation counselors and social workers in coordination with students and their families prior to graduation. Call for more detailed information.NassauROSEMARY KENNEDY SCHOOLNASSAU BOCES DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION
    SELF DIRECTION/FISCAL INTERMEDIARYOffers Nassau and Suffolk County residents with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families the ability to select services and providers that are most suited to their needs. Offers self-directed community habilitation, respite and SEMPT (supported employment). Assisted by a Fiscal Intermediary and Support Broker, individuals and family members learn how to implement HCBS (Home & Community Based) waiver services establish a habilitation plan, assess needs, and budget allocated Medicaid funds.NassauSELF DIRECTION/FISCAL INTERMEDIARYCOMMUNITY MAINSTREAMING ASSOCIATES, INC.
    SPECIAL EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM (SEP)Provides training in maintenance and painting to psychiatrically disabled adults.SuffolkSPECIAL EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM (SEP)TRANSITIONAL SERVICES OF NEW YORK FOR LONG ISLAND, INC.
    SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTProvides supported employment for adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities that are ready to work in paid community based jobs. Offers employability assessment, job finding and placement, travel training, interview/application assistance and support, on-the-job skills training and counseling, advocacy at the work place with management and co-workers and follow along services through job tenure. Re-training provided as necessary. Referral required, call for further information.NassauSUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTAHRC NASSAU
    SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTProvides community based employment opportunities for individuals with on-site job coaching services. Individuals are connected with local businesses in search of pre-screened, skilled and highly motivated employees. Individuals have been placed in a variety of employment settings, including maintenance, food service, assembly and packaging, shipping and receiving, grocery, retail and much more. Job coaches remain in close contact with both the employer and participant employee, and are always ready to help resolve any work-related issues. Should the nature of the job change, the job coaches help retrain the individual.SuffolkSUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTAHRC SUFFOLK
    SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTOffers a program that was created to assist students and individuals with disabilities beyond the classroom. The Supported Employment initiative has been empowering students and other individuals with disabilities by assisting employers in recruiting qualified workers with disabilities and training them for entry-level positions. The program uses a person-centered planning approach whereby an individual’s unique interests and abilities are taken into consideration during the job development phase. The Nassau BOCES staff canvasses community businesses for openings, matching individual’s strengths with employer needs. Supported workers earn at least minimum wage for entry-level positions. Vocational rehabilitation counselors and job coaches work together with employers and individuals ensuring that the best possible fit between job and employee is met for a win-win situation. When an individual first starts a job, the job coach works one-on-one with the newly hired worker teaching all tasks involved in the job as well as the soft skills necessary to fit in with the culture of the business. The job coach remains in place full time initially until the employee has successfully learned to work independently and then gradually fades to several visits per month to make sure things are going smoothly. Often, internships participated in while in school lead to actual paid employment. Nassau BOCES provides long-term, follow-along support for these workers, their families and employers through grants from New York State Department of Education (ACCES-VR) and the New York State Office of People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). Dedicated and loyal supported employees become successful members of the businesses’ staff, proudly earning wages and becoming contributing members of society. Call for more detailed information.NassauSUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTNASSAU BOCES DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION
    SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTArranges job placement in the community for adult psychiatric clients who are physically challenged and developmentally disabled. Provides job coaches to assist in training for and maintaining jobs and crisis intervention services.SuffolkSUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTSKILLS UNLIMITED, INC.
    SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTEmployment support service. Includes on and off site job coaching. The Employment Connection, a division of UCP of Long Island , assists individuals with developmental disabilities and those with acquired physical disabilities to meet their career goals. Assists job seekers with employment assessment, training, job placement and job support.SuffolkSUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTUCP OF LONG ISLAND
    SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENTServes individuals 18+ years of age with a psychiatric disability. Offers vocational assessment, vocational counseling, employment skills training, competitive employment placement assistance and support services. Call for appointment.SuffolkSUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENTFEDERATION OF ORGANIZATIONS FOR THE NEW YORK STATE MENTALLY DISABLED, INC.
    SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMHelps to find the right jobs in the competitive marketplace for people with disabilities, supplies a job coach to train and help them settle in, and follows up with long-term support as needed to help individuals to succeed.SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMGOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF GREATER NEW YORK AND NORTHERN NEW JERSEY
    SUPPORTIVE WORK PROGRAM/CAREER BUILDERSOffers training, supervision and support to individuals placed in a particular job position.SuffolkSUPPORTIVE WORK PROGRAM/CAREER BUILDERSFAMILY RESIDENCES AND ESSENTIAL ENTERPRISES, INC.
    THE CORPORATE SOURCEProvides opportunities for people with disabilities to obtain competitive employment through long-term contracts with government agencies and businesses. Offers vocational assessments, training and job coach support.NassauTHE CORPORATE SOURCETHE CORPORATE SOURCE
    VOCATIONAL REHABILITATIONProvides vocational rehabilitation evaluations, career assessments, career seminars, career counseling, job accommodations, computer training, on-site light industrial workshop, supported employment, and job placement service offered to adults with cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities, and other physical and neurological disabilities including learning disabilities and acquired disabilities, such as multiple sclerosis and stroke. Transitional services for school students with disabilities.SuffolkVOCATIONAL REHABILITATIONUCP OF LONG ISLAND

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