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Programs that provide companionship, guidance and/or role models for individuals who are disadvantaged because of age, income, physical or developmental disabilities or family environment.

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AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMOffers safe haven for youngsters in community after school hours. Provides homework help, tutoring, physical education, safety awareness programs, computer activities, and arts and crafts.NassauAFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMHEMPSTEAD UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT
BIG BROTHERS/BIG SISTERS AT WALNUT STREET SCHOOLProvides Hofstra University student volunteer mentors to students age 7 - 14 who are academically, socially or emotionally at risk. Training and supervision of mentors is provided by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. Assistance with homework, opportunities to develop relationships with college students and participate in activities are integral parts of the program.BIG BROTHERS/BIG SISTERS AT WALNUT STREET SCHOOLHOFSTRA UNIVERSITY BIG BROTHERS/BIG SISTERS PROGRAM
BUILDING FOR SUCCESSA collaborative partnership of public and private organizations dedicated to serving children at risk and their families. Main goals of this program includes readiness for school by six (6) years of age and continuing educational success. Program includes Pre-K Mentoring Project, Advantage Schools After-School Program, Juvenile Mentoring Program (JUMP), Conference Learning Center, Dual Language Parenting Skills Training, The Clothing Exchange and Building for Success Job Bank.NassauBUILDING FOR SUCCESSLEADERSHIP TRAINING INSTITUTE
CHANCE TO ADVANCE PROGRAMProvides youth, who are adopted and in foster care ages 8 to 21 educational and enrichment opportunities through the help of one-on-one mentors. Mentors are committed volunteers in the Long Island community who are dedicated to improving the lives of youth who are adopted and in foster care by connecting them with appropriate extracurricular activities, enrichment programs, college coaching and vocational training. Youth in care are also eligible for tuition assistance through the Chance to Advance scholarship fund. Chance to Advance also offers an annual summer camp to develop socialization skills through educational and recreational activities.SuffolkCHANCE TO ADVANCE PROGRAMEAC NETWORK
CREDIBLE MESSENGER PROGRAMSupports youth transitioning after a juvenile justice placement through mentoring, education and youth development. Please call for more information.SuffolkCREDIBLE MESSENGER PROGRAMECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY COUNCIL (EOC) OF SUFFOLK, INC.
DREXEL AVENUE SCHOOL MENTORING PROGRAMProvides elementary school students with caring, non-judgemental adult friend and role model. Aims to improve children's self-esteem, provide positive experiences, and supply academic encouragement/support.NassauDREXEL AVENUE SCHOOL MENTORING PROGRAMWESTBURY UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT
FARMINGDALE BIG FRIENDS & OUTREACH PROGRAMSProvides Big Friends Mentoring Program to school children ages 8-12 years from a single parent home in the Farmingdale School District. Also provides an outreach worker to work on a mentoring basis with students targeting students who need help with study skill, scocial skills, or personal development. Call for information.NassauFARMINGDALE BIG FRIENDS & OUTREACH PROGRAMSFARMINGDALE YOUTH BOARD
GOLFWORKS PROGRAMProvides paid internship opportunities for students who have an interest in the game of golf and its related careers. Call for further informationGOLFWORKS PROGRAMMETROPOLITAN GOLF ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION
GOOD BEGINNINGS FOR BABIESHelps pregnant and parenting teens to develop good parenting skills. Pairs teens with mentors who provide role models and teach basics of baby care. Also offers counseling, education, referrals, and vocational rehabilitationNassauGOOD BEGINNINGS FOR BABIESNORTH SHORE CHILD AND FAMILY GUIDANCE CENTER
HAMPTON BAYS OFFICEProvides adult volunteer mentors to youth, both boys and girls, ages 7-14, who may be facing adversity and need additional support. Mentors and youth are matched on a one to one basis. They have regular contact over an extended period of time, and may engage in a wide variety of community-based, or site-based activities. The intent is to build positive and beneficial relationships that assist the youth in their development into adults. Volunteer mentors are screened, trained, and professionally supported by a designated case manager to ensure safety and to develop individualized goals based on the youth's particular needs for this relationship. Provides a speakers bureau presenting topics on Mentoring, Risk Management, recruitment for volunteers and Big Brothers Big Sisters.SuffolkHAMPTON BAYS OFFICEBIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF LONG ISLAND
HAMPTON STREET SCHOOL MENTORING PROGRAMPairs elementary school students with members of the local business community who function as mentors/friends/role models. Offers recreation and homework help. Requires volunteer mentors commit to one hour weekly for one school year. Call for more information.NassauHAMPTON STREET SCHOOL MENTORING PROGRAMMINEOLA UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT
HARRY B. THOMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL MENTORING PROGRAMPairs middle school students with caring adult mentors who offer friendship and serve as positive role models. Requests volunteer mentors (typically school staff) to commit for one year.NassauHARRY B. THOMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL MENTORING PROGRAMSYOSSET CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT
ISLANDIA OFFICEProvides adult volunteer mentors to youth, both boys and girls, ages 7-14, who may be facing adversity and need additional support. Mentors and youth are matched on a one to one basis. They have regular contact over an extended period of time, and may engage in a wide variety of community-based, or site-based activities. The intent is to build positive and beneficial relationships that assist the youth in their development into adults. Volunteer mentors are screened, trained, and professionally supported by a designated case manager to ensure safety and to develop individualized goals based on the youth's particular needs for this relationship.SuffolkISLANDIA OFFICEBIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF LONG ISLAND
JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF NEW YORK, INC.Brings business people into the classroom to expose children grades K-12 to business and economic concepts. Provides volunteers to teach prepared curriculum in classroom. Provides lesson plans and materials. Variety of programs for elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.NassauJUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF NEW YORK, INC.JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF NEW YORK, INC.
KID-TOO-KID FOUNDATION, INC.Provides underserved children, ages 3-15, with tutoring support, educational and art supplies. Offers support to children in hope of fostering their artistic and creative abilities and developing compassion and empathy.SuffolkKID-TOO-KID FOUNDATION, INC.KID-TOO-KID FOUNDATION, INC.
LEARNING THROUGH INVOLVEMENT PROGRAMOffers athletes opportunity to participate in bowling, do volunteer work, and participate in tutorial programs and academic clubs. Aims to give students life experience through contributing to the community. Adult volunteers provide mentoring and/or job related experiences to participating athletes.NassauLEARNING THROUGH INVOLVEMENT PROGRAMHEMPSTEAD UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT
LIBERTY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMRepresents a cooperative effort between the Suffolk County Community College and the Longwood Central School District, governmental agencies and business and industry to provide a unique, comprehensive and supportive environment for students for students who may be at risk of dropping out of school. LPP is funded by a grant from the New York State Education Department. The Liberty Partnerships Program serves those students in grades 7-12 who may not be reaching their academic potential by providing academic services that will improve their ability to complete high school and successfully enter postsecondary education or the workforce. LPP students who are juniors and seniors are also eligible to enroll in a two-semester program that leads successful students to one college credit upon completion. This offering contains a one-semester non-credit course that focuses on reading, writing, study skills, critical thinking and computer skills. The second semester course exposes students to topics of interest to college students and enhances their basic research skills. Additional credit-bearing courses are offered to students who successfully complete this sequence. LPP Program Services include: College preparatory coursework; Suffolk County Community College Seminar (leads to 1.0 college credits); LPP club and newsletter; Team building experiences; Cultural enrichment activities and field trips; Counseling; Tutoring and college placement test; ACT/SAT preparation classes; Regents review sessions; Student and parent leadership sessions and Workforce preparation which includes visits to and internships with business, industry and local colleges. For further information, contact Elizabeth Altman at (631) 451-4109 or Hagar Ali at (631) 451-4042.SuffolkLIBERTY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMSUFFOLK COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND CONTINUING EDUCATION
LIFELINE MEDIATION CENTEROffers tutoring services, family counseling, individual counseling, and mentoring services. Also offers a job referral program. Call for more information.SuffolkLIFELINE MEDIATION CENTERLIFELINE MEDIATION CENTER
LONG BEACH MARTIN LUTHER KING CENTER, INC.Provides tutoring, mentoring, recreation, referrals, advocacy, and community development services to children and families. Call or visit website for additional information.NassauLONG BEACH MARTIN LUTHER KING CENTER, INC.LONG BEACH MARTIN LUTHER KING CENTER, INC.
MENTORING ACADEMYProvides training and orientation for individuals who wish to start a mentoring program in accordance with the Elements of Effective Practice. Academy also trains individuals who wish to serve as mentors during monthly evening trainings that are open to the public. Special workshops for mentors and program personnel are scheduled from year to year which share new information in the field of mentoring or new tools and resources that are available. All classes provide a variety of customizable tools and resources. The Academy hosts a Mentoring Conference on the campus of L.I. University/CW Post Campus that is open to the public which includes a track for coordinators, mentors and youth. Call for meeting times and additional information.SuffolkMENTORING ACADEMYMENTORING PARTNERSHIP OF LONG ISLAND
MENTORING CHILDREN OF PROMISEProvides Long Island Children, ages 4-18 years of age with a parent currently incarcerated, the opportunity to meet weekly with a mentor. Also offers workshops within the Community and opportunities to participate in group activities.NassauMENTORING CHILDREN OF PROMISELEADERSHIP TRAINING INSTITUTE
MENTORING MOTHERS PROGRAMProvides volunteer support and guidance, to women during and after pregnancy. Recruits, trains and links volunteers to pregnant women in need of support and provides on-going follow-ups.SuffolkMENTORING MOTHERS PROGRAMSUFFOLK PERINATAL COALITION
MENTORING PROGRAMProvides caring adult mentors who offer friendship and positive role models. Offers some tutoring but focuses on one-to-one friendships. Participants engage in small group activities weekly.NassauMENTORING PROGRAMHICKSVILLE TEENAGE COUNCIL, INC.
MENTORING PROGRAMOffers children in need the friendship and guidance of caring adult volunteers. Provides academic tutoring, athletics programs, arts and crafts, and vocational instruction. Requests adult volunteer commit for at least four hours per month, weekly or bi-weekly.NassauMENTORING PROGRAMMERCYFIRST
MENTORING PROGRAMPairs girls ages 12-17 who are residents of Madonna Heights Group Residence and Residential Treatment Facility with caring adult mentors who provide guidance and friendship. Offers recreational, vocational, academic and independent living skills activities. Arranges on-site visits for mentors and mentees initially and later off-campus time if desired. Requires volunteers to commit for one hour weekly for one year.SuffolkMENTORING PROGRAMSCO FAMILY OF SERVICES
MENTOR REFERRALResponds to requests from volunteers to be referred to mentoring programs. Screening refers volunteers to programs matching their geographic and demographic preferences. Provides an orientation class, Mentoring 101 to let you know what to expect and how to get started. This two-hour class prepares you to mentor. Call for the dates and times or check the calendar on the web site.SuffolkMENTOR REFERRALMENTORING PARTNERSHIP OF LONG ISLAND
MENTORS AND MENTEES-MANHASSET HIGH SCHOOLProvides joint school-community service providing school-age children with positive role models. Offers children academic support, positive experiences, and non-judgemental friendship of caring adult. Requires volunteer mentors to commit to one to one and a half hours weekly for one year.NassauMENTORS AND MENTEES-MANHASSET HIGH SCHOOLMANHASSET UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT
MENTORS AND MENTEES-MUNSEY PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOLProvides joint school-community service providing school-age children with positive role models. Offers children academic support, positive experiences, and non-judgemental friendship of caring adult. Requires volunteer mentors to commit to one to one and a half hours weekly for one year.NassauMENTORS AND MENTEES-MUNSEY PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOLMANHASSET UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT
MENTOR/TUTOR PROGRAMProvides SUNY Stony Brook student volunteer memtors three afternoons per week to work one to one with JFK students. Students are recommended for the program by their guidance conselor and the focus of the session is social, academic and language skills. Training and support is provided by the Mentoring Partnership of Long Island. Call for more information.SuffolkMENTOR/TUTOR PROGRAMCOMSEWOGUE YOUTH CLUB
MPOWERING KIDSProvides after school tutoring, mentoring and cultural enrichment programs for motivated students grades 4-12, in under served communities in Nassau County. Professionals, staff and volunteers and given the opportunity to volunteer their time mentoring these children. Call for more information.NassauMPOWERING KIDSMPOWERING KIDS
NEW YORK STATE MENTORING PROGRAMOffers school-based one-on-one mentoring. The mentor program trains mentors, mentees, and school staff. Mentors and mentees meet at the student's school with the support and supervision of a site coordinator.NassauNEW YORK STATE MENTORING PROGRAMNEW YORK STATE OFFICE OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES
NEW YORK YOUTH AT RISK, INC.Offers mentoring program to youth who are part of the at-risk population. Engages at-risk youth, their families and the professionals who work with them in eliminating self destructive behavior and having them create and embrace a future worth living for.NEW YORK YOUTH AT RISK, INC.NEW YORK YOUTH AT RISK, INC.
OFFICE OF WOMEN'S BUSINESS OWNERSHIPProvide women entrepreneurs with business training and counseling, technical assistance, mentoring, access to the SBA's programs and services, and programs to assist economically and socially disadvantaged women, especially those on welfare. Women Business Centers are located nationwide and tailor their services to meet the needs of the local community.OFFICE OF WOMEN'S BUSINESS OWNERSHIPUNITED STATES SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
ONE TO ONE PATHWAYSOffers economically disadvantaged youth mentoring, tutoring, entrepreneurship/business training, dropout prevention services and community service opportunities. Requires volunteer mentors to commit to two hours weekly for six months. Functions in partnership with Pathways to serve students on the south shore of Long Island.NassauONE TO ONE PATHWAYSMEMORIAL YOUTH OUTREACH COUNCIL, INC.
PEER TUTORIAL PROGRAMProvides 5-14 year olds with peer tutoring assistance for help with school work and study skills. Aims to instill positive attitudes toward education.SuffolkPEER TUTORIAL PROGRAMUNITED NORTH AMITYVILLE YOUTH ORGANIZATION, INC.
PREVENTION NOT SUSPENSION-A POSITIVE ALTERNATIVE FOR HIGH RISK YOUTHProvides academic tutoring, social/life skill training, mentoring and prevention workshops for students that are referred by their school district due to behavior problems, truancy, and/or substance abuse.SuffolkPREVENTION NOT SUSPENSION-A POSITIVE ALTERNATIVE FOR HIGH RISK YOUTHSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
SAFE PLACES AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMSProvides programs and services to meet five of the six areas of need, Academic and Career, Family, Financial, Social and Mental. The sixth being Physical and Athletic. Our School district provides a well-rounded Athletic Program that the majority of our youth participate in.NassauSAFE PLACES AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMSCONCERNED CITIZENS FOR ROSLYN YOUTH, INC.
SCHOOL-BASED MENTORING PROGRAMOffers Long Island students in grades 4-8, who are in need of positive role models, supervised one-to-one and group mentoring relationships. Weekly one hour meetings allow time for mentors and students to interact, collaborate and socialize .NassauSCHOOL-BASED MENTORING PROGRAMLEADERSHIP TRAINING INSTITUTE
SPINAL CORD INJURY PEER MENTORING PROGRAMSpinal Cord Injury Mentors are trained volunteers who have themselves incurred a spinal cord injury. Call for further information.NassauSPINAL CORD INJURY PEER MENTORING PROGRAMlong island capitsal alliance
SUCCESSFULLY TRANSITIONING YOUTH TO ADOLESCENTS(STYA)Provides after school services using positive youth development, strength-based approach for young people ages 9-12. The 4 components of the program are:Mentoring, Adult-Supervised activities, Adult-led group discussions,& parenting workshops.NassauSUCCESSFULLY TRANSITIONING YOUTH TO ADOLESCENTS(STYA)LEADERSHIP TRAINING INSTITUTE
TEEN SUPPORT GROUPS/LIFE SKILLS PROGRAMOffers a safe place for teens, providing positive role models and mentors. Weekly topics discussed include self-esteem and confidence, dealing with challenges of being an adolescent, friendships and relationships, handling social pressures and school pressures, and more. Support groups meet weekly throughout the school year. A parent component provides parents of teens with support, guidance and understanding.SuffolkTEEN SUPPORT GROUPS/LIFE SKILLS PROGRAMSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
THE TEEN PARENT THAT ROCKS MENTORING PROGRAMTPTR supports the growth and development of parents and children as caring people who treat themselves, others, and the environment with respect and dignity through competency-based learning and mentorship. It is a strength-based program to help families incorporate new, positive and nurturing patterns into their homes while being affirmed and empowered by mentors, adults who were teen parents and have overcome obstacles. Parents and children generally focus on the same topic during a session. They may learn this content through separate activities which are geared to their developmental stages and interests. NassauTHE TEEN PARENT THAT ROCKS MENTORING PROGRAM3 D'S AFTERCARE INC.
YOUTH ENTERPRISE PROGRAMProvides entrepreneurial training, vocational skills, work-based job shadowing and work-based mentoring for youth who are vulnerable and at risk of dropping out of high school or entering the juvenile system. Call for more information.NassauYOUTH ENTERPRISE PROGRAMLEADERSHIP TRAINING INSTITUTE
YOUTH SERVICESServices include registration, assessment, individual service strategy, tutoring, study skills training, alternative school, summer employment, work experience, internships, job shadowing, occupational skills training, leadership development activities, community service, peer centered activities, supportive services, adult mentoring, follow-up services, guidance and counseling, drug and alcohol abuse counseling and referral. Additional sites at Long Beach, Hicksville and Freeport.NassauYOUTH SERVICESHEMPSTEADWORKS

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