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    Programs that provide training in social interaction skills for young children, youth and/or adults with the objective of helping them overcome shyness or aggressiveness, engage in constructive play or other group activities, develop positive peer relationships and feel comfortable in both business and social situations. Sessions may focus on politeness, cooperation, negotiation, problem solving, taking turns, sharing, winning and losing, sportsmanship, body language, eye contact, using appropriate language, telephone manners, peer situations, consequences of actions and initiating, conducting and concluding conversations.

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    COMMUNITY AND YOUTH BUREAU PROGRAMSOffers drug and alcohol counseling, crisis counseling, job development and referral, tutoring, Homework help, Improvisation teen theater, peer leadership training, drug prevention, support groups, environmental issues group, grandfriends, social skills group, young families group, home safety programs, basketball and recreational activities. Parent resources available.SuffolkCOMMUNITY AND YOUTH BUREAU PROGRAMSREACH CYA
    COMMUNITY HABILITATIONOffers support to individuals with developmental disabilities by providing one to one trained staff to assist individuals with skill development in activities of daily living, meal preparation, community integration, and travel trainingNassauCOMMUNITY HABILITATIONEPIC LONG ISLAND
    FARMINGDALE BIG FRIENDS & OUTREACH PROGRAMSProvides Big Friends Mentoring Program to school children ages 8-12 years from a single parent home in the Farmingdale School District. Also provides an outreach worker to work on a mentoring basis with students targeting students who need help with study skill, scocial skills, or personal development. Call for information.NassauFARMINGDALE BIG FRIENDS & OUTREACH PROGRAMSFARMINGDALE YOUTH BOARD
    FRIENDS FROM SUNSHINE CENTER CHARACTER EDUCATION PROGRAMTeaches children, in grades K-3, character education and social skills through directed lessons, songs, multi-cultural puppets, stories and activities. Cultural diversity, anger management, conflict resolution, strategies for dealing with bullies and the understanding of emotions are some of the issues that are addressed. Training, in the areas of alcohol, drugs and violence prevention is available. This program is available to schools and agencies.SuffolkFRIENDS FROM SUNSHINE CENTER CHARACTER EDUCATION PROGRAMSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    GROUP DAY HABILITATION SERVICESProvides adults with developmental disabilities opportunities to become involved in community activities. Individuals actively plan and implement activities focusing on personal interests. Provides services which assist with acquisition, retention or improvement in the areas of health and related activities, money management, communication, social and personal care skills and community integration.SuffolkGROUP DAY HABILITATION SERVICESUCP OF LONG ISLAND
    MOTHER-BABY GROUP HOMEProvides a residence for young mothers and their infants/toddlers. Offers educational and vocational programs designed to foster independent community living. Provides day care for children while mothers are in school and work.NassauMOTHER-BABY GROUP HOMEMERCYFIRST
    OPERATION SUCCESS-BAY SHOREProvides Bay Shore School District students in kindergarten through 4th Grade assistance in reading, writing, math and social skills.SuffolkOPERATION SUCCESS-BAY SHOREFAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE, INC.
    OPERATION SUCCESS-HUNTINGTON STATIONProvides Huntington School District students in kindergarten through 4th Grade assistance in reading, writing, math and social skills.SuffolkOPERATION SUCCESS-HUNTINGTON STATIONFAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE, INC.
    OPERATION SUCCESS-RIVERHEADProvides Riverhead School District students in kindergarten through 4th Grade assistance in reading, writing, math and social skills.SuffolkOPERATION SUCCESS-RIVERHEADFAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE, INC.
    PEER GROUPSProvides peer groups to improve self-esteem through education. Teenage groups deal with diverse subjects including peer/group pressure, problem solving, and improving social skills. Call for more information.NassauPEER GROUPSGATEWAY YOUTH OUTREACH, INC.
    PREVENTION NOT SUSPENSION-A POSITIVE ALTERNATIVE FOR HIGH RISK YOUTHProvides academic tutoring, social/life skill training, mentoring and prevention workshops for students that are referred by their school district due to behavior problems, truancy, and/or substance abuse.SuffolkPREVENTION NOT SUSPENSION-A POSITIVE ALTERNATIVE FOR HIGH RISK YOUTHSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    RECESS PROGRAM-BAY SHOREProvides a therapeutic recreation program including group therapeutic activities for children with a serious emotional disturbance. Fosters better socialization skills and offers arts and crafts, sports activities, and field trips.SuffolkRECESS PROGRAMFAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE, INC.
    RECESS PROGRAM-BELLPORTProvides a therapeutic recreation program including group therapeutic activities for children with a serious emotional disturbance. Fosters better socialization skills and offers arts and crafts, sports activities, and field trips.SuffolkRECESS PROGRAMFAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE, INC.
    RECESS PROGRAM-RIVERHEADProvides a therapeutic recreation program including group therapeutic activities for children with a serious emotional disturbance. Fosters better socialization skills and offers arts and crafts, sports activities, and field trips.SuffolkRECESS PROGRAMFAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE, INC.
    ROSEMARY KENNEDY SCHOOLOffers a school which is designed for students with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. The instructional program, which is aligned to the New York State Standards for Students with Severe Disabilities and the New York State Common Core Learning Standards, builds confidence and capabilities of students and focuses on developing communication skills and personal independence. Research-based methodologies, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), visual strategies, the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), augmentative communications systems, functional behavioral assessment and positive behavioral supports are utilized in this program. The Rosemary Kennedy School consists of the elementary, middle and high school classes as well as district-based classes which provide mainstreaming opportunities for students. Community-based instruction is an essential part of the curriculum and compliments traditional classroom learning. Students participate in recreational activities (libraries, bowling), life skills (grocery shopping, restaurants), volunteer work sites (Mercy Hospital, Hofstra University) and vocational enclaves in the community (fast food restaurants, retail stores). Each student is educated by an interdisciplinary team comprised of the classroom teacher, teacher aides, psychologist, social worker, related service personnel, curriculum teachers and administrators. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child's education through daily communication notebooks, conferences, visits, parent training sessions and parent support groups. Transition planning for students from ages 12 to 21 is facilitated by vocational rehabilitation counselors and social workers in coordination with students and their families prior to graduation. Call for more detailed information.NassauROSEMARY KENNEDY SCHOOLNASSAU BOCES DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION
    SOCIAL SKILLSOffers a 10 week session to promote positive peer relationships among children with an autism spectrum disorder and/or a developmental disability. The sessions are comprised of role playing, emotional recognition, social stories and scripting. This is a private pay program and the fee is based upon the families yearly income. Locations and times vary depending on the group. Referral required. Call to schedule an appointment.SOCIAL SKILLSYAI AUTISM CENTER
    SOCIAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPSOffers workshop for children ages 5-8 and 9-12(parents included). This program provides education and support to families. Topics include building healthy friendships, communication skills, understanding and expressing feelings, dealing with teasing and bullies, and more. Discussion groups, creative arts, games and hands-on activities are utilized to increase understanding and strengthen social skills. Teen Support Group also available for ages 13 and up. The Parent Component offers support and guidance to parents, and provides practical skills for helping their child in a variety of situations. The Parent Component meets at the same time the children's program runs.SuffolkSOCIAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPSSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    SOCIAL SKILLS TRAINING GROUPSOffers a curriculum-based program designed to teach appropriate social and interactive skills through the use of modeling, puppetry, role-playing, and practice. Serves children ages 4 to 12 years and teenagers 13-16 diagnosed with high functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, and other children who need help in the area of social development.NassauSOCIAL SKILLS TRAINING GROUPSVARIETY CHILD LEARNING CENTER
    SPEECH AND LANGUAGE SERVICESWe offer IEP-based speech and language services including evaluations, individual and group therapy and consultation with treatment team members and family. Evaluations include full Augmentative Alternative Communication Evaluations to secure speech generating devices. We serve adult participants though our Article 16 Clinic. Speech-language services are designed to optimize an individuals, ability to communicate and swallow, theropy improving quality of life. SLPs develop and implement treatment to address the presenting symptoms or concerns of a communication problem or related functional issue, Our most common targets are receptive language, expressive language (verbal, SGD, PECS or sign) and pragmatic language skills. The ultimate goal of therapy is to improve and individual's functional outcomes. All services are provided NYS licensed speech-language pathologists who hold certification by the American Speech-Language hearing association.SPEECH AND LANGUAGE SERVICESANDERSON CENTER FOR AUTISM
    SUMMER PREVENTION PROGRAMSOffers a Social Skills Youth Camp for ages 4-12 focusing on friendships and relationships, building social skills, making healthy decisions, peer pressure, educational and fun field trips and creative workshops. The Life Skills Teen Camp for ages 13 and older focuses on the areas of substance abuse and violence prevention. prevention focused lessons, team building activities and discussion groups. Before and aftercare is not available. Call for more information.SuffolkSUMMER PREVENTION PROGRAMSSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    TEEN LEADERSHIP COUNCILOffers programs which will help enhance social responsibility and leadership skills. Provides community service projects, field trips, guest presentations, prevention focused lessons, social events, and more.SuffolkTEEN LEADERSHIP COUNCILSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    WILLET AVENUE MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAMProvides an academic setting with a multidisciplinary team to meet the needs of students with learning, behavioral, emotional and developmental disabilities. The instructional program is aligned to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards and addresses students' cognitive levels and learning styles. Students are given the opportunity to work toward earning a New York State Regents diploma or other state approved high school diploma. Instructional and work-based learning opportunities required for the Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Commencement Credential are also provided for all ninth graders. Students meeting the requirements towards a Skills and Credentials Certificate (SACC) work toward developing life skills and build personal independence. The school-wide Positive Behavior and Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program provides concrete lessons toward positive interactions. Pro-social skills to develop appropriate social and emotional behaviors are integrated into activities that encourage interaction with teachers and peers and build upon the student’s critical thought processes and independence. The Willet Avenue Middle School offers unique learning opportunities including the Therapeutic Learning Collaborative (TLC) which consists of two programs: Intensive Support Program (ISP) and Transitional Support Program (TSP) .A partnership between Nassau BOCES and The North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center, the ISP provides individual, group, and family counseling by North Shore licensed, clinical social workers and psychiatrists. Psychiatric services including medication distribution are provided by North Shore and monthly family counseling sessions are required to remain in ISP. The TSP provides services for students who are ready to transition to a less restrictive environment. Students in TSP continue in their educational placement and receive individual and group counseling from BOCES psychologists, social workers or guidance counselors. Nassau BOCES psychologists provide counseling on a regular basis, are trained in crisis prevention and assess students’ needs for a Behavior Intervention Plan. The school social worker provides counseling, family support services such as SSI, respite and CPS whenever necessary. The guidance counselor provides counseling, assists in the student’s individual transitional plan (beginning at age 14) and helps students to obtain working papers. Call for detailed information.NassauWILLET AVENUE MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAMNASSAU BOCES DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION

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