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    Residential or day camp facilities that provide opportunities for participants to develop their skills in a specific activity such as athletics, music or art.

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    ADVENTURE CAMPOffers an exciting program, incorporating both on campus, and off campus activities. The program is modeled on the popular Adventure Education programs that are being featured more frequently in school curriculums across the country. Adventure Camp offers a one week session for Boys & Girls entering Grades 5-9. Adventure Camp aims to create a fun a positive small group experience that fosters leadership skills and encourages the campers to challenge themselves. The goal is to have the campers finish the program with a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, and a stronger sense of themselves. Experienced Physical Education teachers direct and oversee the program with additional expertise offered from the on-site staff at the various trip locations. A limited enrollment will ensure plenty of active play and 'adventure' in this unique and rewarding program. The start of each session will feature initial ice-breaker activities and staff presentations as to the goals and expectations of the program. Campers will get to know each other and the staff, participate in cooperative games and discuss the themes for the program (Communication/Respect for Differences/Problem Solving). By promoting positive working relationships, the staff will encourage leadership roles and apply strategy while working on 'project adventure' style initiatives. Adventure Camp will be based at Farmingdale State College, with on-campus activities utilizing collegiate athletics facilities. Daily drop-off and pick-up will take place at Farmingdale State College, with off campus trips utilizing the FSCamps transportation provider. The program is Monday to Friday 9am-4pm. Summer 2019 Trip Locations Include: Rock Climbing @ The Gravity Vault; High Ropes Course & Zip Lines@ Long Island Adventure Park; Surfing with Skudin Surf @ Nickerson Beach; Ninja Warrior Training & Course(s) at Obstacle Athletics and Kayaking & SUP with JKKayak at Cold Spring Harbor State Park. Adventure Camp has a limited enrollment and has sold out at other locations so please register early to avoid disappointment. Campers must bring their own packed lunch in an insulated lunch bag to take on daily adventures. Registered Adventure Campers will be required to complete and submit FSCamps Camper Forms AND additional waivers for specific trip locations. Registered Adventure Campers will receive all paperwork and detailed itinerary prior to the start of the program. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkADVENTURE CAMPFARMINGDALE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK
    BEREAVEMENT CAMPSThe nation's largest independent bereavement camp for any child who has experienced the loss of a parent, sibling or primary caregiver, regardless of when the death occurred. Comfort Zone has scheduled separate camps in New York and in New Jersey exclusively for children who lost a loved one in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. In 2005 the camp was opened to serve all grieving children in addition to those whose loss was due to September 11th. Funds are available to help with transportation and camper supplies.BEREAVEMENT CAMPSCOMFORT ZONE CAMP-NEW JERSEY REGIONAL OFFICE
    BUILDING BETTER ATHLETES CAMPDesigned to train athletes from the ground up. Our progressions are designed to create sound training habits that will transfer over onto the field, court, track, or pool. Our program focuses on the 6 components to building better athletes. The Six Components to the Building Better Athletes include: Athlete Profile; Movement Preparation; Movement Training; Strength; Energy System Development; and Recovery and Regeneration. The highly qualified staff led by Stony Brook Assistant Athletic Director for Athletics Performance George Greene prides themselves on creating a positive encouraging environment where athletes can grow both physically and mentally. The Program: On day one each athlete will be assessed using our movement screen to determine strengths and weaknesses as well as address any limiting factors for performance. Additionally, we will test the vertical jump, broad jump, 10-yard sprint, pro-agility, and a combination of upper and lower body strength tests depending on their age. Once we gather this information, we will put each athlete on a 6-week program specific to their needs. The Session formats include: First Quarter: Warm-up/Soft Tissue Work/Dynamic Flexibility; Second Quarter: Speed/Agility/Plyos; Third Quarter: Strength Training; Fourth Quarter: Energy System Development and Overtime: Education and Regeneration. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkBUILDING BETTER ATHLETES CAMPSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY
    CAMP SIMCHAA camp for Jewish children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Accepts children currently in treatment and post treatment.CAMP SIMCHACHAI LIFELINE
    CAMP SIMCHA SPECIALOffers a camp for Jewish children with serious chronic or genetic conditions. Children must be at appropriate cognitive level (within 1-2 years of academic level).CAMP SIMCHA SPECIALCHAI LIFELINE
    CAMP SUNSHINEOffers a year round camp for children with life threatening illnesses and their families to help alleviate the strain, provide fun experiences, and allow them to meet other families facing similar challenges.CAMP SUNSHINECAMP SUNSHINE
    COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS SUMMER RESEARCH EXPERIENCE PROGRAMOffers a residential/nonresidential summer that program that will provide opportunities for high school students to participate in research and motivate the students to pursue a career in the field. The program is held jointly by the Department of Biomedical Informatics and the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University. Each student will be working in a lab mentored by a faculty or a Ph.D. student on a research project. Students will also visit labs and attend seminars introducing cutting edge research in both informatics and computer science. The students will present their work to their classmates during the middle and the end of the program. Programming background is required and some projects will require background on biomedical sciences. Participating students who live on campus during the week will go home on the weekends. They are housed in a dormitory reserved for academic high school programs. Students participate in recreational activities (at the dorms, athletic fields), as well as visit other campus offices such as Admissions and Student Activity Center to learn more about college life. Students will be escorted to and from the lab and supervised during breakfast and dinner and all other activities on campus (including the laboratory, dormitory, library, computer facilities, gymnasium, on all field trips, etc.) with the exception of lunch. Call for detailed information.SuffolkCOMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS SUMMER RESEARCH EXPERIENCE PROGRAMSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY
    HOFSTRA REACH PROGRAMOffers an exciting opportunity for campers with autism spectrum disorders and other special needs to experience Hofstra Specialty Camps with peers. The REACH Program provides a safe and positive setting for campers with disabilities to be included in Specialty Camps, activities, and enjoy peer interactions, with supports and/or modifications when necessary (not applicable to Sports Academy Camps). The REACH Program provides a perfect setting for ongoing interventions during the summer break. Campers have ample opportunities to generalize and enhance social and daily living skills. Please be aware that space is extremely limited so get your paperwork in right away. The entire application is received and reviewed by the director of this program you will be contacted by the camp office. If you have any questions you can reach the director by email at REACH@hofstra.edu or call the camp office at 516-463-2267. If you register without a prior approval, your camper may not be eligible for our staffing or consulting services. Call for more detailed information.NassauHOFSTRA REACH PROGRAMHOFSTRA UNIVERSITY CONTINUING EDUCATION
    HOLIDAY SCIENCE CAMPOffers academic programs for students in grades 5, 6 and 7th that will complement the students' science curriculum at school and challenge them to think, research and experiment. Each program will be laboratory- based, but will involve reading, writing and group work. Each day’s activities are based on a specific theme. Students will participate in experiments, create crafts and watch demonstrations. Students participating in these programs should be interested in science, inquisitive, and willing to work hard to learn something new! Previous camps have included projects and experiments in the fields of biological and physical science including the human body, marine biology, the solar system, motion, sound, electricity, and kitchen chemistry. Call for holiday dates and more information.SuffolkHOLIDAY SCIENCE CAMPSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY
    KICKLINE CAMPOffers a two week camp for girls ages 7-13 to teach the fundamentals of Kickline including linking and kick techniques. Also offers training on flexibility and stamina. Call for more information.SuffolkKICKLINE CAMPSMITHTOWN RECREATION DEPARTMENT
    LEARNING INSTITUTEOffers the Learning Institute thru the Hofstra University Summer Camps program. At Hofstra University Summer Learning Programs, kids are inspired to be creative and reach their academic potential. With a wide range of programs to meet the varied interests and educational needs of students, our acclaimed Summer Learning Programs provide quality and fun-filled summer camp experiences that enable campers to develop personally and socially, learning teamwork and building self-esteem through interaction with fellow campers. Campers can choose from a number of unforgettable Learning Institute Camps (and Specialty Camps), and can participate for two, four, or seven weeks. Campers spend one-half of each day participating in their area of specialization and the other half in planned recreational activities, including instructional swimming in our Olympic-sized pool. Campers can choose: 3D Printing and Animation; Costume Design Tech; Fashion Design Runway; Gifted Camp; Math Skills; Motion Capture Animation; Pokémon STEAM Club; REACH Program; REACH Program for Teens; Reading and Writing Learning Clinic; Roblox & Minecraft Creators Club; Robotics; Super Hero Academy; STEM Coding Programs; STEM Earthquakes and Structures; Video Game Design Foundations; Advanced Game Design; Video Game Design Professionals; Virtual Painting and Digital Arts and YouTube Studio. Call for more detailed information regarding tuition and dates.NassauLEARNING INSTITUTEHOFSTRA UNIVERSITY CONTINUING EDUCATION
    MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH CAMPOffers a summer program for middle school students. For students in 6th and 7th grade the program is designed to be hands on and will include math activities that will engage and build confidence. Students will practice and increase their math skills by working on real world problems that are both fun and challenging. Students participating in these programs should be interested in math, inquisitive, and willing to work hard to learn something new! The program will focus on: Introduction to Algebra, Fun with Geometry, Fluency and Operations with Rational Numbers, Real World Statistics, and an Introduction to Probability. For students in 8th and 9th grade program: Common Core Algebra centers on the study of functions. Students will investigate linear, quadratic, and exponential functions though engaging hands on activities aligned to the Common Core standards. These activities will help build their understanding of the key concepts they will encounter during the upcoming school year. Students will also build some of the critical skills they will need to succeed in high school mathematics such as factoring and operations with real numbers. In addition to the activities built around the high school math curriculum, students will also investigate topics not covered in a traditional classroom. By exploring topics such as topology, cryptography, and fractals, participants will have an opportunity to develop an appreciation for the sheer beauty of mathematics. Students will leave with a deeper understanding of the core concepts of high school algebra as well as an appreciation for mathematics as its own field of study. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkMIDDLE SCHOOL MATH CAMPSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY
    OCEANOGRAPHY AT STONY BROOK SOUTHAMPTONOffers a college course to high school students during the summer. Students will examine the World Ocean and the chemical, geological, and physical processes that control its major features and the life that inhabits it, as well as explore human interactions with the marine environment. This intensive course is specifically designed for motivated high school students wishing to earn college credit, but current undergraduates, graduates, or professionals can also enroll. The short-term course will run for 2 weeks and meet for 4-5 hours each weekday at the Stony Brook Southampton campus. Content will be delivered via lectures, in- class activities, and 2 boat trips in which students will explore nearby coastal habitats using oceanographic sampling equipment. Students must have completed high school biology and be at least 16 years old. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkOCEANOGRAPHY AT STONY BROOK SOUTHAMPTONSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY
    PHYSICS SUMMER CAMPOffers a two week residential /non-residential camps for students interested in physics. The first program is The Introductory Physics Program which is an active, hands-on format, where students will be introduced to classical branches of physics, including experimental measurement, Newtonian Mechanics, electricity, waves and optics. This camp is for Students entering 10th, 11th or 12th grade in the fall 2019. Students with a strong interest and background in math and science are encouraged to apply. This camp is not for students who have taken physics.The second camp is an Advanced Physics Program which is an active, hands-on format, where students will be introduced to advanced branches of physics that don't usually make it into the high school curriculum, including electronics, optics and particle physics. For this camp students must be juniors or seniors in the fall of 2019. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkPHYSICS SUMMER CAMPSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY
    ROBERT W. GREENE SUMMER INSTITUTE FOR HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISTSOffers an intensive, seven-day residential summer workshop at Stony Brook University which is designed for current Long Island and NYC high school sophomores and juniors considering careers in journalism. The workshop introduces students to basic skills in news reporting, writing and editing and the use of video and still photography. Classes are taught by professional journalists. Students will live at the University and work in the School of Journalism’s multimedia newsroom. As a culminating activity, students will produce original work across several media platforms. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkROBERT W. GREENE SUMMER INSTITUTE FOR HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISTSSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY
    SCIENCE EXPLORATION CAMPOffers summer academic programs for middle school students which will complement the students' science curriculum at school and challenge them to think, research and experiment. Each program will be laboratory- based, but will involve reading, computer searching, writing and group work. Students participating in these programs should be interested in science, inquisitive, and willing to work hard to learn something new! Students entering 6th grade will be given opportunities to use their imagination and creativity while actively engaged in science and engineering practices. They will be guided through a variety of hands-on science investigations that include designing, constructing, testing, and modifying ideas. We will use the scientific method as we explore the various areas of science such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Students entering 7th grade will focus on developing laboratory skills. The students will be guided through several scientific explorations in physics, chemistry, microbiology and ecology. Students entering 8th grade will explore biology, chemistry, biotechnology, and environmental chemistry in the context of case studies of Cholera, Bioremediation, Genetics, and daily interactive demonstrations. The overarching theme of the camp will highlight homeostasis and the environment. These experiences will introduce and reinforce skills and concepts that will better prepare participants for high school science coursework. Students entering 9th grade will concentrate on biology and developing research skills. The students will work in groups to explore botany, microbiology, genetics and molecular biology. These students will develop their problem-solving skills by working through instructions independently. They will develop and test hypotheses and report their conclusions to the group. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkSCIENCE EXPLORATION CAMPSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY
    STEAM EDUCATION CAMPAims to engage campers entering grades 3-10 in a series of innovative fields not seen in traditional school education. Programs will once again be offered in LEGO Robotics and Video Game Design, 3D Printing & Design and 3D Building with Minecraft and Coding Concepts with the addition of Advanced 3D Printing, 3D Modeling & Sculpting, LEGO Stop-Motion Animation, Photography/Videography, and Web Design. Experienced teachers from RoboMindTech and 3DprintingEdu will follow their S.T.E.A.M curriculums as campers participate in fun, hands on activities and projects aiming to inspire campers outside of the school year. STEAM Education is a new movement in American Education to help teachers and their students understand how the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics impact their world and prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow. STEAM is multidiscipline based, incorporating the integration of other disciplinary knowledge into a new whole. Technology helps us communicate; Math is the language; Science and Engineering are the processes for thinking; Art promotes creativity; all this leads to Innovation. Future Stars Summer Camps programs at Farmingdale State College are permitted to operate by Suffolk County Dept.of.Health. All programs take place on campus. Campers have the option to enjoy a daily lunch program with hot and cold menu choices as they eat in the comfortable air-conditioned cafeteria. Campers have the option for daily “water-park” and “game tent” activities under the supervision of our experienced staff. Call for dates, prices and detailed information.SuffolkSTEAM EDUCATION CAMPFARMINGDALE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK
    TECHPREPWas launched in 2008 with funding from Motorola Solutions Foundation’s innovation generation grant. TechPrep addresses the underrepresentation of minority women in stem by providing an educational enrichment program to empower middle school girls from underserved communities on long island. This robust program develops students’ competence and confidence in their math and science abilities by providing an intensive multi-level program that integrates science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (steam) with mentoring and application based hands-on activities. Over the course of one week in the summer, TechPrep students participate in intensive project based instruction facilitated by university faculty, graduate, and wise undergraduate mentors. Participation is based on three sequential modules that are taken over the course of three years. Module 1: Biology & Chemistry; 6th grade students discover living organisms and their chemical and physicochemical processes with lessons. Students will be encouraged to think and speak like scientists, work together in teams, and explore biology and chemistry in new and interesting ways. Module 2: Mathematics & Physics 7th grade students are introduced to applications of math and physics in real world situations. Included in these lessons are tours of facilities on campus which help further reinforce how basic principles can be scaled to cutting-edge research and provide students with exposure to real-world scientific environments. Module 3: Engineering & Innovation, 8th grade students employ the knowledge and skills acquired from their previous modules to build solutions to common environmental problems. The engineering module is unique in that it is centered on the student’s curiosity and a “learn-as-you-go” lesson format which challenges students to be critical and creative problem solvers. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkTECHPREPSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY
    YOUTH GROUPSOffers activities and bible study for Middle School youths and Senior High youths. Includes a service project for the senior youth groups which involves rebuilding homes for the elderly, disabled or low income. Also offers one week summer bible school and a one week summer camp for children 3-12 years. Publishes monthly newsletter. Call for additional information.SuffolkYOUTH GROUPSCENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH

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