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    Programs that offer therapist-facilitated collective treatment sessions in which unrelated groups of individuals, couples or families discuss their attitudes, feelings and problems and, with input from other members of the group, attempt to achieve greater self and interpersonal understanding and adjustment and explore solutions to their problems.

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    BELLEROSE FREE TO BE ME CODA GROUPProvides a fellowship for men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships. Program includes Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition principles and Twelve Promises practices. Open meetings. Call for schedule and times.NassauBELLEROSE FREE TO BE ME CODA GROUPCO-DEPENDENTS ANONYMOUS
    CAREER AND EDUCATIONAL COUNSELING CENTEROffers vocational and educational testing, career guidance and research, individual and group counseling, job placement services, resume preparation and interview skill workshops for adults. Offers transition planning, vocational assessment, community placement and life skills programming for adolescents.SuffolkSOUTH OAKS HOSPITALSOUTH OAKS HOSPITAL
    CENTER FOR BEHAVIORAL HEALTH AND WELLNESSProvides psychiatric evaluation, group therapy, psychopharmocology, as well as full inpatient mental health services.SuffolkCENTER FOR BEHAVIORAL HEALTH AND WELLNESSBRUNSWICK HOSPITAL CENTER
    CHEMICAL DEPENDENCE SERVICES COMMACK OUTPATIENT CLINIC PROGRAMProvides individual, group, and family counseling as well as psycho-education services, family services, anger management, Medication Assisted Treatment, co-occurring disorders, DWI mandated treatment, Moral Reconation Therapy and chemical dependence services.Licensed by The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS).SuffolkCHEMICAL DEPENDENCE SERVICES COMMACK OUTPATIENT CLINIC PROGRAMCATHOLIC CHARITIES
    CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY PROGRAMOffers medically supervised hospital stay during which drug/alcohol dependent patients return to a drug-free state. Provides medical, nutritional, educational and support services. Requires patients to participate in daily self-help meetings, group and individual counseling sessions. Works closely with families, employers, referral agencies to meed patient needs. Develops discharge plan and makes after-care arrangements. Maintains strictest privacy/confidentiality standards.SuffolkCHEMICAL DEPENDENCY PROGRAMSOUTHSIDE HOSPITAL
    CHILDREN'S SERVICESOffers counseling for children affected by domestic violence and abuse.SuffolkCHILDREN'S SERVICESTHE RETREAT, INC.
    CLINIC SERVICESProvides individual, family and group counseling and psychiatric care for persons with mental health issues, epilepsy and intellectual disabilities. Also offer occupational therapy/assessment, physical therapy/assessment, consent and guardianship assessments, specialty and wellness assessments, psychology, psychiatry, rehabilitation counseling, speech therapy/assessment, social work, nursing, and neurology.NassauCLINIC SERVICESEPIC LONG ISLAND
    CLINIC TREATMENT PROGRAMProvides assessment and treatment, and individual, group, couple and family psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults.SuffolkCLINIC TREATMENT PROGRAMWELLLIFE NETWORK
    COMMUNITY-CRISIS ACTION TEAMAssists groups and organizations, schools, and businesses after a crisis, disaster, or a critical incident. Team members certified in Critical Incident Stress Management immediately assess the needs of individuals and the group affected at the scene of the incident. A Critical Incident Stress Debriefing will take place 24-72 hours after an incident and provides a confidential format for individuals to discuss the incident as it relates to their thoughts, perceptions, and feelings, in order to reduce the impact of individual or group stress.SuffolkCOMMUNITY-CRISIS ACTION TEAMFAMILY SERVICE LEAGUE, INC.
    COMMUNITY RE-ENTRY PROGRAMOffers a combination of services including individual and group counseling and therapies, family education, community mobility training,independent living skills training, neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessment, social skills training, pre-vocational training, vocational rehabilitation, communication skills, swallowing evaluations, case management and TBI Medicaid Waiver Services. All services offered at St. Charles, in the home, workplace or other community settings. Also offers a book club and Pilates Group.SuffolkCOMMUNITY RE-ENTRY PROGRAMST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    COMPREHENSIVE COMMUNITY HOSPICE PROGRAMProvides a hospice program for the terminally ill which provides treatment at home or at a nursing facility through pain control, symptom management, and emotional and spiritual support. Services include skilled nursing, physician services, nutritional services, therapy services, spiritual counseling, inpatient respite, short-term inpatient care, medical equipment and medications, bereavement counseling, home health aides and on call services 24 hours per day.NassauCOMPREHENSIVE COMMUNITY HOSPICE PROGRAMPARKER JEWISH INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH CARE AND REHABILITATION
    COMPREHENSIVE EATING DISORDERS PROGRAMAssists individuals who are dealing with illness of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder. Treatment services provided include: health screening, coordination of care with medical doctor, psycholsocial evaluation, psychiatric evaluation, nutritional assessment, psycho-educational groups, weight monitoring, group therapy, meal planning, individual therapy, family therapy, medication education, stress management, supportive meal and snacks. Call (631) 473-3877 ext. 57 to make a referral.SuffolkCOMPREHENSIVE EATING DISORDERS PROGRAMJOHN T. MATHER MEMORIAL HOSPITAL
    CONFIDE COUNSELING CENTER, INC.Provides alcohol/drug abuse treatment, individual, group, couples and family counseling, educational series, relapse prevention, early recovery, anger management workshops. DWI track evaluations and referrals, crisis intervention, criminal justice, OASAS certified veterans self-help group.NassauCONFIDE COUNSELING CENTER, INC.CONFIDE COUNSELING CENTER, INC.
    CONTINUING DAY TREATMENTProvides services for mentally ill/mentally retarded adults on a long term basis. Services include psychiatry, group/individual therapy, nursing and recreation.NassauCONTINUING DAY TREATMENTFAMILY RESIDENCES AND ESSENTIAL ENTERPRISES, INC.
    COUNSELING SERVICESProvides individual, family, group counseling, and crisis intervention services. Calls received after 10pm and weekends are referred to Long Island Crisis Center hotline. Services also offered in Levittown and Bethpage.NassauCOUNSELING SERVICESYES COMMUNITY COUNSELING CENTER
    DAY HOSPITAL PROGRAMOffers a 30-day psychiatric day program which includes individual, group and family counseling, recreational therapy, therapeutic socialization activities, emergency stabilization, medication, and a special education through Western Suffolk BOCES.SuffolkDAY HOSPITAL PROGRAMSAGAMORE CHILDREN'S PSYCHIATRIC CENTER
    DEPARTMENT OF CANCER SERVICESAddresses leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myeloma, children's cancers, immunodeficiency syndrome, breast cancer and germ cell tumors, employing a multidisciplinary approach. Offers indvidual, group and family counseling for all transplant patients.NassauNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSETNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSET
    DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRYProvides psychiatric and medical evaluation to determine necessity of hospitalization. Arranges admission and/or referrals, as indicated. Call for additional information.NassauDEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRYLONG ISLAND JEWISH VALLEY STREAM
    DRUG FREE OUTPATIENT TREATMENT PROGRAMProvides individual, couple, group, and family counseling for people who are using or have a history of substance abuse and their families. Also offers substance abuse preventive programs in the community.SuffolkDEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES-DIVISION OF DRUG AND ALCOHOL SERVICESTOWN OF BABYLON
    EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE RESOURCE SERVICES, INC.Provides outpatient substance abuse and alcohol counseling, mental health, family and marriage counseling as well as a medically supervised ambulatory substance abuse treatment program. Also offers individual psychotherapy, group counseling, intensive outpatient treatment, urine drug screening, DWI program, stress management, crisis intervention, educational seminars, psychiatric/psychological consults and referrals.Licensed by The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS).SuffolkEMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE RESOURCE SERVICES, INC.EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE RESOURCE SERVICES, INC.
    EQUINE ASSISTED PSYCHOTHERAPYOffers individual, family and group therapy. Groups focus on the following issues: Grief, trauma, abuse, eating disorders, substance abuse, addiction and codependency. At-risk youth, women's empowerment and veterans and their families are among these groups. EAP affords clients the opportunity to gain knowledge about their negative behaviors while providing them with an emotionally safe environment for them to develop positive alternatives. Call for more information.SuffolkEQUINE ASSISTED PSYCHOTHERAPY (EAP) PROGRAMPAL-O-MINE EQUESTRIAN, INC.
    FAMILY CONSULTATION SERVICEProvides individual and family therapy, information and referral. Counseling sites available throughout Long Island. Call for more information.SuffolkFAMILY CONSULTATION SERVICEEPISCOPAL COMMUNITY SERVICES OF LONG ISLAND
    FAMILY SERVICE CLINICProvides mental health services to Suffolk County residents. Modalities of treatment include individual, family, group and play therapies in addition to crisis intervention, medication therapy and diagnostic assessment.SuffolkFAMILY SERVICE CLINICSCO FAMILY OF SERVICES
    FIVE TOWNS COMMUNITY CENTER, INC.Multi-service agency dedicated to serve the needs of the economically, socially, educationally, and culturally disadvantaged through structured programs. Call for additional information.NassauFIVE TOWNS COMMUNITY CENTER, INC.FIVE TOWNS COMMUNITY CENTER, INC.
    HAUPPAUGE CENTER-RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM FOR MENProvides residential substance abuse treatment services. Licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.SuffolkHAUPPAUGE CENTER-RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM FOR MENPHOENIX HOUSE OF LONG ISLAND
    HOPE AND HEALING CENTERProvides assessment and age appropriate support group placement for children and young adults and for adults experiencing grief and loss. Also offers crisis intervention and counseling. Bereavement services available to the community. Call for an appointment. Alternate location: Suffolk Family Bereavement Center, 14 Shore Lane, Bay Shore.NassauHOPE AND HEALING CENTERNORTHWELL HEALTH - HOSPICE CARE NETWORK-WOODBURY
    INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY SUPPORTOffers individual and family support for those seeking assistance in the areas of parenting, transitional services, marriage and family, children, and adolescents. Approved for mandated clients. Appointment required.SuffolkINDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY SUPPORTSUNSHINE PREVENTION CENTER FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES
    INPATIENT SERVICESProvides intermediate length inpatient psychiatric hospitalization for children age 12 to 17. Offers evaluation and treatment by a multi-disciplinary team providing a range of therapeutic services including (but not limited to) individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, art therapy, recreation therapy, special education programs, psychiatric nursing, milieu therapy, and medication and health services.SuffolkINPATIENT SERVICESSAGAMORE CHILDREN'S PSYCHIATRIC CENTER
    JOAN AND ARNOLD SALTZMAN COMMUNITY SERVICES CENTEROffers four clinics and a fully licensed early childhood program. The clinics include: Diane Lindner-Goldberg Child Care Institute, Psychological Evaluation Research and Counseling Clinic, Counseling and Mental Health Professions Clinic, Reading/Writing Learning Clinic and Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic. The Center supports high quality educational and practical experiences for Hofstra University students and provides services to University employees and to the community at large. Access to multiple services within the Center afford the opportunity for a comprehensive approach to a client's needs. These clinics serve patients of every age, with a variety of needs, for a very nominal fee. Call for more information regarding each clinicNassauJOAN AND ARNOLD SALTZMAN COMMUNITY SERVICES CENTERHOFSTRA UNIVERSITY-JOAN AND ARNOLD SALTZMAN COMMUNITY SERVICES CENTER
    LEVITTOWN LOCATIONProvides individual, family, group counseling, outpatient alcohol/drug treatment services, and parenting programs.NassauLEVITTOWN LOCATIONYES COMMUNITY COUNSELING CENTER
    MADONNA HEIGHTS GROUP RESIDENCEProvides diagnostic services, special education, small therapeutic group living, individual, family, group therapy, and recreational therapy. Allows long-term placement in main facility for girls 12 to 17 years.SuffolkMADONNA HEIGHTS GROUP RESIDENCESCO FAMILY OF SERVICES
    MELVILLE MONDAY STEPProvides a fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships. Program includes Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition principles and Twelve Promises practices. Open meetings. Call for schedule and time.SuffolkMELVILLE MONDAY STEPCO-DEPENDENTS ANONYMOUS
    MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING CENTEROffers a wide range of outpatient behavioral health services including individual, group and family psychotherapy. Specialized services for depression, anxiety and childhood emotional disorders are available. The Center offers a partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Program.NassauMENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING CENTERSOUTH NASSAU COMMUNITIES HOSPITAL
    MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING CLINICProvides outpatient psycho social and psychiatric assessments, individual, group and family therapy, case management and medication management for individuals suffering with emotional and mental health disorders or co-occurring substance abuse disorders. Call for additional information.NassauMENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING CLINICLONG BEACH REACH, INC.
    MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDSProvides services such as psychiatric evaluations, individual, family, and group counseling, crisis intervention, family support groups, medication management, and referrals to adults infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Call. Walk in. Appointment preferred.NassauMENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDSHISPANIC COUNSELING CENTER
    MOTHER AND CHILD PROGRAMOffers a 16 Adult bed residential treatment facility for pregnant and postpartum women and their infants up to two years of age. The MAC program enables pregnant substance abusers to receive treatment without having to be separated from their children. Treatment services include intensive individual, group and family counseling, structured socialization and vocational/educational training. In addition, the women receive instructions on pre-natal care, Lamaze, and parenting skills. While the women are involved in treatment activities, the children are cared for by certified child care workers in the program's on-site Child Development Center. The children themselves receive age-appropriate assessments and participate in tasks that promote the timely acquisition of motor, communication, and socialization skills.SuffolkMOTHER AND CHILD PROGRAMPHOENIX HOUSE OF LONG ISLAND
    NORTH BABYLON DAY TREATMENT PROGRAMProvides daily mental health services in conjunction with BOCES special education. Specific mental health services include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psychopharmacology, psychological, psychiatric and social assessment, crisis intervention, and case management.SuffolkNORTH BABYLON DAY TREATMENT PROGRAMSAGAMORE CHILDREN'S PSYCHIATRIC CENTER
    OUTREACH PROGRAMProvides a support group for individuals seeking out-student care. Home curriculum concerning life-controlling problems is available. During Outreach, group meetings, interviews, evaluations, counsel, and prayer take place. Meetings held at Freedom Chapel, 641 Broadway (Route 110), Amityville, New York.SuffolkOUTREACH PROGRAMLONG ISLAND TEEN CHALLENGE
    PARENTING AWARENESSProvides free individual and group counseling and mutual support groups for parents of children in the North Shore communities. Includes Discipline is Not a Dirty Word for parents with children in Kindergarten-6th grade. Call for an appointment. Contract agency of the Brookhaven Town Youth Bureau.SuffolkPARENTING AWARENESSNORTH SHORE YOUTH COUNCIL
    PARTIAL PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALIZATION PROGRAMProvides intensive outpatient psychiatric treatment to stabilize acute symptoms of mental illness. Offers an individualized treatment plan coordinated with the client, family and referring therapist/agency. Crisis coverage offered 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Staff provides Health Screening, Biopsychosocial Evaluation, Psychiatric Evaluation, Individual Therapy, Group Psychotherapy, Medication Therapy, Medication/Illness Education, Psycho-Educational Groups, Activity Therapy, Family Therapy, Case Management and Stress Management.SuffolkPARTIAL PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALIZATION PROGRAMJOHN T. MATHER MEMORIAL HOSPITAL
    PLEASANTVILLE COTTAGE SCHOOLOffers a therapeutic community for 170 children of normal intelligence, who because of severe emotional and family problems, require residential treatment. Children receive special education in small classes on campus, and an opportunity for off-grounds education where appropriate supervised cottage group living independent living skills preparation individual, family and group therapy. All facilities for physical, mental and emotional growth in an open setting.PLEASANTVILLE COTTAGE SCHOOLJEWISH CHILD CARE ASSOCIATION
    POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY INSTITUTE FOR EMERGING ADULTSOffers support to help emerging adults live the BEST-life-possible The vision of this clinic is to be a different kind of clinic. One that goes beyond helping emerging adults cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. One that teaches emerging adults how to create lives filled with positive emotions, engagement, deep, intimate, caring relationships, meaning, and accomplishment. A clinic that helps people identify, pursue, and achieve their personal and professional dreams. A clinic that creates a community of kind, compassionate, generous, and loving people who are dedicated to helping others thrive. A clinic that provides cutting-edge workshops and trainings to students, professionals, and outside agencies. A clinic that helps emerging adults live with passion and purpose. Positive clinical psychology uses empirically supported strengths-based strategies that help emerging adults not just survive – but thrive! When successful, people leave traditional therapy feeling less anxious, depressed, stressed, or angry. In short, they feel less "bad." But positive clinical psychology, based on the science of positive psychology, emphasizes that just because we experience fewer negative emotions and behaviors doesn't mean we’re flourishing. Therefore, beyond teaching people how to better cope with and manage their difficulties, therapists teach emerging adults the skills to experience lives filled with joy, gratitude, hope, love, and happiness. Nearly 25% of emerging adults are "rudderless." They want to succeed. But, many spend more time and energy going faster instead of changing course to align with their mission. Emerging adults are finding it more difficult today than ever to identify their strengths and learn how to use them in service to others. Being generous with one's skills and talents not only improves our communities and society, but it also provides engagement with the world and a deep, enduring sense of purpose. At the Positive Psychology Institute for Emerging Adults, therapists help young adults improve their lives, whether they are struggling with a particular issue or looking for ways to thrive. The clinic offers Individual Counseling for Young Adults and Group Counseling Services. Call To speak with a staff member who can help determine if the Institute would be appropriate for helping you live a life filled with passion and purpose. The fee is $30 per session, including the intake. All therapy services are by appointment only. All services are provided in a professional manner and conform to the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association. Information will not be released without the informed written consent of the client, except where mandated by law or in life-threatening or abusive situations. Call for more detailed information.NassauPSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION RESEARCH AND COUNSELING CLINICHOFSTRA UNIVERSITY-JOAN AND ARNOLD SALTZMAN COMMUNITY SERVICES CENTER
    POSTGRADUATE PSYCHOTHERAPY CENTERProvides professional, affordable psychoanalysis and psychotherapy to Long Island and the metropolitan New York area. The Center offers therapeutic programs for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. The Center offers personalized assistance to help you find psychologists, psychiatrists or social workers in your local area who have received advanced training beyond their graduate degree. Through their ongoing studies, they are knowledgeable about new treatments and procedures in the field of psychotherapy. Founded over 40 years ago, the Center is the clinical branch of the Postdoctoral Programs in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy offering high quality services and moderate fees. Programs include: Psychoanalysis; Psychotherapy; Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapy; Older Adult Psychotherapy and Marital and Couples Therapy. Call for more detailed information.NassauPOSTGRADUATE PSYCHOTHERAPY CENTERADELPHI UNIVERSITY
    PREVENTION OUTPATIENT COUNSELINGProvides education and counseling to individuals, couples, groups and family counseling to prevent drug abuse in the community.SuffolkDEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES-DIVISION OF DRUG AND ALCOHOL SERVICESTOWN OF BABYLON
    PROJECT OUTREACHOffers a comprehensive, community-based substance abuse treatment program for ages 13 and up. Provides intensive day treatment, women's/men's group, parenting skills, adolescent group, mandated treatment, MICA treatment, significant other's group comprehensive assessments, individual or group therapy, family or marital therapy, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, vocational assessment and counseling, psycho-education, and extended evaluation/motivation groups. Call for informantion. Licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS).NassauPROJECT OUTREACHTHE ZUCKER HILLSIDE HOSPITAL
    PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES CENTERProvides a private, nonprofit mental health facility operated by the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at LIU Post. The clinic operates with the objectives of providing diverse psychological services to all members of the local community as well as serving as a training facility for the C.W. Post Clinical Psychology Doctoral candidates. The graduate student-therapist’s work is closely supervised by licensed clinical psychologists who are faculty members of the Department of Psychology, as well as licensed clinical psychologists from the Long Island community who serve as Adjunct Clinical Supervisors. While providing quality services and facilities is expensive, it is the policy of the PSC to work with individuals and families regardless of income. No client is denied treatment due to inability to pay. Clients seek services for a wide variety of reasons. Relationship problems, school difficulties, or personal stress often bring clients to the PSC. Psychological needs for which people can find help at the clinic include, but are not limited to, the following. Learning Disabilities; Attention/Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Giftedness; Personality; IQ – Intelligence; School Related Adjustment; Aggressive Behavior/Anger Management; Social Anxiety & Shyness; Depression; Oppositional Behavior & Conduct Problems; Fears & Phobias; Anxiety; Health Worries; Stress Management; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Bereavement; Phobias and Anxiety Disorders; Behavior Modification for Habit Control; Marriage & Family Therapy; Family Conflicts/Family Therapy; Parent-Child Conflicts; and Couple and Relationship Therapy. The following are current groups offered at the PSC: Child /Adolescent Groups include: Social Anxiety; Anger & Conduct Management; Dealing with Aggressive Peers & Bullies; Attention and Hyperactivity Problems. Adult Groups include: Living with Loss – Bereavement in Older Adults and Women in Transition-Coping with Challenges of Middle Age. In addition Trauma Therapy and Specialty Programs are also offered to Victims of Crime/Violence; Victims of Sexual and/or Physical Abuse and Survivors of Child Abuse. Also offered is the award-winning Trauma Response Team (TRT) of the C.W. Post Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program which has provided free on-site counseling in schools and community organizations following small and large disasters. Psychological First Aid, coping strategies and crisis counseling are provided to support recovery and foster resiliency. Call for more detailed informationNassauPSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES CENTERLIU POST
    PULMONARY REHABILITATIONProvides a full range of services and tests including exercise program (non-ECG monitored), expired gas analysis, fitness evaluation, psychological counseling and evaluation (group and/or individual), and stress management.SuffolkPULMONARY REHABILITATIONST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    RELAPSE PREVENTION TREATMENTProvides group/individual therapy which focuses on identifying associational triggers and cues, developing constructive methods for coping with stress and triggers, relaxation techniques, anger management, conflict resolution and workshop series.NassauRELAPSE PREVENTION TREATMENTCOPAY, INC.
    RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL AND DAY SCHOOLProvides females, age 12-18, 7th-12th grade, a residence which offers education, psychiatry, full medical and dental, substance abuse counseling, individual and group counseling, and adventure based programs. The Day School offers education, counseling(group and individual), and adventure based programs.SuffolkRESIDENTIAL SCHOOL AND DAY SCHOOLSCO FAMILY OF SERVICES
    RIVERHEAD MENTAL HEALTH CLINICOffers outpatient psychiatric services including individual, group and family therapy, and psychopharmacology.SuffolkRIVERHEAD MENTAL HEALTH CLINICSUFFOLK COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES-DIVISION OF COMMUNITY MENTAL HYGIENE
    SAYVILLE DAY TREATMENT PROGRAMProvides daily mental health services in conjunction with BOCES special education. Specific mental health services include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psychopharmacology, psychological, psychiatric and social assessment, crisis intervention, and case management.SuffolkSAYVILLE DAY TREATMENT PROGRAMSAGAMORE CHILDREN'S PSYCHIATRIC CENTER
    SHARPProvides group educational sessions for men who are hurtful, controlling, abusive, and/or violent in relationships. SHARP consists of 32 class sessions, which include a six session assessment. Classes include educational discussions and individual activities that create opportunities for change toward respectful and healthy behavior, and work to end hurtful, abusive and violent behavior. Appointment Required.Classes offered in Riverhead and Hauppauge locations. Day and evening classes available.Call for details.SuffolkSHARPTHE RETREAT, INC.
    SOUTH OAKS AFFILIATESProvides outpatient individual and family psychotherapy services. Also offers medication evaluation and medication management marital counseling psychiatric evaluations and psychological testing. Serves children 5 years through adults including geriatric population. Will see patients in Adult Homes and Nursing Homes. Serves Nassau and Suffolk counties.SuffolkSOUTH OAKS HOSPITALSOUTH OAKS HOSPITAL
    SOUTH SHORE SERVICES FOR THE HANDICAPPED (SSSH)Provides an opportunity for social interaction to further specific skill development relating to handicapped condition, and to encourage individuals to advocate on their own behalf. Provides referrals to respite and recreation programs. Support groups for siblings of the disabled. A mental health based program provides a range of psychotherapeutic service for individuals with highly specialized needs including the physically and developmentally disabled. Methodology includes individual, family, group counseling, advocacy, tutoring, socialization and skill training.NassauSOUTH SHORE SERVICES FOR THE HANDICAPPED (SSSH)NEW HORIZON COUNSELING CENTER (NHCC)
    STOPLIFT PROGRAMThe Stoplift program prevents recurring shoplifting behavior by educating offenders on the consequences of shoplifting. Stoplift program is provided on scheduled Saturday, (off site) at 9am-3pm Appointment are requiredNassauSTOPLIFT PROGRAMEAC NETWORK
    TEMPO GROUP COUNSELING PROGRAMProvides individual, group and family counseling, including aftercare and intensive treatment tracks for substance abuse and other mental health issues.Licensed by The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS).NassauTEMPO GROUP, INC.-WOODMERETEMPO GROUP, INC.
    WANTAGH DAY TREATMENT PROGRAMProvides daily mental health services in conjunction with BOCES special education. Specific mental health services include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psychopharmacology, psychological, psychiatric and social assessment, crisis intervention, and case management.NassauWANTAGH DAY TREATMENT PROGRAMSAGAMORE CHILDREN'S PSYCHIATRIC CENTER

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