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Programs offered in special units of general acute care hospitals that provide diagnostic and treatment services for children, adolescents, adults and/or older adults who have acute or chronic mental or emotional disturbances, require hospitalization for maximum benefit, and who might be a threat to themselves, to their families or to others if left in the community or placed in a less restrictive treatment setting. Services may include a comprehensive evaluation; 24-hour care in a supportive, therapeutic environment; counseling for the patient and family; adjunctive therapies as needed; medication, if required; and an aftercare program following discharge.

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BRUNSWICK HALL-ADULT SERVICESProvides in-patient mental health services to adults age 18 through the lifespan. Hospitalization provides 24 hour care and support to stabilize symptoms and improve psychosocial functioning. Seeks to provide conflict resolution and coping skills in order to resume previous functioning. Cases are managed on an individual basis by an interdisciplinary team and treatment plan. Medical issues are managed through internal medicine consultants.SuffolkBRUNSWICK HALL-ADULT SERVICESBRUNSWICK HOSPITAL CENTER
CHILD PSYCHIATRY INPATIENT/OUTPATIENT UNITSEvaluates and treats children in the inpatient unit, aged 5-13 years, for emotional and behavioral problems, using short term stays (1-12 weeks). Discharge planning includes school placement, outpatient follow-up and family support. Also provides outpatient psychiatric evaluations and treatment for children, adolescents and families including medical assessments of medication for behavior disorders, school psychiatric evaluations, preschool assessment, forensic evaluation for various externalizing disorders such as affective disorders, hyperactivity, attention, impulsivity and conduct problems, affective disorders such as depression and/or mania and developmental disorders and language problems.SuffolkCHILD PSYCHIATRY INPATIENT/OUTPATIENT UNITSSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRYProvides a comprehensive evaluation of psychiatric problems. Patients receive outpatient psychiatric treatment from psychiatric who provide individual therapy and medication management.NassauNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSETNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSET
INPATIENT PSYCHIATRIC CAREProvides short-term, inpatient psychiatric care after voluntary or involuntary admission to Southside. Addresses major depressive disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric diagnoses. Offers psychotropic medication management, 12-step programs, individual/group/family counseling, electroconvulsive therapy, support/educational/recreational groups, activities of daily living, medical stabilization, and medical management of comorbidities.SuffolkINPATIENT PSYCHIATRIC CARESOUTHSIDE HOSPITAL
IN-PATIENT PSYCHIATRIC SERVICESProvides a 36 bed short-term inpatient Behavioral Health Unit. Offers psychiatric and psychological consultation and stabilization for a wide range of acute psychiatric conditions.NassauIN-PATIENT PSYCHIATRIC SERVICESSOUTH NASSAU COMMUNITIES HOSPITAL
INPATIENT SERVICESOffers a wide range of services for adults with an AXIS I diagnosis and who are seriously and persistently mentally ill. Psychiatric treatment includes medication, individual therapy/support, rehabilitation services in vocation, education and recreation, psychological services, special treatment units including Trauma, Hispanic and Geriatric Units, Behavioral Treatment, and Treatment Malls.SuffolkINPATIENT SERVICESPILGRIM PSYCHIATRIC CENTER
INPATIENT SERVICESProvides intermediate length inpatient psychiatric hospitalization for children age 12 to 17. Offers evaluation and treatment by a multi-disciplinary team providing a range of therapeutic services including (but not limited to) individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, art therapy, recreation therapy, special education programs, psychiatric nursing, milieu therapy, and medication and health services.SuffolkINPATIENT SERVICESSAGAMORE CHILDREN'S PSYCHIATRIC CENTER
PSYCHIATRIC CONSULTATION LIAISON SERVICEProvides outpatient psychiatric services to children and adults who are medically ill. Develops individualized treatment plans.PSYCHIATRIC CONSULTATION LIAISON SERVICETHE ZUCKER HILLSIDE HOSPITAL
PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES AT EMERGENCY ROOMProvides emergency psychiatric and medical evaluation to determine if hospitalization is required. If hospitalization is not indicated, referrals for other services can be made.SuffolkPSYCHIATRIC SERVICES AT EMERGENCY ROOMHUNTINGTON HOSPITAL
SENIOR ADULT PSYCHIATRIC SERVICEProvides highly specialized inpatient psychiatric care to adults 65 years of age and older. Treatments are provided to senior adults who suffer from acute mood, memory and/or behavioral disorders, such as depression, psychosis, anxiety disorder, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, or post traumatic stress. Program consists of comprehensive assessment, including psychiatric, physical and psychosocial components, individual treatment plan, discharge planning, patient/family education and counseling, behavior management, occupational/physical/speech therapy, medication management and education, therapeutic activities and social services.SuffolkSOUTH OAKS HOSPITALSOUTH OAKS HOSPITAL
STONY BROOK/EASTERN SUFFOLK BOCES PSYCHIATRIC INPATIENT PROGRAMProvides an inpatient psychiatry program for elementary-age students enabling them to continue their education while undergoing psychiatric treatment. Students are referred through parent or school referrals and admits youngsters, after thorough evaluation by social worker, psychologists and physicians. The length of stay ranges from 1-12 weeks, during which time a full academic curriculum is provided by Eastern Suffolk BOCES. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkSTONY BROOK/EASTERN SUFFOLK BOCES PSYCHIATRIC INPATIENT PROGRAMEASTERN SUFFOLK BOCES EDUCATIONAL SERVICES

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