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Programs that provide individual, conjoint, family or group treatment for people who are experiencing physical, sexual, emotional and/or other forms of abuse in the context a marital, parental, sibling or other family relationship or, in some instances, outside the family. Included are programs that provide therapeutic interventions for perpetrators and/or for individuals who have been victimized.

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ADOLESCENT WITNESSES/VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCEOffers opportunities for child and adolescent witnesses/victims to explore, under the guidance of a Master's level counselor, issues related to the violence they have experienced or witnessed. Services are available to children and adolescents, ages 4-18, free of charge. Counseling services are offered at various locations throughout Western Suffolk County. Service providers are encouraged to call on behalf of their clients or clients may call directly for further information.Call for schedule an appointment.SuffolkCOMMUNITY-BASED SERVICES FOR CHILD AND ADOLESCENT WITNESSES/VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCEL.I. AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, INC.
BATTERERS PROGRAMProvides voluntary or mandated 32 week or 52 week counseling groups for perpetrators of domestic violence.Groups are available for Spanish speaking clients, and female aggressors as well as a parenting group for the perpetrators of domestic violence. Ongoing support is available. Staff qualifications include masters level counselors or Ph.D. with training in working with domestic violence abusers. Groups meet in Hauppauge in Suffolk County, and are forming in Nassau County.SuffolkBATTERERS PROGRAMVICTIMS INFORMATION BUREAU OF SUFFOLK
CHILDREN'S SERVICESOffers counseling for children affected by domestic violence and abuse.SuffolkCHILDREN'S SERVICESTHE RETREAT, INC.
COMMUNITY-BASED COUNSELING FOR SPANISH-SPEAKING VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCEOffers individual and/or group counseling to Spanish-speaking victims of domestic violence. Counseling focuses on safety planning, empowerment and addressing the emotional consequences of experiencing domestic violence. Call to schedule an appointment.SuffolkCOMMUNITY-BASED COUNSELING FOR SPANISH-SPEAKING VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCEL.I. AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, INC.
COUNSELINGOffers individual counseling services to women and men who are affected by all forms of domestic violence. This crisis-oriented counseling helps client's to take control of their lives and make positive changes. Longer term counseling provides a setting for sorting out options and start the healing process. Also services victims of rape and sexual assault. Offered on residential and non-residential basis. Services available at Riverhead, East Hampton and Southampton offices. Appointment required.SuffolkCOUNSELINGTHE RETREAT, INC.
COUNSELINGProvides group and individual counseling services for adult victims of domestic violence or rape/sexual assault. Crisis appointments are available to clients at crisis who need to be served immediately. Specialized counselors available for domestic violence/substance abuse, and for long term sexual abuse victims (adults who were abused as children). New satellite office located in the Town of Huntington (for more information call Delores at 360-3730)SuffolkCOUNSELINGVICTIMS INFORMATION BUREAU OF SUFFOLK
COUNSELING FOR SPANISH SPEAKING INDIVIDUALSProvides group and individual counseling services in Spanish for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or rape.SuffolkCOUNSELING FOR SPANISH SPEAKING INDIVIDUALSVICTIMS INFORMATION BUREAU OF SUFFOLK
COUNSELING FOR VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND THEIR CHILDRENProvides counseling and case coordination for victims of domestic violence and their children who are referred by Children's Protective Services. Crisis appointments, group counseling, and safety planning available. Call for more information.SuffolkCOUNSELING FOR VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND THEIR CHILDRENVICTIMS INFORMATION BUREAU OF SUFFOLK
COURT ADVOCACYProvides information, assistance, accompaniment to Family Court and Domestic Violence Court, and assists with filing an Order of Protection. Free and Confidential.NassauCOURT ADVOCACYTHE SAFE CENTER LI
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COUNSELING PROGRAMSProvides counseling on individual or group basis for female and male adult victims of domestic violence. Hotline available 24 hours/7 days a week.NassauDOMESTIC VIOLENCE COUNSELING PROGRAMSTHE SAFE CENTER LI
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINEProvides crisis intervention phone counseling access to safe housing, emergency room accompaniment, counseling and legal services, general information for victims, professionals and others, resources and referrals. Staffed 24hours/7days a week.NassauDOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINETHE SAFE CENTER LI
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LIAISONWorks directly at the Department of Social Services providing assistance for individuals who are victims of domestic violence. Provides waiver if needed to ensure the safety of the individual. Waivers can include child support, spousal support and other support. Call for information.NassauDOMESTIC VIOLENCE LIAISONCIRCULO DE LA HISPANIDAD, INC.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROGRAMAttempts to modify the batterer's behavior through probation supervision, education, and specialized group sessions. Criteria is violation of an Order of Protection, or history of domestic violence against an intimate partner. An exclusion is untreated mental illness.SuffolkDOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROGRAMSUFFOLK COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL COURT DIVISION
HEART AND SOUL WOMENProvides weekly group and family counseling, monthly classes, information and referral, evaluation/intakes, medical/psychological evaluations, divorce mediation and legal counseling to women experiencing mental health, substance abuse, battering or oppression issues.Call for information. Appointment required. Emergency walk-ins only.SuffolkHEART AND SOUL WOMENHEART AND SOUL COMMUNITY COUNSELING, INC.
MENTAL HEALTH CLINICProvides comprehensive therapeutic services for children, adults, families and couples throughout Nassau County. Issues addressed include abuse, adjustment to changes, anxiety, depression, chronic psychiatric conditions, relationship issues and trauma. Appointment required.NassauMENTAL HEALTH CLINICEPIC LONG ISLAND
NATIONAL COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCEProvides general information on domestic violence and referrals to local assistance. For Public Policy information: 2000 M Street, NW, Ste 480, Washington, DC. Phone: (202)467-8714.NATIONAL COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCENATIONAL COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
NON RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMProvides services for victims of domestic violence including 24 hour crisis intervention hotline, family and criminal court advocacy and accompaniment, support groups, employment services, Bi-Lingual/Bi-Cultural Staff, counseling, educational presentations, training for professionals and Speakers Bureau. Staff attorney available to assist clients with Family Court. Precinct Advocacy services provided in all seven SCPD precincts. Call to schedule an appointment.SuffolkNON RESIDENTIAL PROGRAML.I. AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, INC.
NON-RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMProvides counseling, support groups, parenting groups and referrals to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and victims of domestic violence who are incarcerated. Offers transportation and bilingual court advocacy to help victims access legal options. Special group counseling services for children who are victims/witnesses of domestic violence.SuffolkNON-RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMBRIGHTER TOMORROWS
RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMProvides emergency shelter in a undisclosed location for victims of domestic violence. Can accommodate women and children in need of immediate placement in a safe environment for 90 days. All services are confidential. Offers crisis intervention, case management, counseling for adult, individual and group, child witness to victim of domestic violence program, social services, court advocacy, employment referrals, health and wellness workshops and daily living skills workshop.SuffolkRESIDENTIAL PROGRAMBRIGHTER TOMORROWS
RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM-SAFE HARBORProvides emergency shelter to victims of domestic violence. Also provides individual and group counseling, parenting skills workshops, employment services, legal and housing and social services advocacy. Additional services available upon need.SuffolkRESIDENTIAL PROGRAM-SAFE HARBORL.I. AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, INC.
SEPA MUJERProvides free legal services and referrals to latina women in abusive relationships. Also offers a workshop, the first for latina women, is a free six-week course (in Spanish) on leadership and basic legal rights training. Topics include domestic violence, access to medical care and education, and legal rights as workers, parents and spouses. Legal services available to Suffolk County residents. All other services open to Long Island residents. Call for further information.SuffolkSEPA MUJERSEPA MUJER
SHARPProvides group educational sessions for men who are hurtful, controlling, abusive, and/or violent in relationships. SHARP consists of 32 class sessions, which include a six session assessment. Classes include educational discussions and individual activities that create opportunities for change toward respectful and healthy behavior, and work to end hurtful, abusive and violent behavior. Appointment Required.Classes offered in Riverhead and Hauppauge locations. Day and evening classes available.Call for details.SuffolkSHARPTHE RETREAT, INC.
SUPPORT GROUPSOffers support groups that combine education about abuse with support toward ending feelings of isolation and building a better sense of self. Services offered in East Hampton and Riverhead.SuffolkSUPPORT GROUPSTHE RETREAT, INC.
THE RETREAT SHELTEROperates an 18-bed shelter to provide emergency housing for Adults and their children who are victims of domestic violence, or sexual assault. Residents participate in individual and group counseling, skills training and parenting education programs. Residents are also provided legal advocacy and assistance in obtaining any public assistance or entitlements.SuffolkTHE RETREAT SHELTERTHE RETREAT, INC.
TRANSITIONAL PROGRAMProvides a housing program for women and children who are victims of domestic violence and another site for single adult victims of human trafficking, and/or victims of domestic violence who were formerly incarcerated. Ongoing services are provided by the agency while women work toward obtaining a GED if necessary, higher education, vocational training, and procuring permanent employment and housing.SuffolkTRANSITIONAL PROGRAMBRIGHTER TOMORROWS

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