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Programs that utilize a wide variety of materials including pamphlets and other literature, media presentations, speakers, workshops, directories, newsletters and outreach and prevention programs to make the public aware of the human service needs of the community, the resources that are available to meet those needs, and the issues which are relevant to specific social problems and the measures that have been proposed for their solution.

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ADVOCACY AND COMMUNITY ORGANIZINGAssists Hispanic immigrants whose education, immigration or civil rights have been violated. Organizes meetings with the community to inform and advise members regarding their rights. Coordinates efforts with organizations that work in defense of rights. Call for further information.NassauADVOCACY AND COMMUNITY ORGANIZINGCENTRO SALVADORENO, INC.
ANIMAL PROTECTION DIVISIONSeeks to end animal cruelty and suffering by tackling issues for all animals' well-being. Pet overpopulation is a main thrust of American Humane Association's work. Assists animal shelters across the nation, rescues animals during natural disasters, provides humane education, protects animals in film and addresses legislative issues in Washington, DC.ANIMAL PROTECTION DIVISIONAMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION
ANIMAL SHELTER SERVICESEnforces animal control measures needed to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Islip residents and, wherever possible, to promote animal welfare. The shelter houses stray and abandoned animals and makes every effort to have as many of those animals adopted as is possible.DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLTOWN OF ISLIP
ARTHROPOD-BORNE DISEASE LABORATORYConducts surveillance of West Nile, Eastern Equine and Encephalitis Viruses and other mosquito born viruses. Monitors data of infection rates and mosquito populations throughout Suffolk County. Works with Vector Control in regard to mosquito control and viral response issues.SuffolkARTHROPOD-BORNE DISEASE LABORATORYSUFFOLK COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES-DIVISION OF PUBLIC HEALTH
AXYSProvides mutual support group, educational materials and programs, newsletters, and e-mail support lists in addition to website based information for individuals affected by sex chromosome aneuploidy (extra X or Y chromosome). Also provides telephone support for parents with prenatal diagnosis of Klinefelter Syndrome.AXYSAXYS
BEREAVEMENT GROUPSOffers a bereavement group for persons who have lost a loved one. Led by a certified professional grief therapist. Bereavement services may include weekly individual and group counseling sessions, special groups sessions for children. Training for grief and bereavement therapy for counselors, educators, therapists and other health care professionals. Bereavement care programs are offered to church groups, schools and civic organizations. Call for support group times and dates and further information.SuffolkBEREAVEMENT GROUPSEAST END HOSPICE, INC.
BRENTWOOD SENIOR CITIZEN CENTEROffers social and educational programs including dances, arts and crafts instruction, painting classes, needle craft classes, games, parties, guest speakers and local field trips.SENIOR CITIZENS SERVICESTOWN OF ISLIP
BUREAU OF PREVENTIVE SERVICESMaintains surveillance of tick and vector borne diseases, such as Rabies, West Nile Virus and other arboviruses, Hantavirus, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis and arthropod-borne meningitis Encephalitis. Provides medical information and follow up when appropriate.SuffolkBUREAU OF PREVENTIVE SERVICESSUFFOLK COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES-DIVISION OF PUBLIC HEALTH
CAREGIVER RESOURCE CENTERServes the varied needs of persons who care for the frail elderly at home by providing a centralized location for printed materials and resource information. Call for more information.NassauCAREGIVER RESOURCE CENTERNASSAU COUNTY OFFICE FOR THE AGING
CHILD FIND PUBLIC INFORMATIONOffers safety materials for children and preventive counseling through A-WAY-OUT services. Also promotes awareness and prevention information about Child Find's safety program and services, and sponsors National Missing Children Day, May 25th. Also offers referral services when needed.CHILD FIND PUBLIC INFORMATIONCHILD FIND OF AMERICA, INC.
COLETTE COYNE MELANOMA MEMORIAL FOUNDATIONSeeks to educate and create awareness of the dangers of unprotected sun exposure and the early signs of skin cancer, particularly Melanoma. Speakers Bureau presents to middle and high schools, PTA's, youth groups, school nurse, and Teachers Association and various community organizations and corporate entities such as Lunch and Learn. Publishes a yearly newsletter, agency brochure, calendar of events and educational material. Strives to establish STOP in all school districts on Long Island (Students Teaching Others Prevention). Partnered with the EPA to implement their Sunwise program designed for grades K-8. Annual walk held in May, which is Melanoma Awareness Month. Call for further information or to schedule a speaker.NassauCOLETTE COYNE MELANOMA MEMORIAL FOUNDATIONCOLETTE COYNE MELANOMA AWARENESS CAMPAIGN
COMMUNITY EDUCATIONCommunity educators are available to speak with middle and high school students on topics of adolescent suicide and depression, transphobia, homophobia prevention, anger management, cyberbullying, self injury and a Long Island Crisis Center overview. Suicide, homophobia prevention and transphobia creating safer schools, eating disorders and self-injury workshops, are available to professional audiences. Appointment is required. Call for more information.NassauCOMMUNITY EDUCATIONLONG ISLAND CRISIS CENTER
COMMUNITY EDUCATION AND OUTREACHProvides education and prevention programs on domestic violence and sexual assault issues for schools and community groups.SuffolkCOMMUNITY EDUCATION AND OUTREACHTHE RETREAT, INC.
COMMUNITY EDUCATION AND SPEAKERS BUREAUProvides speakers to elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, colleges, community groups and also provides professional training on a variety of subjects such as date rape, teen violence, child sexual assault, domestic violence and elder abuse.SuffolkCOMMUNITY EDUCATION AND SPEAKERS BUREAUVICTIMS INFORMATION BUREAU OF SUFFOLK
COMMUNITY EDUCATION AND SUPPORT GROUPSOffers a variety of educational programs, health screenings, and self-help/support groups. Offerings change frequently. Call for current schedule or visit Community Event Calendar on website.NassauCOMMUNITY EDUCATION AND SUPPORT GROUPSLONG ISLAND JEWISH MEDICAL CENTER
COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAMProvides workshops and seminars on Adolescent Suicide Prevention, Stress Reduction and Crisis Intervention at schools for parents, students and teachers for service groups and community organizations throughout Suffolk County. Staff consists of Masters level psychiatric social workers and professionally trained community educators. Also provides therapist referrals and a referral service. Call.COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAMRESPONSE OF SUFFOLK COUNTY, INC.
COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAMProvides a community education at the Human Resources Center on issues pertaining to Seniors, medical and legal issues of long term care, and information on health insurance organizations. Topics are requested by the caregivers and seniors of Southold Town.SuffolkSENIOR SERVICESTOWN OF SOUTHOLD
COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAMSThe Community Education Department helps the professional community be more effective in working with clients of all ages who are victims of rape and sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and child abuse and neglect. The staff is available to perform onsite trainings for mental health practitioners, substance abuse counselors, youth workers, educators, health practitioners, and those whose work may intersect the victims of family violence and rape and sexual assault. Seminars on mandated reporting of child abuse include: how to work with domestic violence victims; general and advanced overviews of trauma; prevention of dating abuse and sexual assault for middle, high school and college students; and elder abuse. Works with community members and parents on issues such as preventing sexual abuse of children, preventing dating abuse, and to prevent and respond to domestic abuse and rape and sexual assault.NassauCOMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAMSTHE SAFE CENTER LI
COMMUNITY EDUCATION SERVICESFree educational programs are available for schools, nursing homes, health care agencies, social clubs and any other organization that would like to be educated on the topic of epilepsy, seizure awareness, and first aid. Free seminars on a variety of epilepsy related subjects are conducted on a monthly basis for individuals with epilepsy and their family members, caretakers and social workers or any other interested parties. Training hours are available for Medicaid Service Coordinators and CEUs for Nurses. Information and referral services are available to individuals with epilepsy.NassauCOMMUNITY EDUCATION SERVICESEPIC LONG ISLAND
COMMUNITY EDUCATION SERVICESOffers educational services to in-patients and outpatients, secondary schools and colleges, professional organizations, medical facilities, and the community at large, including religious organizations. Individual help with school reports can be obtained by scheduling an appointment with the staff Health Educator. Offers staff training in reproductive health issues. Programs are designed to meet the needs of the requesting group. Speakers are provided by the Nassau University Medical Center and other Family Planning Groups. Call for more information.NassauCOMMUNITY EDUCATION SERVICESNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
COMMUNITY INITIATIVE PROGRAMProvides diabetes education and awareness, literature, and speakers for community-based organizations, churches and clubs in minority population communities. Provides material for health fairs. Serves population of at-risk adults of African-American, Latino, or Native American ancestry.SuffolkCOMMUNITY INITIATIVE PROGRAMAMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION-LONG ISLAND AREA
COMMUNITY NUTRITION PROGRAMNutrition education for groups: teachers, staff, agencies, parents, seniors, schools. Topics include: healthy food choices, healthy snacks, obesity prevention, food safety. Classes offered in English and Spanish. Call for details and schedule availabilities.NassauCOMMUNITY NUTRITION PROGRAMCORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION OF NASSAU COUNTY
COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAMS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAMSOffers various programs designed to educate and increase public awareness on the acceptance of children and adults with disabilities. Programs include: Speakers Resource Center, UCPN Repertory Company, Kids on the Block, and Head Injury. Brochures available, call for information. Offers publications including Center Square, the agency newsletter, the Annual Report and brochures describing a wide range of disabilities, including cerebral palsy. The Library of instructional videotapes on such subjects as evaluating consumers for communication devices and feeding, dressing and first aid techniques related to persons with disabilities is available. The Speaders Bureau provides speakers familiar with a wide range of special needs and services for adults and children with disabilitiesNassauCOMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAMS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAMSCP NASSAU
COMMUNITY RELATIONSFunctions to foster positive relationship with the community and to provide constructive services. Conducts Youth Enlightenment Seminar (Y.E.S. Program) in which students visit the correctional facility for a first hand, realistic view of the result of drug use and criminal behavior. Makes public information presentations at various outside locations. Conducts elementary school programs and an internship program for high school and college students.SuffolkCOMMUNITY RELATIONSSUFFOLK COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE
COOLEY'S ANEMIA FOUNDATION-SUFFOLK CHAPTERProvides patient services helps Cooley's Anemia families keep in touch with each other raises funds to support research to improve treatment facilities and encourage blood testing, and provides counseling and screening programs. Newsletter, brochure, calendar of events, educational material and video are available.SuffolkCOOLEY'S ANEMIA FOUNDATION-SUFFOLK CHAPTERCOOLEY'S ANEMIA FOUNDATION-SUFFOLK CHAPTER
CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMGives self-risk quiz for diabetes and conducts a one hour public education information lecture to employees of business or corporation requesting program. Provides corporation's health office with materials. Program conducted at work place.SuffolkCORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMAMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION-LONG ISLAND AREA
CREATIVE RESPONSE TO CONFLICT INC.Conducts a variety of workshops for people of all ages. School-based workshops include staff development workshops, in-classroom workshop, bias awareness, bullying, problem solving, and a three-day peer mediation training workshop for students. Community-based workshops are conducted for community, organizations, hospitals, and religious organizations that work with children and young adults. Conflict Resolution for Facilitators Workshop provides participants with conflict resolution training skills. Nurturing Inclusive Community Environment (NICE) is an emotional support program designed to end school violence and encourage academic success in a safe, peaceful learning environment. The CRC Elder Concerns gives support in the decision making process regarding health concerns and the transition to assisted living or nursing homes. Other services are also available, such as in-service course credits, mediation services, response to bullying workshops, a leadership and social justice day camp, LGBTQQ workshops, and a re-entry support program for formerly incarcerated parents and their children.CREATIVE RESPONSE TO CONFLICT INC.CREATIVE RESPONSE TO CONFLICT INC.
DELTA SIGMA THETA SOCIETYProvides assistance and support through programs in local communities throughout the world. Programs focus on Economic Development, Educational Development, International Awareness and Involvement, Physical and Mental Health and Political Awareness and Involvement. Call or visit website for local chapters.DELTA SIGMA THETA SOCIETYDELTA SIGMA THETA SOCIETY
DEMATTEIS CENTER FOR CARDIAC RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONOffers a wide range of fitness, preventive and wellness programs, as well as health screenings and educational programs. Programs include: screening programs, community education programs, fitness programs, cardiac education courses, cardiac emergency skills, cardiac nutrition courses, and cardiac support groups. Call for more information and catalog of course offerings.NassauDEMATTEIS CENTER FOR CARDIAC RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL-THE HEART CENTER
DIABETES EDUCATION PROGRAMProvides diabetes education for individuals and their families in Suffolk County Health Centers and in the community. Classes are offered at various locations throughout the county, during day and evening, to promote self-management of diabetes and weight management in efforts to prevent or delay the complications associated with diabetes.SuffolkDIABETES EDUCATION PROGRAMCORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION OF SUFFOLK COUNTY
DOLAN DNA LEARNING CENTERScience center devoted entirely to genetics education and operates center for molecular genetic research. Offers field trips, student summer day camps, education workshops, teacher training and fellowships, school district membership programs and opportunities for public education.SuffolkDOLAN DNA LEARNING CENTERCOLD SPRING HARBOR LABORATORY
EATING DISORDER PROGRAMS AND SUPPORT GROUPSProvides effective treatment for eating disordered patients and their families, and specialized training for professionals who treat them. Aims to educate the community about eating disorders, and to provide information and outreach services. Also provides a support group for Friends and Family of those dealing with an eating disorder so they can share experiences, and learn from one another in a supportive environment. The group meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6pm-7pm. Call or check website for more information.EATING DISORDER PROGRAMS AND SUPPORT GROUPSCENTER FOR THE STUDY OF ANOREXIA AND BULIMIA
EDUCATIONAL INFORMATIONProvides educational literature on Tay-Sachs and other allied diseases due to inborn errors of metabolism, such as Canavan Disease, Gaucher Disease, Niemnan-Pick, Sandhoff Disease, Jewish Genetic Diseases and other allied diseases.EDUCATIONAL INFORMATIONNATIONAL TAY-SACHS AND ALLIED DISEASES ASSOCIATION/NEW YORK AREA CHAPTER
EDUCATION AWARENESS AND OUTREACH PROGRAMSOffers educational awareness programs to civic organizations, schools, mental health agencies and institutions concerning the epidemic of domestic violence, women's reentry, human trafficking, and teen dating awareness.SuffolkEDUCATION AWARENESS AND OUTREACH PROGRAMSBRIGHTER TOMORROWS
EDUCATION PROGRAMProvides training and educational workshops to professional and civic organizations, as well as youth ranging from elementary to high school aged students. Topics of discussion include domestic violence 101, warning signs, how to help and available agency services.SuffolkEDUCATION PROGRAML.I. AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, INC.
EDUCATION/SEMINARSEducators provide specially tailored trainings in schools, small businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Issues discussed include: racism, Anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination including sexual harassment, bullying and cyber bullying. Call for more information.SuffolkEDUCATION/SEMINARSBIASHELP A DIVISION OF LINCS
EDUCATION SERVICESProvides various in-school programs. Speakers available for high school presentations.SuffolkEDUCATION SERVICESMOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING, LONG ISLAND CHAPTER
EDUCATION & TRAININGProvides education and training to professionals through conferences, workshops and on-site presentations. Manages internship and volunteer placements. provides community education about community-based resources and mental health issues including the improv theater group, "The Players".NassauEDUCATION & TRAININGMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF NASSAU COUNTY, INC.
ETHICAL CULTURE SOCIETY OF SUFFOLKNon religious Religion - Believe Everyone has Value. Meetings are held September thru May 1st and 3rd Sunday a month at 10:30am.SuffolkETHICAL CULTURE SOCIETY OF SUFFOLKETHICAL CULTURE SOCIETY OF SUFFOLK
ETHICAL HUMANIST SOCIETY OF LONG ISLANDPromotes ethical humanistic beliefs and values to improve the human condition through programs, workshops, events and education. Call for more information.NassauETHICAL HUMANIST SOCIETY OF LONG ISLANDETHICAL HUMANIST SOCIETY OF LONG ISLAND
FAMILY AND COMMUNITY SERVICESProvides information and referral, networking and advocacy regarding head injury to ensure access to all medical, residential, vocational and social systems, case management, support groups for survivors, family members and spouses/significant others in two locations, and public and professional awareness through educational in-service programs, publications, legislative advocacy and lobbying.SuffolkFAMILY AND COMMUNITY SERVICESHEAD INJURY ASSOCIATION, INC.
GENETIC ALLIANCE, INC.Provides support to individuals with genetic conditions and their families, educates the public and advocates for consumer-informed public policies.GENETIC ALLIANCE, INC.GENETIC ALLIANCE, INC.
GLUTEN INTOLERANCE GROUP OF LONG ISLANDProvides education and support to persons suffering with gluten intolerances, celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis and gluten sensitivities. Also supports doctor education, medical research and community awareness to make a gluten free diet easier to follow and help Celiacs to live healthy lives. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month (except Jan, Feb, Jul & Aug) at 7:30pm, at Hibernian Hall, 27 Locust Avenue, Babylon, NY 11702. Call for more information.NassauGLUTEN INTOLERANCE GROUP OF LONG ISLANDGLUTEN INTOLERANCE GROUP OF LONG ISLAND
GOLDEN HEARTS GREAT SOUTH BAY CHAPTERA volunteer movement to promote awareness within communities of the benefits of heart and lung surgical and medical procedures offered at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, N.J. Newsletter, Educational Material, Agency Brochure.SuffolkGOLDEN HEARTS GREAT SOUTH BAY CHAPTERDEBORAH HOSPITAL FOUNDATION
GRASSROOTS ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATIONProvides public education regarding the links between common environmental exposures and human health. Creates informational projects including developing and distributing printed materials in-school learning programs, organization of public meetings, and maintenance of an educational web site. Grassroots Healthy Lawn Program teaches natural lawn care for professionals and homeowners. The Child Safe School program provides individuals, school staff, and education professionals with information and resources promoting the use of green cleaning products in schools. Call or visit website for more information.NassauGRASSROOTS ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATIONGRASSROOTS ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION
HEALTH EDUCATION AND TRAINING SERVICESProvides education to elementary through high school students via classroom presentation and assembly programs. Offers teacher in-service programs as well as general info to the public via health fairs, and literature distributions. Hosts local and state conferences, provides resources, workshops/trainings, organizes activities and produces a newsletter. Call for more information.NassauHEALTH EDUCATION AND TRAINING SERVICESNASSAU COUNTY OFFICE OF MENTAL HEALTH, CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES SERVICES
HEALTH UPDATE FOR SENIORS AND THEIR FAMILIESOffers specialized primary care and geriatric consultative services to individuals 65 years and older with complex health problems and chronic medical conditions as well as to those who enjoy good health. Provides information about community programs for the elderly such as senior day care and free transportation to medical appointments, as well as medical evaluations for community-based resources. Also host support groups for adult children and spouses who serve as caregivers. For further information please call (516)663-2234.NassauHEALTH UPDATE FOR SENIORS AND THEIR FAMILIESWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
HIV/AIDS/ (-) TARGETED PREVENTION AND SUPPORT SERVICESProvides information on HIV/AIDS and its prevention to community members, schools, and professionals through workshops and individual conferences. Makes referrals to appropriate agencies, and provides training through a faith-based initiative.SuffolkHIV/AIDS/HIV (-) TARGETED PREVENTION AND SUPPORT SERVICESECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY COUNCIL (EOC) OF SUFFOLK, INC.
HIV TREATMENT INFOLINEProvides HIV treatment and care information, free of charge, to people living with HIV, their providers and support networks. Staffed by highly trained volunteers to answer questions about living healthfully with HIV. The InfoLine is a call-back service only. Messages must be left and will be returned.HIV TREATMENT INFOLINEPROJECT INFORM
INFORMATION AND EDUCATION PROGRAMSOffers information and education programs for people with lupus, health care professionals and the public. Provides patient advocacy, an up-to-date lending library of books,videos and articles regarding Lupus and its complications, a referral list of physicians specializing in lupus, a quarterly local newsletter, a national newsletter, Spanish speaking outreach and a speakers bureau.NassauINFORMATION AND EDUCATION PROGRAMSLUPUS ALLIANCE OF AMERICA-LONG ISLAND/QUEENS AFFILIATE
INTERNSHIPS/VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIESProvides unpaid internship and volunteer opportunities to promote awareness and understanding on mental health issues. Volunteer opportunities available in programs including: Education and Training, Home Health Care Coordination, PROS, Financial Management, Compliance and Quality Improvement, Residential Services for Developmentally Disabled Individuals, Adult Residential Services, Children's Services, Vet 2 Vet, and Consumer Link.NassauINTERNSHIPS/VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIESMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF NASSAU COUNTY, INC.
JOYCE FITZPATRICK SENIOR CENTEROffers social and educational programs, dancing, arts and crafts instruction, exercise, parties and guest speakers.SuffolkSENIOR CITIZENS SERVICESTOWN OF ISLIP
KEEP ISLIP CLEANProvides anti-litter education programs in Islip as well as materials and equipment to effect hands-on clean-up and beautification.Also offers Adopt-A-Highway/Adopt-A-Spot program, Junior Commissioner and KIC Curriculum educational programs, Clean Teams, Earth Day events, Beautification projects, Anti-Graffiti campaign and a Commendation Letter Program.SuffolkKEEP ISLIP CLEANTOWN OF ISLIP
LESBIAN HERSTORY ARCHIVESOffers an information and cultural center concerning Lesbian culture and history, and speakers' bureau to the community at large. Research may be done through mail or fax.LESBIAN HERSTORY ARCHIVESLESBIAN HERSTORY ARCHIVES
LONG ISLAND LIGHTNING JUNIOR WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL TEAMOffers physically challenged participants a competitive co-ed wheelchair basketball travel team experience that seeks to provide physical conditioning, sportsmanship, teamwork, and the knowledge that the players hard work will equal their own success. Provides exposure to collegiate wheelchair programs and stresses that a college education leads to gainful employment. Seeks to create the competitive spirit in its players that will serve them both on the court and throughout their lives. Call for further information.NassauLONG ISLAND LIGHTNING JUNIOR WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL TEAMGREATER LONG ISLAND WHEELCHAIR ATHLETIC CLUB, INC.
LONG ISLAND RESIDENT POSTA federal public health regulatory agency responsible for the safety and wholesomeness of foods, and the safety and effectiveness of drugs and medical devices. Also has responsibility over cosmetics, animal foods and drugs and electronic products which emit radiation. Provides a speakers bureau including topics on related public health issues including food safety, food labeling, medical product safety, etc. Provides a location directory and educational material. An operative division of the Department of Health and Human Services.SuffolkLONG ISLAND RESIDENT POSTUNITED STATES FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION
MUSICAL PERFORMANCES AND PRESENTATIONSOffers musical performances and programs including concerts, handicap awareness programs and music workshops and seminars.SuffolkMUSICAL PERFORMANCES AND PRESENTATIONSCOALITION FOR DISABLED MUSICIANS, INC.
NASSAU APPLIED TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE CENTEROffers technical assistance and assistive technology services to consumers requiring rehabilitation technology including consultants to other agencies and school districts, on-site computer evaluations/training and referral, equipment modification, product demonstration center, repair/maintenance, funding asistance, public education.NassauNASSAU APPLIED TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE CENTERCP NASSAU
NASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHPromotes and protects the health of all who live, work and play in Nassau County. This is accomplished through direct services and community partnerships in the following areas: development and maintenance of individual and community preparedness for public health hazards and events; investigation, prevention and control of communicable diseases; prevention of environmental health hazards through assessment, regulation, and remediation; promotion of healthy lifestyles through outreach and education; provision for evaluation and services to individuals, children, and families that have developmental delays and concerns.NassauNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH
NASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH-DIVISION OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASE CONTROLProtects the public from the spread of communicable diseases through education, surveillance, investigation, and intervention. Also maintains a 24 hour public health consultation service for reporting of notifiable diseases.NassauNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH-DIVISION OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASE CONTROLNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH-DIVISION OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASE CONTROL
NASSAU COUNTY FIREFIGHTERS BURN CENTER FOUNDATIONSubsidizes the Burn Center at Nassau County Medical Center by purchasing equipment when the county is unable to absorb the cost. Covers the cost of sending doctors and nurses to burn treatment seminars. Raises funds to supplement the cost of renovations to the burn center over and above what the county will fund. Provides Fire Prevention Awareness programs to residents of Nassau County.NassauNASSAU COUNTY FIREFIGHTERS BURN CENTER FOUNDATIONNASSAU COUNTY FIREFIGHTERS BURN CENTER FOUNDATION
NATIONAL CENTER FOR LEARNING DISABILITIESProvides essential information to parents, professionals and individuals with learning disabilities, promotes research and programs to foster effective learning, and advocates for policies to protect and strengthen educational rights and opportunities.NATIONAL CENTER FOR LEARNING DISABILITIESNATIONAL CENTER FOR LEARNING DISABILITIES
NATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDRENProvides national efforts to locate and recover missing children and raises public awareness about ways to prevent child abduction, molestation, and sexual exploitation as well as offering child safety information and literature on various topics. Also provides advocacy, prevention programs, family support, and an on line location for reporting internet child pornography (the Cyber Tip Line).NATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDRENNATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDREN
NEW CONSTRUCTION PROGRAMInspects and approves commercial, residential and industrial waste disposal systems septic tanks, cesspools, depurification,sewer systems, sewer plants. Approval required for certificate of occupancy. Data kept by township, parcel, lot, building boundaries, variances etc.SuffolkNEW CONSTRUCTION PROGRAMSUFFOLK COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES-DIVISION OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY
NEW YORK COURTS COMMUNITY OUTREACH INITIATIVEProvides a series of programs designed to enhance the public's knowledge of and confidence in the New York Court System. Outreach services are provided to foster partnerships between the courts and local governments, community and civic groups, schools and the legal profession. Programs and events include: Court Tours and Speakers Bureau, Justice for Seniors, Media seminars, Domestic Violence Awareness, Careers Day, NYS Fair, Court Open House Day, Juror Appreciation Week, and National Jury Summit. Services include classroom visits, educational videos, court user brochures and mentoring. Representatives go into schools to provide workshops on topics such as drug court, careers, court jurisdiction and structure. Initiatives to continue beyond 2000 include tours of facilities, mentoring programs and workshops.SuffolkNEW YORK COURTS COMMUNITY OUTREACH INITIATIVENEW YORK STATE SUPREME COURT-CENTRAL ISLIP
NEW YORKERS AGAINST GUN VIOLENCECommitted to educating Americans on the public health and safety issues of gun violence, including the regulation of manufacturing, distributing, selling, possession and use of firearms. Sensible Gun Legislation Day. Holds Education Fund displays on the issues of gun violence, debates, issues on radio and television, and provides a speakers bureau.NEW YORKERS AGAINST GUN VIOLENCENEW YORKERS AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE
NEW YORK STATE PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATIONAn affiliate of the American Public Health Association. Promotes health and illness prevention at a state and local level and assists organized efforts which promote better health. Works to influence policies at both federal and state levels. Offers an annual health-related conference and acts as a clearinghouse to affiliates. Call for more information.NassauNEW YORK STATE PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATIONNEW YORK STATE PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION
NEW YORK STATE SAFETY PROGRAMProvides education to parents on passenger safety issues and seat belts. Staff are trained Traffic Safety Educators and go to High Schools to talk to new drivers about Road Safety and Drunk Driving. Sponsored by the New York State Governor's Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC). Call for further information.NassauNEW YORK STATE SAFETY PROGRAMNASSAU COUNTY TRAFFIC SAFETY BOARD
NORTHEAST REGIONAL OFFICE AND NEW YORK DISTRICT OFFICEA federal public health regulatory agency responsible for the safety and wholesomeness of foods, and the safety and effectiveness of drugs and medical devices. Also has responsibility over cosmetics, animal foods and drugs and electronic products which emit radiation. Provides a speakers bureau including topics on related public health issues including food safety, food labeling, medical product safety, etc. Provides a location directory and educational material. An operative division of the Department of Health and Human Services.NORTHEAST REGIONAL OFFICE AND NEW YORK DISTRICT OFFICEUNITED STATES FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION
OAKDALE SENIOR CITIZEN CENTEROffers social and educational programs including dances, arts and crafts instruction, games, parties and guest speakers.SuffolkSENIOR CITIZENS SERVICESTOWN OF ISLIP
OFFICE OF THE SUPERVISOR-DIVISION OF PUBLIC INFORMATIONDisseminates information to Brookhaven on Town government including legislation, special events and activities. Directs residents to the appropriate agencies for assistance. Provides media with town information on events and legislation.SuffolkOFFICE OF THE SUPERVISOR-DIVISION OF PERSONNELTOWN OF BROOKHAVEN
PATIENT AND COMMUNITY SERVICESProvides flu inoculations, camp programs, education and community resources. Assists with the repair and modifications of equipment.NassauPATIENT AND COMMUNITY SERVICESMUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ASSOCIATION/NASSAU COUNTY
PATIENT SERVICES-GLEN COVEProvides low cost, high quality health care, with primary focus on prevention. Services in health center include gynecological exams, birth control, medication abortion up to 9 weeks, pregnancy testing, screening for breast and cervical cancer, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections for men and women, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing for both men and women, infertility workup, emergency contraception, HPV vaccines, LGBT services and men's health services. A Social Worker is onsite. Title X Family Planning Programs (FPEP and FPBP) are available. Counseling is an integral part of Planned Parenthood of Nassau County's patient care.NassauPATIENT SERVICES-GLEN COVEPLANNED PARENTHOOD OF NASSAU COUNTY, INC.
PATIENT SERVICES-HEMPSTEADProvides low cost, high quality health care, with primary focus on prevention. Services in health center include gynecological exams, birth control, pregnancy testing, screening for breast and cervical cancer, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections for both men and women, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing for both men and women, prenatal care, first trimester surgical and medical abortion, infertility workup, emergency contraception, HPV vaccines, LGBT services, and men;s health services. A Social Worker is onsite. PCAP and Title X Family Planning Programs (FPEP and FPBP) are available. Counseling is an integral part of Planned Parenthood of Nassau County's patient care.NassauPATIENT SERVICES-HEMPSTEADPLANNED PARENTHOOD OF NASSAU COUNTY, INC.
PATIENT SERVICES-MASSAPEQUAProvides low cost, high quality health care, with primary focus on prevention. Services in health care include gynecological exams, birth control, pregnancy testing, screening for breast and cervical cancer, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections for men and women, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing for both men and women, infertility workup, medication abortion up to 9 weeks, emergency contraception, HPV vaccines, LGBT services, men's health services. A Social Worker is onsite. Title X Family Planning Programs (FPEP and FPBP) are available. Counseling is an integral part of Planned Parenthood of Nassau County's patient care.NassauPATIENT SERVICES-MASSAPEQUAPLANNED PARENTHOOD OF NASSAU COUNTY, INC.
PERSONAL COUNSELING SERVICES, NON-PSYCHIATRICProvides non-psychiatric, short term goal oriented counseling, free of charge,to persons with disabilities and/or close family and friends. Individuals with disabilities focus on strengths as they develop their own goals and plans for living as independently as possible in the community, and learn to take steps to achieve them. Family and friends can learn about disabilities, and address related concerns.SuffolkPERSONAL COUNSELING SERVICES, NON-PSYCHIATRICSUFFOLK INDEPENDENT LIVING ORGANIZATION (SILO)
PERSPECTIVES IN HEALTHProvides free community education programs. Meetings held at the Mineola Community Center, 155 Washington Blvd., Mineola. For further information please call (516)663-2234.NassauPERSPECTIVES IN HEALTHWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
PREVENTION IS THE CURESeeks to focus on the disease rather than ways of coping with it once diagnosed by: increasing public awareness of environmental links to the disease; gaining support for the precautionary principles as it applies to public policy; urging the public to demand more funding for environmental health research; and encouraging a better attitude toward personal lifestyle.SuffolkPREVENTION IS THE CUREHUNTINGTON BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING PROGRAMProvides education and training to professionals through conferences, workshops, and on-site trainings. Provides community education including a theater group, to help combat mental illness discrimination. A media resource center, a media showcase for program planners, and a mental health library is available. Offers a school/mental health partnership program, designed to bring a mental health dimension to the school community sponsored workshops for school faculty and parents, and on-site consultations link a school district with a child psychiatrist. All professional training was sponsored under contract to the Nassau County Department of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency and Developmental Disabilities.NassauPROFESSIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING PROGRAMMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF NASSAU COUNTY, INC.
PROJECT ALSAn advocacy group that raises public awareness and funds for effective treatments and a cure for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Direct monies raised to ALS researchers worldwide.PROJECT ALSPROJECT ALS
PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATIONProvides current information on leukemia and related diseases to the general public. Alerts public to disease danger, treatment and therapy through literature, posters, films and other audio-visual materials, speaking engagements, seminars and educational programs, news and feature releases and public service advertising in all media.SuffolkPUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATIONTHE LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA SOCIETY LONG ISLAND CHAPTER
PUBLIC INFORMATIONPublishes numerous directories, brochures, and booklets on subjects of interest to senior citizens, including a comprehensive Directory of Services, Caregivers Practical Help, A Guide to Long Term Care Services, and more. Coordinates speaker's bureau. Call for further information and/or published material.NassauPUBLIC INFORMATIONNASSAU COUNTY OFFICE FOR THE AGING
PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICEPlans and implements all public information programs prepares and distributes media releases, informational reports, brochures and pamphlets relating to governing the town.SuffolkPUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICETOWN OF BABYLON
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTSWALK radio reaches all age groups in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.SuffolkPUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTSWALK RADIO FM 97.5 AM 1370
RIVERHEAD LOCATIONProvides information and referral, assessment, meeting information and educational materials. Also provides intervention.SuffolkRIVERHEAD LOCATIONLONG ISLAND COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG DEPENDENCE, INC./SUFFOLK
RONKONKOMA SENIOR CITIZEN CENTEROffers social and educational programs including dances, arts and crafts instruction, games, parties and guest speakers.SuffolkSENIOR CITIZENS SERVICESTOWN OF ISLIP
SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAM AND EVENTSPromotes youth leadership and participation in fundraising events that are mutually beneficial to both patients and students in the metropolitan area. Program is facilitated by Retired Educators and provides volunteer opportunities to very young children through college years. Call for further information.NassauSCHOOL AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAM AND EVENTSCHILDREN'S MEDICAL FUND OF NEW YORK
SCHUYLER CENTER FOR ANALYSIS AND ADVOCACYActs as a policy analysis and advocacy organization for shaping public policies affecting human services throughout New York State. Supports income maintenance, employment, health and nutrition, mental health care, and social services for families, children and the elderly. Informs New York State health and human service organizations on federal, state and regional public policy and legislative issues that affect the agencies and/or their clients.SCHUYLER CENTER FOR ANALYSIS AND ADVOCACYSCHUYLER CENTER FOR ANALYSIS AND ADVOCACY
SISTERS UNITED IN HEALTHProvides breast health and breast cancer education. Offers bilingual workshops, attends community events, and provides outreach throughout Long Island. Also offers referrals to free/low cost mammograms for women who are uninsured and/or undocumented.NassauSISTERS UNITED IN HEALTHSISTERS UNITED IN HEALTH
SMART WHEELSMobile medical and education center provides HIV testing and counseling, pregnancy testing and counseling, emergency contraception, and birth control pills with a deferred pelvic examination. Provides a wide range of information on vast topics of reproductive health. Call to request a visit to a group, agency, and/or school.SuffolkSMART WHEELSPLANNED PARENTHOOD HUDSON PECONIC, INC.
SOCIAL SERVICESProvides a full range of entitlement counseling, including Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, tax abatement, educational lectures, and on-going care givers support groups. Program also includes a referral service for home care assistance and non-emergency medical transportation. A food pantry is available to those who are eligible on Wednesdays and Fridays.NassauSOCIAL SERVICESTHE LIFE ENRICHMENT CENTER AT OYSTER BAY
SPEAKER'S BUREAUWinthrop's many healthcare experts are available to speak on healthcare issues at meetings of community, business, and other organizations and associations. A complete listing of available speakers may be obtained. Call for more information.NassauSPEAKER'S BUREAUWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
SPEAKERS BUREAUProvides speakers on the use of guide or service dogs and about blindness and disabilities to schools, organizations and businesses.SuffolkSPEAKERS BUREAUGUIDE DOG FOUNDATION FOR THE BLIND, INC.
SUFFOLK ACADEMY OF LAWProvides continuing legal education in the State of New York.SuffolkSUFFOLK ACADEMY OF LAWSUFFOLK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
SUFFOLK CHAPTER OF DEBORAH HOSPITALA volunteer movement to promote awareness within communities of the benefits of heart and lung surgical and medical procedures offered at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, N.J. Newsletter, Educational Material, Agency Brochure.SuffolkSUFFOLK CHAPTER OF DEBORAH HOSPITALDEBORAH HOSPITAL FOUNDATION
SUFFOLK COALITION TO PREVENT ALCOHOL AND DRUG DEPENDENCIES, INC.Provides public understanding of alcohol and drug use/abuse and how they impact upon individuals, families and communities provides information, education and program development to Suffolk County individuals, families, businesses and communities through presentations and workshops to schools, civic, religious and fraternal organizations provides professional education program for alcoholism and substance abuse credentialing and re-credentialing promotes alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) prevention and advocacy, workshops and educational series for local community groups and businesses through COMPASS (COMmunity, PArent, School, Student) Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program. The formation of the COMPASS Coalition Training Academy of Long Island is targeted to selected Suffolk County Communities and will serve as a model in New York State.SuffolkSUFFOLK COALITION TO PREVENT ALCOHOL AND DRUG DEPENDENCIES, INC.SUFFOLK COALITION TO PREVENT ALCOHOL AND DRUG DEPENDENCIES, INC.
SUFFOLK PEDIATRIC SOCIETYSeeks to improve health services for children, and foster and stimulate interest in pediatrics. Speakers Bureau available to present and discuss topics related to child health and development.SuffolkSUFFOLK PEDIATRIC SOCIETYSUFFOLK PEDIATRIC SOCIETY
THE EYE-BANK FOR SIGHT RESTORATION, INC.Devoted to restoring sight through eye donations and cornea transplants, as well as providing ocular tissue for research into treatment and cures for other eye diseases. Also provides public awareness to the community and health care professionals on eye donation, being a donor, medical education and research.THE EYE-BANK FOR SIGHT RESTORATION, INC.THE EYE-BANK FOR SIGHT RESTORATION, INC.
TRAINING AND EDUCATIONProvides training and education programs to the community through workshops and seminars on human sexuality. Goals include strengthening parent-child communication skills, educating adolescents about sexual decision making and responsibility, and providing prevention education on a broad spectrum of health problems, including AIDS.NassauTRAINING AND EDUCATIONPLANNED PARENTHOOD OF NASSAU COUNTY, INC.
WEST ISLIP SENIOR CITIZEN CENTEROffers social and educational programs including dancing, exercise, arts and crafts instruction, games, parties and guest speakers.SuffolkSENIOR CITIZENS SERVICESTOWN OF ISLIP
WILDLIFE HOSPITAL AND EDUCATION CENTEROffers Wildlife Advisory Telephone on wildlife related questions, care of sick/injured wildlife brought to Rehabilitation Center and educational programs at schools, libraries, and Education Centers.NassauWILDLIFE HOSPITAL AND EDUCATION CENTERVOLUNTEERS FOR WILDLIFE, INC.

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