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Individuals who are at risk or have tested positive for infection with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), or have developed AIDS which is caused by the HIV virus and impairs the function of the body's immune system leaving affected individuals vulnerable to illnesses that would not otherwise occur.

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ACCESS TO CARE-RYAN WHITE SERVICES FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDSOffers peer support services, case managemnet, medical case management, and health education are provided to low income individuals who are HIV positive to facilitate engagement in care.SuffolkACCESS TO CARE-RYAN WHITE SERVICES FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDSOPTIONS FOR COMMUNITY LIVING, INC.
ACCESS TO CARE-SUPPORTIVE HOUSING AND HOUSING ASSISTANCE (HEMPSTEAD)Provides affordable supportive rental housing, financial assistance, and rent subsidies for homeless individuals or families.NassauACCESS TO CARE-SUPPORTIVE HOUSING AND HOUSING ASSISTANCE (HEMPSTEAD)OPTIONS FOR COMMUNITY LIVING, INC.
ACCESS TO CARE-SUPPORTIVE HOUSING AND HOUSING ASSISTANCE (RONKONKOMA)Provides affordable supportive rental housing ,financial assistance and rental subsidies for homeless individuals or families.SuffolkACCESS TO CARE-SUPPORTIVE HOUSING AND HOUSING ASSISTANCE (RONKONKOMA)OPTIONS FOR COMMUNITY LIVING, INC.
ADOLESCENT HIV PROGRAMThe Adolescent HIV/AIDS Program is a comprehensive program designed to meet the medical and mental health needs of teens and young adults ages 13-24 that are HIV positive.Please call for more information. Appointments are requiredSuffolkSTONY BROOK CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, DIVISION OF ADOLESCENT MEDICINESTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
CHRONIC HEALTH CARE COORDINATIONProvides medical care coordination for individuals suffering two or more chronic illnesses or one persistent mental illness under the NY state health home model. Health home program is a Medicaid based program.SuffolkCHRONIC HEALTH CARE COORDINATIONECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY COUNCIL (EOC) OF SUFFOLK, INC.
DAVID PROJECT-NASSAUAssists HIV/AIDS infected person with public benefits, housing, discrimination, advance directives for medical treatment, wills, guardianships and access to medical care.NassauNASSAU SUFFOLK LAW SERVICES COMMITTEE, INC./HEMPSTEADNASSAU SUFFOLK LAW SERVICES COMMITTEE, INC.
DAVID PROJECT-SUFFOLKAssists HIV/AIDS infected person with public benefits, housing discrimination, advance directives for medical treatment, wills, guardianships and access to medical care.SuffolkNASSAU SUFFOLK LAW SERVICES COMMITTEE, INC./ISLANDIANASSAU SUFFOLK LAW SERVICES COMMITTEE, INC.
DAVID PROJECT-SUFFOLKAssists HIV/AIDS infected person with public benefits, housing, discrimination, advance directives for medical treatment, wills, guardianship and access to medical care.SuffolkNASSAU SUFFOLK LAW SERVICES COMMITTEE, INC./RIVERHEADNASSAU SUFFOLK LAW SERVICES COMMITTEE, INC.
EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES (EIS)Thursday's Child provides free and confidential services to those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Our Early Intervention Services (EIS) provides those newly diagnosed or returning to care the linkage to services they may need. For example, help-making doctors appointments, transportation applications, food stamps, housing applications, and more. Provides services any and every age group affected by or diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. All services are free and confidential. Must live in Nassau or Suffolk Counties.SuffolkEARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES (EIS)THURSDAY'S CHILD, INC.
HIV/AIDS SERVICESProvides targeted outreach and HIV prevention education, case management services, support groups, and counseling services to HIV infected individuals. Services are available to HIV individuals and their families. Call for further information outreach and support group activities have varied hours.NassauHIV/AIDS SERVICESCIRCULO DE LA HISPANIDAD, INC.
HIV/AIDS SERVICES PROGRAMProvides comprehensive Case Management and support services, including support groups to HIV infected individuals and their familes. Also provides risk counseling for individuals at high risk for HIV infection in the Nassau County Community as well as the Nassau County Correction Center. Also offers education and outreach services.NassauHIV/AIDS SERVICES PROGRAMFIVE TOWNS COMMUNITY CENTER, INC.
HIV/AIDS SUPPORTIVE SERVICESOffers a comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care program which includes case management, individual, group and family therapy, Special Group for People in Recovery/Mothers with AIDS/African Americans and Latinos, nursing services, nutritional counseling, and a social/recreational program.NassauHIV/AIDS SUPPORTIVE SERVICESCOPAY, INC.
HIV TESTINGProvides free HIV testing and support services in a confidential setting to Nassau County residents. Offers prevention services, counseling, referrals, support groups, outreach and peer training. Provides transportation and bilingual support. Services available at the Hempstead and Long Beach offices. Call for information.NassauHIV TESTINGCIRCULO DE LA HISPANIDAD, INC.
HOUSING FOR PEOPLE WITH AIDSProvides funding to nonprofit AIDS housing providers to develop green and energy efficient housing units, either family dwellings or group homes, that provide safe, healthy, affordable durable and sustainable permanent housing solutions for low-income HIV-positive individuals and families in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Funding agent to nonprofits only, does not provide direct housing to individuals.Contact for information on housing providers currently participating in program.SuffolkHOUSING FOR PEOPLE WITH AIDSUNITED WAY OF LONG ISLAND
LAMBDA LEGALProtects civil rights and offers legal assistance to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and everyone living with HIV.LAMBDA LEGALLAMBDA LEGAL
LONG ISLAND COMMUNITIES OF COLOROffers several programs aimed at educating the African-American population about HIV infections and promoting behavior that reduces the incidence of HIV infections. Programs offered include the SISTA (Sisters Informing Sisters About Topics on AIDS) Intervention, Peer Program and Outreach, and Health Communication/Public Information (HCPI). Also provides the coordination of multi-agency case management, HIV counseling and testing along with information on related supportive services. The SISTA Intervention, comprised of five 2 hour sessions, offers opportunities to role play, discuss relevant issues and build self-esteem.NassauLONG ISLAND COMMUNITIES OF COLORLEADERSHIP TRAINING INSTITUTE
MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDSProvides services such as psychiatric evaluations, individual, family, and group counseling, crisis intervention, family support groups, medication management, and referrals to adults infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Call. Walk in. Appointment preferred.NassauMENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDSHISPANIC COUNSELING CENTER
NUTRITION EDUCATION AND FOOD SERVICESProvides nutrition education and pantry bags for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.SuffolkNUTRITION EDUCATION AND FOOD SERVICESEAC NETWORK
PEDIATRIC CAREGIVERS OF NORTH SHORE (PICONS)Offers caregivers of HIV positive children the opportunity to meet with peers to gain information and share experiences. Call for meeting dates and times.NassauPEDIATRIC CAREGIVERS OF NORTH SHORE (PICONS)NORTHWELL HEALTH
PROJECT SAFETY NETOffers at-risk Long Island residents in targeted Nassau and Suffolk County communities a variety of outreach services including FREE rapid HIV/HCV testing and counseling, fast tracking into substance abuse treatment, Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services (CRCS), distribution of condoms and referrals to primary health care, mental health, case management and other supportive services. The program also offers on the spot education about reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other STD transmissions and the link between substance abuse and HIV. Provides assistance with enrollment in the HIV Uninsured Care Programs and Health Insurance Marketplace.SuffolkPROJECT SAFETY NETLONG ISLAND ASSOCIATION FOR AIDS CARE, INC.
SERVICES FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDSServes as the technical support agency (on behalf of Nassau and Suffolk Counties) for the administration of Ryan White Part A/MAI funds for individuals with HIV/AIDS on Long Island. Provides support to the Planning Council in assessing needs, identifying gaps in services and allocating funds and provides oversight/monitoring of Ryan white Part A contracted agencies funded to provide medical and support services to HIV positive individuals.SuffolkSERVICES FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDSUNITED WAY OF LONG ISLAND
THE CENTER FOR AIDS RESEARCH AND TREATMENTProvides primary care to HIV-infected individuals. A Board-Certified Infectious Disease Specialist and a nurse case manager are assigned to each patient to ensure high quality care. Provides the newest medicines, vaccines, and state of the art treatments. Call for more information. Member of Northwell Health.NassauNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSETNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSET
VILLAGE PROGRAMProvides permanent housing for low income or homeless persons with HIV/AIDS. Supportive services include: case management, transportation, advocacy, referral to medical, mental health and substance abuse services, crisis intervention, permanency planning and HIV education. Affiliated with Transitional Services of New York for Long Island, Inc.SuffolkVILLAGE PROGRAMHAVEN HOUSE/BRIDGES, INC.
WOMEN'S SUPPORT GROUPOffers women with HIV/AIDS the opportunity to meet with peers to share information and personal experiences. Please call for meeting dates and times.NassauWOMEN'S SUPPORT GROUPNORTHWELL HEALTH

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