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    Any of a variety of conditions that occur following birth including traumatic damage in the birth process or as the result of an accident (the most common of which are vehicular accidents, falls, acts of violence and sports injuries), anoxia or hypoxic episodes and allergic conditions, toxic substances and other acute medical/clinical incidents that are characterized by significant destruction of brain tissue and resultant loss of brain function. Examples of brain injuries include hematomas, blood clots, contusions or bruising of brain tissue, cerebral edema (swelling inside the skull), concussions and strokes.

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    COMMON GROUND ALLIANCEEncourages a sense of community, provides social networking opportunities and offers a variety of stimulating activities and events for brain injury survivors and their families/significant others. Also promotes socialization, participation and engagement within a structured and supportive atmosphere, and amongst professionals, peers and advocates who understand the unique challenges of living with a brain injury.NassauCOMMON GROUND ALLIANCECOMMON GROUND ALLIANCE
    COMMUNITY RE-ENTRY PROGRAMOffers a combination of services including individual and group counseling and therapies, family education, community mobility training,independent living skills training, neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessment, social skills training, pre-vocational training, vocational rehabilitation, communication skills, swallowing evaluations, case management and TBI Medicaid Waiver Services. All services offered at St. Charles, in the home, workplace or other community settings. Also offers a book club and Pilates Group.SuffolkCOMMUNITY RE-ENTRY PROGRAMST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    CP NASSAUProvide comprehensive health care for over 1800 children and adults, at every age and state of development, who have cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, speech delay, mental retardation, and other developmental disabilities. Services are provided by therapists, psychologists, teachers, technicians, doctors, counselors and clinicians. Formerly known as United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc.NassauCP NASSAUCP NASSAU
    FAMILY WELLNESS CENTERDiagnostic and Treatment Center offers primary medical services as well as psychiatric and psychological, podiatry, physical, speech and occupational therapy, audiology, dental, dermatology, endocrinology, gynecology, neurology, nutrition, optometry, and physiatry to individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, those who have been dually diagnosed and/or those with traumatic brain injury. Call. Appointment required.SuffolkFAMILY WELLNESS CENTERFAMILY RESIDENCES AND ESSENTIAL ENTERPRISES, INC.
    HALO NETWORK, INC.Provides services for children, youth, adults and seniors, such as Drinking Driver Program, Educational and Counseling services, Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Program (NHTD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), as well as a variety of services to individuals with developmental disabilities.SuffolkHALO NETWORK, INC.HALO NETWORK, INC.
    PEDIATRIC TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY UNIT (TBI)Provides the only traumatic brain injury unit for children and young adults on Long Island. The program focuses on physical and cognitive rehabilitation.SuffolkPEDIATRIC TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY UNIT (TBI)ST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    THE TRAUMA CENTERTreats both adult and pediatric patients suffering from traumatic injury and severe brain injury. Call for more information.SuffolkTHE TRAUMA CENTERGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    TRANSITIONS OF LONG ISLANDProvides comprehensive neuro-rehabilitation program for persons with acquired neurologic injuries including: traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, anoxia, encephalitis, mild head injury and brain diseases. Offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, neuropsychology, social work, rehabilitation counseling, pre-vocational counseling, nursing, life-skills training, and case management. Operates in-patient and out-patient programs, patient/family support groups, and educational programs. Involves patients in active, mutually beneficial relationship with local community.NassauTRANSITIONS OF LONG ISLANDLONG ISLAND JEWISH MEDICAL CENTER
    TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY AND COMA RECOVERYOffers a full range of integrated services and innovative treatment strategies for children with brain injuries. Services include: rehabilitation therapies, cognitive remediation, neuropsychology, behavior management, pain management, feeding therapy and complementary care.TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY AND COMA RECOVERYST. MARY'S HEALTHCARE SYSTEM FOR CHILDREN
    TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY UNITProvides a traumatic brain injury unit for adults including in-patient, sub-acute, outpatient and community re-entry services to persons who have either traumatic or acquired injury to the brain. The Community Re-Entry component to the program gives patients the opportunity to learn or re-learn functional and daily living skills.SuffolkTRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY UNITST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY WAIVER PROGRAMOffers individuals with traumatic brain injury, Medicaid funded services aimed at fostering independence and supporting participants residing in community-based settings. Provides case/care management, information and referrals to appropriate services such as rent subsidies, funds for furniture and household supplies.SuffolkTRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY WAIVER PROGRAMSUFFOLK INDEPENDENT LIVING ORGANIZATION (SILO)

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