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Any of a broad group of malignant neoplasms which are either carcinomas which have their origin in epithelial tissues or sarcomas which develop from connective tissues and those structures which had their origin in mesodermal tissues (the muscular, skeletal, circulatory, lymphatic and urogenital systems and the linings of body cavities). Cancer is invasive and tends to metastasize to new sites spreading directly into surrounding tissues or through the lymphatic or circulatory systems.

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ADOLESCENT SUPPORT GROUPOffers a support group for adolescents whose lives have been touched by cancer-related illnesses. Call for more information.NassauADOLESCENT SUPPORT GROUP1 IN 9: THE LONG ISLAND BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
A HELPING HANDProvides a searchable, online database of financial and practical assistance available for people with cancer. This comprehensive online tool features up-to-date contact information and descriptions for hundreds of national and regional organizations offering financial help to people with cancer. You can search by diagnosis, zip code or type of assistance.NassauFINANCIAL ASSISTANCECANCERCARE LONG ISLAND OFFICE
BEREAVEMENT GROUP CANCER-RELATED LOSSProvides support to individuals who have lost a loved one to cancer. Call for current dates and times.NassauBEREAVEMENT GROUP CANCER-RELATED LOSSNORTHWELL HEALTH
BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUPProvides a professionally staffed support group for patients and survivors of breast cancer. Registration is required. Call for information/schedule.SuffolkBREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUPBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
BREAST HEALTHOffers breast examinations, training in breast self-examination, and state-of-the-art mammography services and needle localization of suspect masses. Employs services of specially trained surgeons to provide lumpectomies or mastectomies, if needed. Offers radiation therapy. Conducts patient and family support groups. Participates in collection of data concerning possible environmental causes of breast cancer and distributes and in distribution of educational material.SuffolkBREAST HEALTHSOUTHSIDE HOSPITAL
BREAST HEALTH CENTEROffers the following services for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer: laboratory, pharmacy, physical therapy, social services, radiography, MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, CT Scanning, Computerized Tomography, nuclear medicine and ultrasound in addition to a full-range of psycho-social and nutrition services. The Tumor Registry has a database of over 6,700 cases established since January 1983. The center also offers support groups for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Other support groups are for their caregivers, spouses and significant others. In addition there is an extensive library of books, pamphlets and videotapes on risk factors and prevention.SuffolkBREAST HEALTH CENTERGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
CAMP ADVENTUREProvides one week sleepaway camp program for children with cancer and their siblings. Operates in August located on Shelter Island.SuffolkCAMP ADVENTUREAMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY-EASTERN DIVISION
CANCER CAREProvides services to diagnose and treat cancer, support groups, radiation oncology, cancer registry, peripheral stem cell transplants and surgery.SuffolkCANCER CAREGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
CANCER CARE PROGRAMProvides services for the diagnosis, treatment and supportive care of patients and their families. Additional services include the inpatient oncology unit and an outpatient infusion unit.SuffolkCANCER CARE PROGRAMBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
CANCER CARE UNITProvides an 18-bed cancer care unit as part of the general hospital setting and utilizes all of the medical center's ancillary services. Addresses the physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs of the patients and families. Provides inpatient care, coordinated home care, education, support groups and bereavement care. Team consists of nurses, physicians, pastoral counselors, nutritionists, social workers, and volunteers.NassauCANCER CARE UNITMERCY MEDICAL CENTER
CANCER CENTEROffers range of cancer diagnostic, treatment and management services, including: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Call for further information.NassauCANCER CENTERSOUTH NASSAU COMMUNITIES HOSPITAL
CANCER INFORMATION SERVICEA national resource for information and education about cancer including treatment, research, and new clinical trials. Provides cancer information to patients and their families, the public and health professionals by talking with people one-on-one, working with organizations through its Partnership Program, participating in research efforts to find the best ways to help people adopt healthier behaviors, and providing cancer information over the internet. Provides referrals to support groups and conducts smoking cessation counseling over the phone. Also offers LiveHelp Online Chat, a confidential online text chat with a cancer information specialist. Call or visit website for further information.CANCER INFORMATION SERVICENATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE
CANCER SUPPORT GROUPProvides opportunities for individuals dealing with cancer related illness to discuss relevant issues in a comfortable atmosphere. Call for schedule.NassauCANCER SUPPORT GROUP1 IN 9: THE LONG ISLAND BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
CANCER SUPPORT GROUPSProvides support for individuals suffering with cancer. Call for dates and times.NassauCANCER SUPPORT GROUPSWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
CANCER SUPPORT SERVICESOffers a variety of support services including inpatient/outpatient social services, psychosocial counseling, dietary counseling/support, pastoral services, hospice referral/care, bereavement counseling, cancer education programs, telephone referral/consultation services and numerous support groups.SuffolkCANCER SUPPORT SERVICESHUNTINGTON HOSPITAL
CANCER WELLNESS PROGRAMOffers a comprehensive wellness and aftercare program for cancer survivors and support services for their families.NassauCANCER WELLNESS PROGRAMSID JACOBSON JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER
CENACLE RETREAT HOUSEOffers individual and group spiritual retreats. Publishes annual calendar of events and offers Prayer-Faith support group for women who have/had cancer. Also has a Prayer Enrollment Office. Call for information.SuffolkCENACLE RETREAT HOUSECENACLE RETREAT HOUSE
CHILDREN'S CANCER CENTERDiagnoses and treats children, adolescents and young people with cancer. Pediatric oncologists treat pediatric leukemia, sarcomas, neuroblastoma, bone tumors. Wilms tumors and other rare tumors.NassauCHILDREN'S CANCER CENTER COHEN CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER NORTHWELL HEALTH
CHRONIC LYMPHOCYTIC LEUKEMIA(CLL)SUPPORT GROUPOffers individuals living with chronic lymphocytic leukemia(CLL)and their caregivers a opportunities to meet and talk to peers dealing with similar issues. Please call for meeting dates and times.NassauCHRONIC LYMPHOCYTIC LEUKEMIA(CLL)SUPPORT GROUPNORTHWELL HEALTH
COMMACK OUTPATIENT CENTERProvides comprehensive cancer care including medical oncology, chemotherapy, radiation oncology, radiology, surgery consultations, and genetic counseling.SuffolkCOMMACK OUTPATIENT CENTERMEMORIAL SLOAN-KETTERING CANCER CENTER
COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTERStony Brook University Cancer Center is Suffolk County's cancer care leader and a leader in education and research. With more than 20,000 inpatient and outpatient visits annually, the Cancer Center includes 12 multidisciplinary teams: Breast Cancer; Colorectal Cancer; Gynecologic Oncology; Head, Neck and Thyroid Oncology; Lung Cancer; Melanoma; Neurologic Oncology; Orthopaedic Oncology and Sarcoma; Pediatric Hematology/Oncology; Stem Cell Transplantation and Hematologic Malignancy, Upper Gastrointestinal Oncology; and Urologic Oncology. The cancer program is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer as a Teaching Hospital Cancer Program and received the Commission's Outstanding Achievement Award. The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center is the first center in New York State to be accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancer Centers. To learn more, visit website.SuffolkCOMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTERSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
DEPARTMENT OF CANCER CAREOffers ambulatory and inpatient treatments for patients with a wide variety of cancers conduct clinical trials and special surgical and radiation techniques services help diagnose, provide treatment and supportive care including chemotherapy, pathology, radiology, complimentary medicine, pain management, hospice, physical therapy and nutritional support.NassauNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL AT PLAINVIEWNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL AT PLAINVIEW
DEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGYOffers general dermatology consultation including care for patients with pigmented lesions, eczema, psoriasis, blistering disease, photodamaged skin, hair loss, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and human papilloma virus disease. Specialized treatments and diagnostic services include dermatopathology, Mohs micrographic surgery for skin cancer, general dermatologic and laser surgery, chemophototherapy, phototherapy and patch skin testing for allergies. Cooperative programs include dermatopathlolgy, the Living Skin Bank and a leg ulcer program.SuffolkDEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGYSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICSProvides primary care services and subspecialty services in pediatrics including the following: Adolescent Medicine, Allergy Immunology, Cardiology, Cody Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Critical Care, Developmental and Behavioral, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Genetic and Metabolic Disorders, Hematology and Oncology, Pediatric AIDS Center, Infectious Diseases, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Nephrology, Pulmonology. Also offers Cystic Fibrosis Center, Children's Kidney Center, Children's Lung, Allergy and Breathing Center, as well as Counseling, Education and Support for Kids.SuffolkDEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICSSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGYOffers state of the art treatment for cancer patients including complete clinical evaluation and staging, individualized radiation therapy and follow-up care. Depending on the type of cancer to be treated, radiation therapy is administered either externally by clinical linear accellerators or internally, using brachytherapy implants for localized contact with the tumor. Five full time radiation oncologists, attending physicians, comprehensive nursing care and social worker oversee treatments.SuffolkDEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGYSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
DISCUSSIONSProvides an informal, ongoing chat for people whose lives have been touched by cancer.NassauDISCUSSIONS1 IN 9: THE LONG ISLAND BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
DON MONTI CANCER CENTEROffers comprehensive cancer diagnosis/care, including: diagnostic and interventional radiology nuclear medicine sentinel lymph node biopsy breast care center. Also provides inpatient/out-patient chemotherapy, investigational treatment, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, surgical oncology, pain management, physical therapy/rehabilitation services. Offers children visitation, 24 hour visiting, overnight accommodations for family members and a wide variety of support services.SuffolkDON MONTI CANCER CENTERHUNTINGTON HOSPITAL
DON MONTI CANCER CENTER AT GLEN COVE HOSPITALProvides comprehensive treatment of cancer and blood diseases, including chemotherapy and use of specialized drugs. Coordinates care services of oncologists, pain specialists, social workers, nutritionists, physical therapists, and laboratory technicians. Participates actively in professional continuing education and in cancer research.NassauDON MONTI CANCER CENTER AT GLEN COVE HOSPITALGLEN COVE HOSPITAL
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMSProvides free education programs for adults and youth in the areas of breast cancer, skin cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and nutrition.SuffolkEDUCATIONAL PROGRAMSAMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY-EASTERN DIVISION
FAMILY SUPPORTFor those who have had cancer or are undergoing treatment, their family and friends.NassauFAMILY SUPPORT1 IN 9: THE LONG ISLAND BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCEProvides limited supplementary financial assistance to help with housekeeping, home health aides, child care, pain medications and transportation to and from treatment. Basic family monthly income and expense form must be filled out.NassauFINANCIAL ASSISTANCECANCERCARE LONG ISLAND OFFICE
FOUNDATION FOR ADVANCEMENT IN CANCER THERAPYAn educational organization that provides a global hub of information about prevention and non-toxic therapies for cancer. Supports and funds biological cancer research and nutritional science investigations, works to eliminate carcinogenic substances from the environment and produces a newsletter via their website where there are several Resources and Practitioner Directory. Also offers books, DVD's and eBooks for donations.FOUNDATION FOR ADVANCEMENT IN CANCER THERAPYFOUNDATION FOR ADVANCEMENT IN CANCER THERAPY (FACT)
FREE COMMUNITY LECTURESOffers free lectures on health topics to community members with the objective of educating, raising awareness, improving understanding of risk factors, diagnostic procedures and treatment. Topics may include cancer, diabetes, nutrition, stroke, cardiology and glaucoma. Topics are based on requests from the community, hospital physicians, staff and national health observances and recognition days. Call for more information.SuffolkGOOD SAMARITAN UNIVERSITYGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
GENETIC COUNSELING/TESTINGAssesses the chance for a given individual to develop cancer based on family history and other risk factors. Arranges meeting with a genetic counselor and a geneticist to discuss assessment. Offers gene-specific testing, if appropriate, after counseling session. Provides options for continued surveillance/prevention.NassauNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSETNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSET
GENTLE CHAIR YOGAOffers cancer survivors the opportunity to learn breathing and relaxation techniques through gentle chair yoga. Please call for more information, meeting dates and times.NassauGENTLE CHAIR YOGANORTHWELL HEALTH
GROUP COUNSELING-SYOSSETOffers group counseling to all cancer patients, relatives and spouses of patients. Special groups for lung patients and caregivers. Various groups offered at other times; call or check web for more information. Group counseling is offered at CancerCare's office in Syosset.NassauGROUP COUNSELING-SYOSSETCANCERCARE LONG ISLAND OFFICE
GYN ONCOLOGY (KATZ WOMEN'S HOSPITAL)Provides treatment of ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, and any other cancer involving the female reproductive system. Member of Northwell Health.NassauNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSETNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSET
HAUPPAUGE OUTPATIENT CENTERProvides a broad spectrum of dermatology services delivered by Memorial Sloan-Kettering physicians.SuffolkHAUPPAUGE OUTPATIENT CENTERMEMORIAL SLOAN-KETTERING CANCER CENTER
HAVE A HEART CHILDREN'S CANCER SOCIETYOffers assistance with medical bills, treatments, equipment, transportation, and household expenses to families whose child has been diagnosed with cancer.SuffolkHAVE A HEART CHILDREN'S CANCER SOCIETYHAVE A HEART CHILDREN'S CANCER SOCIETY
HEALTH PROMOTION, SCREENING, AND CURRENT WELLNESS PROGRAMSOffers screenings for cancer, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other conditions. Prior to the flu season, physicians and nurses provide free flu inoculations for seniors, working in conjunction with the Nassau County Department of Health. Current Wellness Series are scheduled accordingly.NassauHEALTH PROMOTION, SCREENING, AND CURRENT WELLNESS PROGRAMSWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
HEWLETT HOUSEProvides a free, psychosocial community and state-of-the-art learning resource center. Offers basic components of therapy and support, education and socialization to breast cancer victims, their families and care givers. Also offers free wigs, prostheses and brassieres to uninsured people who are undergoing breast cancer treatment. Serves all those touched by breast cancer and related cancers. Serves all of New York State. Walk in.NassauHEWLETT HOUSE1 IN 9: THE LONG ISLAND BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
HUNTINGTON CENTER FOR PAIN MANAGEMENTProvides diagnosis and treatment of chronic benign pain as well as cancer-related pain. Provides treatment for low back pain, neck pain, neck-related headaches, cancer pain, phantom limb pain, Shingles and Post Herpetic Neuralgia, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Diabetic Neuropathy Pain, Peripheral Vascular Disease Pain, Refractory Angina and Facial Pain. Offers medication management, implantable pain medication pumps and patient education. Referral and appointment required. Call.SuffolkHUNTINGTON CENTER FOR PAIN MANAGEMENTHUNTINGTON HOSPITAL
I CAN COPE CANCER SUPPORT GROUPOffers a structured group education program for adult cancer patients and their family members/caregivers. Participants discuss cancer and its treatments, managing side effects, communication, resources, and maximizing health with diet and exercise. Call for dates and times.NassauI CAN COPE CANCER SUPPORT GROUPWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
INDIVIDUAL COUNSELINGProvides short term, goal focused individual counseling for patient and family members enabling them to cope with the illness. Offers bereavement counseling for survivors to enable them to cope with the loss.NassauINDIVIDUAL COUNSELINGCANCERCARE LONG ISLAND OFFICE
LARYNGECTOMY SUPPORT GROUPOffers individuals post laryngectomy the opportunity to meet with peers to discuss issues and experiences they have encountered after surgery.NassauLARYNGECTOMY SUPPORT GROUPNORTHWELL HEALTH
LATINO BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUPDedicated to breast health using a grassroots approach to raise individual and community awareness and action. Focuses on the causes of breast cancer, the need for prevention, monitoring, informed treatment and accessibility of health care. Conducts a Latino Support Group which meets the last Friday of the month accommodating Spanish speaking participants. Registration is required. Call for further information.SuffolkLATINO BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUPBRENTWOOD/BAY SHORE BREAST CANCER COALITION, INC.
LEND A HELPING HANDOffers a range of services to assist women diagnosed with breast cancer or gynecological cancers and undergoing cancer treatment including housecleaning, catering to the home, childcare, prosthesis purchase, massage therapy, salon services and transportation to medical appointments.SuffolkLEND A HELPING HANDBABYLON BREAST CANCER COALITION
LIVE-BEAT CANCER FUNDProvides a fund specifically designed for assistance to cancer patients requesting alternative health therapies such as nutritional counseling, natural medicines, acupuncture, chiropractic care, yoga and reflexology. Call for further information.SuffolkLIVE-BEAT CANCER FUNDNORTH FORK WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTER
LOOK GOOD-FEEL BETTEROffers an evening of fun with make-up application and hair fashion tips for women who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The make-up is donated by internationally known cosmetic companies. Program offered in cooperation with the American Cancer Society. Professional cosmetologists donate their time to give make-up and hair care demonstrations. Held every other month(Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov) at 6pm-8pm at 1 North Lounge.SuffolkLOOK GOOD-FEEL BETTERHUNTINGTON HOSPITAL
LOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTEROffered in conjunction with the American Cancer Society. This is a make-over program for recovering cancer patients. Focus on hints and tips for makeup use and accessorizing. Wigs are also available and are styled by cosmetologists.SuffolkLOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTERBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
LOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTERIn conjunction with the American Cancer Society, provides a support group for cancer patients who have had chemotherapy or radiation and want to learn how to hide the effects using cosmetics. Call for dates and times.NassauLOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTERWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
LOOK GOOD,FEEL BETTER (LAKE SUCCESS)Teaches beauty techniques to female cancer patients to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Includes lessons on skin and nail care, cosmetics, wigs and turbans, accessories and styling, helping people with cancer. Contact the American Cancer Society (800) 227-2345 for more information.NassauLOOK GOOD,FEEL BETTER (LAKE SUCCESS)NORTHWELL HEALTH
LOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTER (NEW HYDE PARK)Teaches beauty techniques to female cancer patients to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Includes lessons on skin and nail care, cosmetics, wigs and turbans, accessories and styling, helping people with cancer. Call for meeting dates and times.NassauLOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTER (NEW HYDE PARK)NORTHWELL HEALTH
LOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTER (PLAINVIEW)Teaches beauty techniques to female cancer patients to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Includes lessons on skin and nail care, cosmetics, wigs and turbans, accessories and styling, helping people with cancer. Call for meeting dates and times.NassauLOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTER (PLAINVIEW)NORTHWELL HEALTH
MAMMOGRAPHY SERVICEPerforms breast imaging services using new high-tech mammography machine. Offers assistance in interpretation of results. Also offers needle localization process for precise but minimally invasive breast biopsies. Call for further information.SuffolkMAMMOGRAPHY SERVICESOUTHSIDE HOSPITAL
NURSING CAREOffers a 72 bed skilled nursing facility providing free palliative care to persons inflicted with incurable cancer who are unable to pay for care.NURSING CAREROSARY HILL HOME
ONCOLOGY DEPARTMENTProvides full service cancer care including diagnostic services, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, and non-medical support. Southside is affiliated with other oncology programs within the North Shore-LIJ Health System. It is a participating hospital in the NS-LIJ Don Monti Cancer Treatment and Referral Service, which offers patients additional new treatment closer to home.SuffolkONCOLOGY DEPARTMENTSOUTHSIDE HOSPITAL
ONCOLOGY REHAB AND LYMPHEDEMAOffers therapy to adolescents and adults diagnosed with lymphedema or cancer. Patients with lymphedema are taught remedial exercises, diaphragmatic breathing, self-massage, bandaging, ADL training and given nutritional guidelines. Rehab therapy for oncology patients emphasizes building endurance, strength and flexibility along with pain relief.SuffolkONCOLOGY REHAB AND LYMPHEDEMAHUNTINGTON HOSPITAL
ONCOLOGY SUPPORT GROUPOffers individuals with cancer(up to two year post diagnosis) and their family members opportunities to discuss issues and share experiences. call for meeting dates and times.SuffolkONCOLOGY SUPPORT GROUPNORTHWELL HEALTH
PATH TO WELLNESS AFTER CANCEROffers cancer survivors the opportunity to meet with peers to discuss their experiences, challenges and share information about living with cancer. Please call for meeting dates and times.NassauPATH TO WELLNESS AFTER CANCERNORTHWELL HEALTH
PATIENT AID PROGRAMProvides supplementary outpatient financial assistance to patients with leukemia, the lymphomas, multiple myeloma, Hodgkins and preleukemia as well as referral to other services in the community. Call for more information.SuffolkPATIENT AID PROGRAMTHE LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA SOCIETY LONG ISLAND CHAPTER
PATIENT CANCER SUPPORT GROUPOffers individuals diagnosed with cancer the opportunity to meet with peers to discuss their experiences living with illness. Call for meeting times and dates.NassauPATIENT CANCER SUPPORT GROUPNORTHWELL HEALTH
PATIENT SUPPORT GROUPSOffers a patient support group for individuals diagnosed with a blood cancer. Meetings are facilitated by a social worker and an oncology nurse. Call for locations and times.SuffolkPATIENT SUPPORT GROUPSTHE LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA SOCIETY LONG ISLAND CHAPTER
PEDIATRIC SUPPORT GROUPSOffers pediatric support groups including: Hope for Hearts, a support group for parents and siblings of children with congenital heart defects Our Little Heroes/Oncology Parent Support Network, offering mutual support and guidance for families of children with cancer. Call for schedule/information.SuffolkPEDIATRIC SUPPORT GROUPSSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
PEOPLE LIVING WITH CANCER AND CAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUPOffers individuals living with cancer and their caregivers opportunities to meet and talk to peers dealing with similar issues.NassauPEOPLE LIVING WITH CANCER AND CAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUPNORTHWELL HEALTH
PERMANENCY LEGAL ASSISTANCE NEEDS PROJECTLegal assistance to individuals and families affected by cancer, to cope with legal, financial and medical issues, and to plan for the future of the family through the course of the illness and afterward. Appointment not necessary. Due to collaborative grant with the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG), a new medical legal partnership effort is based at the Stony Brook Medical Group in East Setauket. Legal services are also provided to referred patients of Stony Brook's Primary Care Clinic in Patchogue and Good Samaritan's Dialysis Unit. A Law Services attorney works together with the clinic staff to serve the clinic patients.NassauNASSAU SUFFOLK LAW SERVICES COMMITTEE, INC./HEMPSTEADNASSAU SUFFOLK LAW SERVICES COMMITTEE, INC.
PERSON TO PERSON: CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORKA one-on-one support program patient to patient and family member to family member. Program may be limited by availability of volunteers.SuffolkPERSON TO PERSON: CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORKAMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY-EASTERN DIVISION
POST-TRANSPLANT PATIENT SUPPORT GROUPOffers transplant patients an opportunity to meet with peers to discuss how to cope with the emotional aspects of their diagnosis, life post-transplant, gain support and share information. Please call for meeting times and dates.NassauPOST-TRANSPLANT PATIENT SUPPORT GROUPNORTHWELL HEALTH
POTS OF HOPEOffers an innovative art class for cancer patients, using terra cotta flowerpots.NassauPOTS OF HOPE1 IN 9: THE LONG ISLAND BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
PRE-SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCERProvides 21/2 to 5 year old children who are undergoing treatment for cancer the opportunity to interact and socialize, in a safe, infection free environment that stimulates cognitive and social development. The Center is located in the Town of Oyster Bay Hicksville Athletic Center. Call for more information.NassauPRE-SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCERTHE MORGAN CENTER
PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUPOffers a support group for people living with prostate cancer and their families/friends. Call for more information.SuffolkPROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUPGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
RADIATION ONCOLOGY CENTERProvides radiation and seed implantation procedures available for cancer patients with breast, prostate and other cancer manifestations.SuffolkRADIATION ONCOLOGY CENTERGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
REACH TO RECOVERYProvides visitation and support for diagnosed breast cancer patients. One-to-one pre-surgery telephone support also available.SuffolkREACH TO RECOVERYAMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY-EASTERN DIVISION
REFERRAL SERVICESDistributes an informational guide, Coping with Cancer on the East End: A Practical Resource Guide which describes in detail the many resources that are available for cancer patients on the East End of Long Island.SuffolkREFERRAL SERVICESFIGHTING CHANCE, INC.
REIKI CLINICProvides opportunity to learn about and experience the simple healing technique of Reiki. For all cancer-related illnesses.NassauREIKI CLINIC1 IN 9: THE LONG ISLAND BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
RELAXATION CLASSESOffers relaxation classes for cancer survivors. Please call for more information, meeting dates and times.NassauRELAXATION CLASSESNORTHWELL HEALTH
ROAD TO RECOVERYA volunteer transportation program available to cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment. Five days notice required and transport is based on availability of volunteers.SuffolkROAD TO RECOVERYAMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY-EASTERN DIVISION
SOUL AND PALETTEProvides the opportunity for cancer patients to discover their innate artistic abilities.NassauSOUL AND PALETTE1 IN 9: THE LONG ISLAND BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
STANLEY K. TANGER WELLNESS RESOURCE CENTERProvides information on a variety of correlated topics, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and support. All types of cancers are addressed. Access to consumer-oriented web sites, pamphlets, brochures, references, and circulating books and videos on cancer.SuffolkSTANLEY K. TANGER WELLNESS RESOURCE CENTERRIVERHEAD FREE LIBRARY
SUFFOLK REGIONServes as local cancer education resource to cancer patients, their families, medical and allied health professionals and the general public. Provides funds for research. The American Cancer Society is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem through research, education, advocacy and service.SuffolkSUFFOLK REGIONAMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY-EASTERN DIVISION
SUFFOLK REGION-FINANCIAL ASSISTANCEProvides limited direct emergency financial assistance for transportation for cancer patients undergoing treatment. Information on community resources available.SuffolkSUFFOLK REGION-FINANCIAL ASSISTANCEAMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY-EASTERN DIVISION
SUFFOLK REGION-I CAN COPEProvides on-line educational program for cancer patients and those close to them. Provides information on cancer diagnosis and treatments and offers practical help in coping with the various aspects of the cancer experience. Check website.SuffolkSUFFOLK REGION-I CAN COPEAMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY-EASTERN DIVISION
SUFFOLK REGION-LOOK GOOD...FEEL BETTEROffers tips on skin care, make-up application, wig/turban demonstrations, etc. for women experiencing changes in their appearance as a result of chemotherapy or radiation treatment side effects. Program offered at various hospitals. Call for location and schedule.SuffolkSUFFOLK REGION-LOOK GOOD...FEEL BETTERAMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY-EASTERN DIVISION
SUFFOLK REGION-WIG PROGRAMProvides new wigs to chemotherapy/radiation patients. Call for an appointment. No Walk-ins.SuffolkSUFFOLK REGION-WIG PROGRAMAMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY-EASTERN DIVISION
SUNRISE DAY CAMPProvides children diagnosed with cancer and their siblings, ages 3-16, a daytime camp experience designed to meet their emotional, social, recreational and physical needs. Facilities include a nature center, ball fields, pools, science and art centers, a miniature golf course, driving range, playscape and universally accessible tree house. Offers on-site infirmary staffed by pediatric oncology nurse. Daily activities include swimming, dance, art and drama workshops. Operates from the end of June to mid August in one to two week sessions. Also operates year round monthly, Sundays and school recess programs.SuffolkSUNRISE DAY CAMPFRIEDBERG JCC
SUNRISE DAY CAMP-YEAR ROUND PROGRAMSProvides year round programs for children with cancer and their siblings, ages 3-16. Includes monthly Sunday activities and/or trips and holiday and school recess programs.NassauSUNRISE DAY CAMP-YEAR ROUND PROGRAMSFRIEDBERG JCC
SUPPORT FOR PEOPLE WITH ORAL AND HEAD AND NECK CANCEROffers small group meetings, networking, one-to-one support, educational programs for patients and families, and gives referrals to additional resources. Publishes newsletter. Monthly meetings. Chapter development.NassauSUPPORT FOR PEOPLE WITH ORAL AND HEAD AND NECK CANCERSUPPORT FOR PEOPLE WITH ORAL AND HEAD AND NECK CANCER
THE ARTIST WITHINOffers art classes to cancer patients. Painting, ceramics, watercolors, clay work and specialty quilts are some art topics introduced. Call for schedule.NassauTHE ARTIST WITHIN1 IN 9: THE LONG ISLAND BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
THE HONEYSUCKLE FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCERProvides support and assists psychosocial programs specifically targeting and identifying the needs and issues faced by children with cancer and their families. Provides educational programs for school personnel and students to increase the understanding of pediatric cancer. Call regarding volunteer opportunities because they are sporatic.SuffolkTHE HONEYSUCKLE FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCERTHE HONEYSUCKLE FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCER
THE MIRACLE FOUNDATIONDedicated to improving the lives of those diagnosed with cancer and finding a cure for the disease.NassauTHE MIRACLE FOUNDATIONTHE MIRACLE FOUNDATION
THE SARAH GRACE FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCER, INC.Dedicated to improving the quality of life of children with cancer and to provide comfort and support to the families. Services include recreational and wish granting for patient and siblings, financial aid and support to the parents and disseminating information to the general public about children suffering from cancer. Operates in Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York, Winthrop, Columbia, Montefiore, Nassau University Medical Center and other area hospitals.NassauTHE SARAH GRACE FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCER, INC.THE SARAH GRACE FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCER, INC.
YOGA/STRESS REDUCTIONOffers yoga/stress reduction class for cancer patients. No need to be flexible, strong, or even ambulatory to participate. For all cancer-related illnesses.NassauYOGA/STRESS REDUCTION1 IN 9: THE LONG ISLAND BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
YOUNG ADULT SUPPORT GROUPProvides a support group for individuals age 18-40 years coping with cancer as well as therapeutic support and professional counseling. Call for an appointment. Referral required. Serves Nassau and Suffolk counties.NassauYOUNG ADULT SUPPORT GROUPMERCY MEDICAL CENTER

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