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    A condition in which there is a malignancy in the tissue of the breast which is characterized by a lump, thickening or other abnormalities. Included is Paget's disease of the nipple, an uncommon type of cancer that forms in or around the nipple and is characterized mild scaling and flaking which may later spread to the areola or other regions of the breast. The disease may also originate in the areola where it resembles eczema, a non-cancerous, itchy rash. Symptoms may include tingling, itching, increased sensitivity, burning and pain. There may also be discharge from the nipple which may appear flattened against the breast. Most people with Paget's disease of the nipple also have underlying breast cancer which may be invasive or confined to the milk ducts.

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    ADELPHI NY STATEWIDE BREAST CANCER HOTLINE & SUPPORT PROGRAMProvides a statewide breast cancer hotline offering information, referrals, support groups for women and men with breast cancer. The goal is to educate, support and empower and advocate for breast cancer patients, professionals and the community, call our hotline seven days a week and speak with specially trained, professionally supervised volunteers for information, referrals and emotional support. Previous support groups were offered to those who are: General Support Group; Support Group for Friends and Family of People Diagnosed with Breast Cancer; Young Women’s Support Group, Under 40; Stage 4/Metastatic Breast Cancer; Touchstone: Book Club/Support Group; Cafecito – On-Going Breast Cancer Support Group for Latina Women; Online Support Group; Support Group for Men with Breast Cancer and Time-Limited, Topic-Focused, Psychoeducational Breast Cancer Groups. Support Groups are available upon request. If you do not see the group you want below, please call our hotline at (800)877-8077. We form support groups based upon your requests and needs. All support groups are free & confidential. In addition the program offers workshops, forums, and seminars all aimed as a supplement to treatment. Check the calendar for the most current programs offered.NassauADELPHI NY STATEWIDE BREAST CANCER HOTLINE & SUPPORT PROGRAMADELPHI UNIVERSITY
    BREAST CANCER RISK EDUCATION PROGRAMOffers women at high risk for breast cancer information about breast cancer and support. Topical issues and pro-active actions women can take to manage their risks of getting breast cancer are addressed over several meeting sessions. Call for schedule of meetings.SuffolkBREAST CANCER RISK EDUCATION PROGRAMHUNTINGTON HOSPITAL
    BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP IOffers newly diagnosed breast cancer patients(up to one year post-diagnosis) information about the illness, treatment and the opportunity to discuss challenges and experiences with their peers.NassauBREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP INORTHWELL HEALTH
    BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP IIOffers women diagnosed with breast cancer for more than one year the opportunity to discuss challenges and experiences with their peers.NassauBREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP IINORTHWELL HEALTH
    BRIDGE TO SURVIVORSHIP-BREAST CANCEROffers breast cancer survivors, who have completed treatment, information and support. Meetings will be held in the Monter conference room every other month depending on speaker availability. Please call for more information.NassauBRIDGE TO SURVIVORSHIP-BREAST CANCERNORTHWELL HEALTH
    CLEANING FOR A REASONNational Organization dedicated to providing free house cleaning services for women undergoing cancer treatment. Call for further information.CLEANING FOR A REASONCLEANING FOR A REASON
    COMMUNITY BREAST HEALTH PROGRAMProvides free breast health education to adolescents and adults at businesses, associations, colleges, faith-based organizations and community centers throughout the New York area. Call for more information.SuffolkCOMMUNITY BREAST HEALTH PROGRAMMAURER FOUNDATION FOR BREAST HEALTH EDUCATION
    DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINEOffers consultation, research on disease prevention and health promotion programs, evaluation and treatment of individuals, workplace evaluations, education, health studies and assessment services for employees and employers. Divisions within the department include: Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Division of Epidemiology/Preventive Medicine Research which coordinates Center for Eye Disease Studies Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine-Travel Medicine Services, and the Women's Health Initiative, part of the Stony Brook Clinical Center. Call for more Information.SuffolkDEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINESTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    ELLEN HERMANSON BREAST CENTEROffers a spectrum of breast health services including education, early detection screenings, breast cancer treatment and support. Provides computer-assisted mammography, ultrasound, and a breast biopsy system. Satellite services offered in East Hampton and Hampton Bays.SuffolkELLEN HERMANSON BREAST CENTERSTONY BROOK SOUTHAMPTON HOSPITAL
    FREE COMMUNITY LECTURESOffers free lectures on health topics to community members with the objective of educating, raising awareness, improving understanding of risk factors, diagnostic procedures and treatment. Topics may include cancer, diabetes, nutrition, stroke, cardiology and glaucoma. Topics are based on requests from the community, hospital physicians, staff and national health observances and recognition days. Call for more information.SuffolkGOOD SAMARITAN UNIVERSITYGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    GENETIC COUNSELINGProvides genetic couseling to assist patients understand their risk for genetic disease, causes of genetic disease and possible affects. Focus on cancer counseling through genetic testing for ovarian and breast cancer.SuffolkGENETIC COUNSELINGSTONY BROOK SOUTHAMPTON HOSPITAL
    GRUPO DE APOYO DE MUJERES LATINAS CONCANCER EN LOS SENOSOffers Latino breast cancer survivors opportunities to discuss their experiences. Call for meeting dates.SuffolkGROUPO DE APOYO DE MUJERES LATINAS CONCANCER EN LOS SENOSNORTHWELL HEALTH
    HIGH SCHOOL BREAST HEALTH PROGRAMProvides a 40 minute interactive lesson for high school students focusing on lifestyle changes to reduce risks for breast cancer and introduces students to methods of early detection. Call for more information.SuffolkHIGH SCHOOL BREAST HEALTH PROGRAMMAURER FOUNDATION FOR BREAST HEALTH EDUCATION
    ISLIP BREAST CANCER COALITION SUPPORT GROUPOffers women diagnosed with breast cancer the opportunity to discuss challenges and experiences with their peers. Please call for exact dates and times.SuffolkISLIP BREAST CANCER COALITION SUPPORT GROUPNORTHWELL HEALTH
    LEND A HELPING HANDSeeks to relieve some of the stresses and demands of daily life by offering services such as house cleaning, transportation, post-mastectomy accessory items and home catering to individuals coping with breast cancer. Referral required. Call. Walk in.SuffolkLEND A HELPING HANDWEST ISLIP BREAST CANCER COALITION FOR LONG ISLAND INC.
    LENDING A HELPING HANDSeeks to relieve some of the stresses and demands of daily life by offering services such as transportation for medical appointments, financial medical assistance, house cleaning, and post-mastectomy accessory items and beauty care. Referral required. Call for further information.SuffolkLENDING A HELPING HANDISLIP BREAST CANCER COALITION, INC.
    LONG BEACH BREAST CANCER COALITIONPromotes breast cancer awareness, advocating for increased funding for research to find the causes and a cure, and assisting in providing access to screening, diagnosis and treatment. Offers I am Fed Naturally organic gardening program and Lend a Helping Hand program providing auxiliary services to make life easier for women undergoing treatment for cancer including house cleaning, transportation, and help with rent/mortgage, light/heating and food bills.NassauLONG BEACH BREAST CANCER COALITIONLONG BEACH BREAST CANCER COALITION
    ON TREATMENT BREAST CANCER GROUPOffers breast cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment the opportunity to discuss their experiences with other indviduals.NassauON TREATMENT BREAST CANCER GROUPNORTHWELL HEALTH
    PREVENTION IS THE CURESeeks to focus on the disease rather than ways of coping with it once diagnosed by: increasing public awareness of environmental links to the disease; gaining support for the precautionary principles as it applies to public policy; urging the public to demand more funding for environmental health research; and encouraging a better attitude toward personal lifestyle.SuffolkPREVENTION IS THE CUREHUNTINGTON BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
    SISTERS OF GREATER LONG ISLAND, AMITYVILLEOffers African-American breast cancer survivors opportunities to discuss their experiences. Call for meeting dates.SuffolkSISTERS OF GREATER LONG ISLAND, AMITYVILLENORTHWELL HEALTH
    SISTERS OF GREATER LONG ISLAND:HUNTINGTONOffers African-American breast cancer survivors opportunities to discuss their experiences. Call for meeting dates.SuffolkSISTERS OF GREATER LONG ISLAND:HUNTINGTONNORTHWELL HEALTH
    SISTERS UNITED IN HEALTHProvides breast health and breast cancer education. Offers bilingual workshops, attends community events, and provides outreach throughout Long Island. Also offers referrals to free/low cost mammograms for women who are uninsured and/or undocumented.NassauSISTERS UNITED IN HEALTHSISTERS UNITED IN HEALTH
    SUPPORT FOR ORTHODOX JEWISH WOMEN WITH BREAST CANCEROffers support services for Orthodox Jewish women with breast cancer. Services may include counseling, reimbursement for some limited unreimbursed medical expenses and an annual retreat. Also provides meals, transportation assistance and emotional and peer support.SUPPORT FOR ORTHODOX JEWISH WOMEN WITH BREAST CANCERCHAI LIFELINE

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