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A disruption in the normal hearing process that may occur in the outer, middle, or inner ear, which prevents sound waves from being converted to electrical signals and nerve impulses from being transmitted to the brain to be interpreted. Included are conductive hearing loss that results from abnormalities of the external ear and/or the ossicles of the middle ear; sensorineural hearing loss that results from malfunction of inner ear structures (i.e., cochlea); and central auditory dysfunction that results from damage or dysfunction at the level of the eighth cranial nerve, auditory brain stem, or cerebral cortex. Hearing loss may be present at birth (congenital) or become evident later in life (acquired); and may or may not preclude the normal development of language. The severity of hearing loss is measured in decibles (dB). The threshold or 0 dB mark for each frequency refers to the level at which typical young adults perceive a tone burst 50% of the time. Hearing is considered normal if an individual's thresholds are within 15 dB of normal thresholds. Severity of hearing loss is graded as mild (26-40 dB), moderate (41-55 dB), moderately severe (56-70 dB), severe (71-90 dB) and profound (90 dB).

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ADOLESCENT MEDICINEProvides an 18-bed inpatient unit as well as ambulatory and satellite programs tailored to the unique medical and developmental needs of teenagers and young adults. Services include: General Health Care, Eating Disorders Center, Weight Management Center, Atherosclerosis Prevention Center, Adolescent Gynecology, Deaf Health Services, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Services, Behavioral Health Services, HIV Prevention Services and School Based Health Services.NassauADOLESCENT MEDICINE COHEN CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER NORTHWELL HEALTH
ASSISTIVE DEVICES DEMONSTRATION CENTERProvides one-on-one consultations and hands-on opportunity dealing with listening and alerting devices. Recommendations all made to sources for acquisitions of these devises. Demonstrations are offered to adult serving hearing impaired clients.NassauASSISTIVE DEVICES DEMONSTRATION CENTERHEARING LOSS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA/SOUTH NASSAU CHAPTER
AUDIOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS AND CONSULTATION SERVICESProvides a full complement of audiological evaluation and consultation services that is available to support the education of students with hearing loss, either in-district or in an Eastern Suffolk BOCES setting. In addition to full audiological evaluations, follow-up, parent and staff training, Eastern Suffolk BOCES offers a full spectrum of services to support the use of Frequency Modulation (FM) auditory trainers, including needs assessment evaluations, selection and ordering, equipment adjustments, summer maintenance, ear molds, training workshops, and review of district equipment. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkAUDIOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS AND CONSULTATION SERVICESEASTERN SUFFOLK BOCES EDUCATIONAL SERVICES
AUDIOLOGY/HEARING SERVICESProvide hearing services for all ages from newborns to the elderly. Services include infant hearing screening, complete hearing assessments for all pediatric populations(infants to school age), auditory processing evaluations for school age children, dizziness and hearing evaluations for older children and adults. Cochlear Implant Team services Nassau and Suffolk County and provides evaluation, surgery, programming and aural rehabilitation.SuffolkAUDIOLOGY/HEARING SERVICESSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
AUDIOLOGY/OTOLOGY SERVICESOffers testing, assessment, evaluation, recommendations and medical referrals. Dispenses hearing aids. Provides audiological management counseling, hearing aid orientation. Maintains tinnitus center. Serves adults, children and infants.AUDIOLOGY/OTOLOGY SERVICESCENTER FOR HEARING AND COMMUNICATION
CENTER FOR HEARING HEALTHProvides audiological services to children birth to adults in communities across Long Island. Services are offered on a fee-for-service basis. Financial grants and sliding scale are available.NassauMILL NECK AUDIOLOGYMILL NECK FAMILY OF ORGANIZATIONS
COMMUNICATION THERAPIESOffers communication evaluation, cochlear implant training/consultation, language development therapy, auditory perception training, articulation remediation. Conducts parent/infant program, early intervention program. Offers educational advocacy, planning and support.COMMUNICATION THERAPIESCENTER FOR HEARING AND COMMUNICATION
DEAF HEALTH SERVICESProvides access to LI Jewish Medical Center, Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York, Hillside Hospital and North Shore University Hospital, Manhasset for individuals who are deaf or deaf/blind who use the medical center. Services are also available for deaf family members involved in a patient's health care. Includes sign language interpreter access, TTY access, television captioning, hospital signage, staff education and sign language classes for hospital personnelNassauDEAF HEALTH SERVICES COHEN CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER NORTHWELL HEALTH
DOGS FOR THE DEAF, INC.Provides professionally trained hearings dogs for people who are deaf/hard of hearing. Dogs are placed nationwide and in Canada and are free of charge.DOGS FOR THE DEAF, INC.DOGS FOR THE DEAF, INC.
FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICESProvides assistance with Special Needs Trust. Call for further information.NassauFAMILY SUPPORT SERVICESMILL NECK FAMILY OF ORGANIZATIONS
HEARING AID HELPLINEProvides information on hearing loss and hearing aids and referrals to qualified Hearing Instrument Specialists.HEARING AID HELPLINEINTERNATIONAL HEARING SOCIETY
HEARING AND DISPENSINGProvides hearing aids, (linear, programmable, digital), to people of all ages who have had their hearing tested and who would benefit from amplification.SuffolkHEARING AND DISPENSINGSUFFOLK HEARING AND SPEECH CENTER OF GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
HEARING AND SPEECH CENTERProvides full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for all types of hearing and speech disorders. Serves all ages, infants through geriatric patients, and offers both in-patient and out-patient care. Features hearing-aid dispensary, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy program, voice laboratory, and newborn hearing screening program. Approved by early intervention and physically handicapped children's program for diagnosis/treatment of speech and hearing disorders. Offers various support groups for parents, cochlear implant patients, laryngectomy patients, and the hearing impaired. Call for current schedules.NassauHEARING AND SPEECH CENTERLONG ISLAND JEWISH MEDICAL CENTER
HEARING AND SPEECH CENTEREvaluates and serves adults and children with hearing, speech, language or swallowing impairments. Offers a full range of audiological and speech pathology and testing which include brain stem evoked response, central auditory test batteries, electomystagmography(for vertigo), hearing aid evaluations and hearing aid analysis, and site of lesion testing. State approved diagnostic and treatment center. Participates in the New York State Health Department's physically handicapped Children's Program. Also serves as a training center for gradual speech pathology and audiology students from affiliated universities.SuffolkHEARING AND SPEECH CENTERST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
HEARING AND SPEECH CENTER SUPPORT GROUPSOffers various support groups throughout the year in the Lower Level Conference Room of the Center. Parents of Hearing Impaired Children Support Group, 7pm, first Wednesday of the month. Cochlear Implant Patients and the Hearing Impaired Support Group, 7pm, second Wednesday of every month. Laryngectomy Support Group, 10:30am every Thursday. Call to confirm schedule.NassauHEARING AND SPEECH CENTER SUPPORT GROUPSLONG ISLAND JEWISH MEDICAL CENTER
HEARING SERVICESOffers hearing services for students attending local district programs who have hearing disorders or central auditory processing disorders and include the following: Audiological Evaluations (are provided for students with hearing impairment. Evaluations include pure tone audiometry and tympanometry. The following can be included in the evaluation for an additional fee: aided testing with hearing aids, hearing test with student wearing hearing aids; aided testing with FM unit, and hearing test with student wearing FM unit.); FM Evaluations (include an initial FM evaluation that provides a hearing test to determine the appropriate FM unit for the student. Calibration of the FM unit is included in this service. ); Earmolds (FM Amplification are provided for students who require FM amplification and are made by audiologists who individualize this equipment to meet the student's needs.); Central Auditory Processing Evaluation (provided for students, who are seven years and older, with normal hearing and intelligence who have an impaired ability to attend, discriminate, recognize or comprehend auditory information.The Central Auditory Processing Evaluation includes: a peripheral audiological evaluation; tests of speech recognition in quiet and noise; testing to assess central auditory processing disorders, including but not limited to dichotic listening tests, distorted speech, speech in noise, and temporal ordering tasks; and an evaluation report.); FM Amplification Trial (designed to assist district personnel in determining if low gain amplification could benefit students who have been diagnosed with: mild hearing loss; fluctuating middle ear hearing loss; learning disabilities involving auditory deficits; and sensorineural hearing loss. To determine if a student can benefit from such amplification, trial use of equipment is available. This includes provision of equipment for one month; in-service workshops for staff on proper use of equipment; classroom management techniques; and pre- and post-data using standardized checklists of auditory behaviors.); FM Equipment Services (provide for the rental of FM equipment for one month when it is necessary for a district to provide short term use of this equipment and in-service workshops are not needed. If FM equipment is not working properly, the unit can be brought to the BOCES Audiological Center at the Rosemary Kennedy Center – Room 1301G. A computerized evaluation of the unit will be provided and simple repairs, when possible, can be made.) and Consultant Services (include in-service consultation provided to assist district staff in meeting the needs of students with either hearing impairment or central auditory processing disorders.) Call for more detailed information.NassauHEARING SERVICESNASSAU BOCES DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION
HEARING SERVICES INFANT PROGRAMOffers services to assist children in achieving age-appropriate language, readiness and social skills which will enable them to enroll in early childhood activities within their neighborhoods. The Hearing Services Infant Program offers a comprehensive, multifaceted program for infants and toddlers who have hearing losses. Any child with a hearing loss significant enough to warrant the use of hearing aids is considered a candidate for the program. Referrals can be made for any child as soon as the diagnosis of a hearing loss is confirmed including newborns and children who are candidates for, or who have received, cochlear implants. Parent training and center-based services are the two key components of the program. Home-based services are based upon Project SKI-HI, a comprehensive intervention program for children with hearing losses and their families. Parents and family members learn about hearing loss, the use of hearing aids and cochlear implants, communication options and the development of language. This model recognizes the importance of helping parents and family members learn to work/play effectively with their child in order to stimulate audition, communication and language skills. The focus of these sessions is on the parent/family members, and how best to interact with the child. The parent advisor does not work directly with the child, but instructs, advises, teaches and models activities that the parent/family members can use with their child. Center-based services are initially provided to children and family members on an individual basis. This affords the family members an opportunity to ask questions, to practice using and troubleshooting the amplification equipment and to observe and imitate the ways in which the staff work with the child. Following this initial period, the staff may continue to work with the child individually or in a small group. Within the toddler groups, emphasis is placed on learning turn-taking skills, social communication and cooperative play, with a continued emphasis on the development of auditory skills and the acquisition of language. Speech therapy services may be provided to the child on an individual pull-out basis or as part of a collaborative instructional model within the classroom. Call for more detailed information.NassauHEARING SERVICES INFANT PROGRAMNASSAU BOCES DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION
HEARING TESTING, AUDIOLOGYProvides both pediatric testing for children as young as 3 months to testing for adults to determine if a hearing aid would be beneficial. Provides up-to-date equipment to diagnose hearing loss. Counseling services also included.SuffolkHEARING TESTING, AUDIOLOGYSUFFOLK HEARING AND SPEECH CENTER OF GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
HY WEINBERG CENTER FOR COMMUNICATION DISORDERSIs a not-for-profit, full-service speech and hearing center. We provide speech, language, and hearing evaluations and therapy to individuals and groups of all ages and all types of communication disorders. Undergraduate and graduate students provide these services under the supervision of NYS licensed and nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologists. Most services are provided free of charge with a nominal administrative fee per semester. Speech/Language services at the HY Weinberg Center include: Comprehensive Speech/Language; Evaluations; Individual and Group Therapy and Parent/Family Education. Hearing services include: Complete Audiological Evaluations; Hearing Aid Evaluations; Fitting and Dispensing of Hearing Aids; Immittance Testing; Central Auditory Testing; Auditory Brainstem Response Testing (ABR); Otoacoustic Emissions Testing and Aural Rehabilitation. Group programs include: TOTalk; KIDTalk; PreRead; Social Communication Groups; Accent Modification/English Conversation Group; Adult Communication Group and Transgender Voice Group. The Hy Weinberg Center for Communication Disorders is committed to a policy of equal access to services. Call for detailed information regarding each service offered. NassauHY WEINBERG CENTER FOR COMMUNICATION DISORDERSADELPHI UNIVERSITY
INFANT-ELEMENTARY SCHOOLProvides education for deaf and multiply disabled children who are deaf through age 14, and education of parents in American Sign Language. Evaluates students on request of school district and is a resource center on deafness.SuffolkINFANT-ELEMENTARY SCHOOLCLEARY SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF
INTERPRETER AND OTHER COMMUNICATION SERVICE REFERRALSSILO provides information about communication methods and strategies for persons with disabilities. Call SILO to get referrals for large print, audio, sign language, or Braille interpretation.SuffolkINTERPRETER AND OTHER COMMUNICATION SERVICE REFERRALSSUFFOLK INDEPENDENT LIVING ORGANIZATION (SILO)
ITINERANT SERVICES FOR THE HEARING IMPAIREDMainstreamed hearing impaired students are eligible for this complete language oriented, academic support program in their home schools. Based upon individual need, certified teachers of the deaf provide intensive language development, auditory training, speech correction, lip reading and academic tutoring program as well as sign language, manual alphabet and lip reading. This service is coordinated with the curriculum thus, requiring close cooperation with the teacher in the home school. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkITINERANT SERVICES FOR THE HEARING IMPAIREDWESTERN SUFFOLK BOCES SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM
JOHN L. NORRIS ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTERProvides residential alcohol/drug abuse treatment program to hearing impaired or deaf adults. Offers individual and group counseling which includes relapse prevention, assertiveness, grief, and vocational counseling. Also offers educational lectures, films, group discussions, Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, Concerned Others Program and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings.JOHN L. NORRIS ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTERNEW YORK STATE OFFICE OF ALCOHOLISM AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES
LONG ISLAND HEARING AND SPEECH SOCIETYSupports the Hearing and Speech Center at North Shore LIJ Health System by helping to fund the purchase of equipment and support the operational budget. Provides information and educational programs for the community and arranges for numerous speaking presentations and professional programs.NassauLONG ISLAND HEARING AND SPEECH SOCIETYLONG ISLAND HEARING AND SPEECH SOCIETY
LONG ISLAND SPEECH-LANGUAGE-HEARING ASSOCIATIONOperates as a not-for-profit volunteer organization comprised of more than 1200 speech-language pathologists and audiologists from the New York City border to Montauk. Provides the community with current information on communication disorders in children and adults. Serves as a referral source of speech-language-hearing services to the community. Provides members with continuing education opportunities through conferences, workshops and lectures. Offers programs for the community through its speakers bureau.SuffolkLONG ISLAND SPEECH-LANGUAGE-HEARING ASSOCIATIONLONG ISLAND SPEECH-LANGUAGE-HEARING ASSOCIATION
MILL NECK FOUNDATION FOR DEAF MINISTRYGathers funds for a variety of ministries with the Deaf throughout the United States and the world, including Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf and Mill Neck Services for Deaf Adults. For grant guidelines and applications, please call or visit the website.NassauMILL NECK FOUNDATION FOR DEAF MINISTRYMILL NECK FAMILY OF ORGANIZATIONS
MILL NECK INTERPRETER SERVICESProvides sign language interpreters for a wide variety of services including: doctor appointments, church, meetings, trainings, etc. Interpreters are to be provided free of charge to the person with the disability. Services can be arranged throughout LI/NY Metro Region, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services can be arranged throughout LI/NY Metro Region, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cost is to be paid by organization (hospital, school, etc.) Requests should be made two weeks prior to the event there is a 24-hour cancellation policy to avoid charge. Pre-certified and certified interpreters are available, call for further information.NassauMILL NECK INTERPRETER SERVICESMILL NECK FAMILY OF ORGANIZATIONS
NORTHEAST REGIONAL CENTERProvides service dogs to be matched with adults, children ages 18+ or veterans with a disabilities other than blindness; skilled companion dogs for individuals 5 years+ with developmental or physical disabilities other than blindness; and facility dogs for professional therapists/health care workers to use in animal-assisted therapy programs within hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers or other such institutions. Serves Nassau, Suffolk, Long Island, Northeast Region from Main to Virginia and as far west as Ohio.SuffolkNORTHEAST REGIONAL CENTERCANINE COMPANIONS FOR INDEPENDENCE
NORTH SHORE CHAPTER OF HEARING LOSS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (HLAA)Offers individuals with hearing loss the opportunity to meet with peers to share information and discuss personal experiences.NassauNORTH SHORE CHAPTER OF HEARING LOSS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (HLAA)NORTHWELL HEALTH
OTOLARYNGOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION DISORDERSOffers primary and tertiary care for diseases affecting the neck and head. Services include otology, paranasal sinus and nasal surgery, head and neck surgery, laryngeal reconstructive surgery, carbon dioxide laser treatment of laryngeal papoilloma, and endoscopy. Facilities include a Same Day Surgery inpatient unit, and outpatient program and a Hearing and Speech Center.NassauOTOLARYNGOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION DISORDERS COHEN CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER NORTHWELL HEALTH
OUTREACH PROGRAMProvides speakers to present programs on hearing impairment and demonstration of relevant assistive devices other than hearing aids.NassauOUTREACH PROGRAMHEARING LOSS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA/SOUTH NASSAU CHAPTER
PAL-O-MINE EQUESTRIAN, INC.Provides a therapeutic horseback riding program to help benefit those with disabilities by stretching the mind and muscles. Teaches horseback riding to students who are physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged and those who are visually or hearing impaired. Call for more information.SuffolkPAL-O-MINE EQUESTRIAN, INC.PAL-O-MINE EQUESTRIAN, INC.
PSYCHOLOGICAL/MENTAL HEALTH SERVICESProvides psychological evaluation, counseling, workshops, parent education, support groups. Offers psychiatric evaluations and treatment, individual, family and group psychotherapy.PSYCHOLOGICAL/MENTAL HEALTH SERVICESCENTER FOR HEARING AND COMMUNICATION
READING EQUIPMENT AIDS AND DEVICES ROOMProvides a variety of special aids on display for people with physical, visual, and hearing impairments.SuffolkREADING EQUIPMENT AIDS AND DEVICES ROOMWEST BABYLON PUBLIC LIBRARY
REHABILITATION CENTERProvides inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative care, including amputation, brain injury/trauma, multitrauma, orthopedic, pediatric, spinal cord injury, and stroke rehabilitation.SuffolkREHABILITATION CENTERST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
RESIDENTIAL HABILITATIONProvides residential habilitation services for deaf/hard-of-hearing individuals. Call for further information.NassauRESIDENTIAL HABILITATIONMILL NECK FAMILY OF ORGANIZATIONS
RESIDENTIAL SERVICESCatholic Charities operates group homes for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities that encourage each resident to grow in their functioning and to participate in their communities. As able, residents participate in day programs and workshops, engage in social and recreational activities in the community, have household chores, and run errands. Some even maintain competitive employment. Residential services are provided in 13 residences serving 107 people in communities throughout Long Island including: Amityville (two residences, one for developmentally disabled adults with Alzheimer's disease/dementia) Aquebogue, Babylon Village, Copiague, Elmont, Hampton Bays, Huntington Station, Manhasset (for Developmentally disabled deaf adults) Southhold, Valley Stream, West Babylon (two residences)SuffolkRESIDENTIAL SERVICESCATHOLIC CHARITIES
SECONDARY PROGRAMProvides education to students who are deaf and multiply handicapped deaf in a mainstream and individual class setting.SuffolkSECONDARY PROGRAMCLEARY SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF
SPEECH-LANGUAGE-HEARING CLINICOffers diagnostic and treatment services to children and adults for a variety of communication disorders. All clinical services are supervised by professional speech-language pathologists and audiologists who hold certification by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. Speech-language pathology services include: Comprehensive evaluations of communication including speech, language and literacy; Language therapy: spoken and written language; Articulation therapy; Voice therapy; Treatment of stuttering; Treatment of myofunctional disorders, swallowing and related functions; Treatment of cognitive-communication disorders and Consultation regarding Augmentative/Alternate Communication. In addition communication enhancement services are offered to: Improve English-language proficiency and Modify accent. Audiology services include: Audiological evaluations and screenings; Hearing aid evaluations, including fitting and dispensing; Central auditory processing evaluations and Aural rehabilitation services. Additional specialty clinics include: "Speaking of Toddlers" which is a language stimulation group for preschoolers. Through developmentally appropriate play, sensory-based activities, and snack/craft/story time, children develop vocabulary and social communication skills. Language facilitation strategies, peer to peer interactions in small group settings, and parent training are used to achieve each child's individual language/communication goals. The Aphasia Program is also offered. Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that impairs a person's ability to process language. Individual treatment, designed to assist in the recovery of speech, language, reading, writing and functional communication, is provided at the clinic. Group therapy is employed to support individual treatment, and to provide opportunities for social participation. The program also includes a group for caregivers of people with aphasia. Some community-based projects include: Language stimulation groups at the Saltzman Community Services Center's Diane Lindner-Goldberg Child Care Institute (CCI) and Language-literacy support program at an area elementary school. Call for more detailed information.NassauSPEECH-LANGUAGE-HEARING CLINICHOFSTRA UNIVERSITY-JOAN AND ARNOLD SALTZMAN COMMUNITY SERVICES CENTER
SPEECH/LANGUAGE PATHOLOGYProvides varied speech and hearing services. Call for information.NassauSPEECH/LANGUAGE PATHOLOGYGLEN COVE HOSPITAL
ST. DAVID'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCHProvides spiritual guidance, religious services and support for their congregation. Also provides various cultural and educational programs. Offers ministry to the hearing impaired with a 9am Sunday Service in American Sign Language. Call for additional information.NassauST. DAVID'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCHST. DAVID'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH
SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTProvides employment services for Deaf adults with multiple disabilities and people with mental retardation. Call for further information.NassauSUPPORTED EMPLOYMENTMILL NECK FAMILY OF ORGANIZATIONS
SUPPORT FOR PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH HEARING LOSSOffers parents of children with hearing loss the opportunity to meet with peers to share information and discuss personal experiences.NassauSUPPORT FOR PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH HEARING LOSSNORTHWELL HEALTH
TECHNICAL SERVICESOffers earmold fittings, hearing aid repairs, and assistive device consultations.TECHNICAL SERVICESCENTER FOR HEARING AND COMMUNICATION
THEA BOWMAN RESIDENCEProvides a 31-unit, low-income housing complex for people with physical disabilities, either mobility-impaired, visually-impaired, or hearing-impaired. Inquiries and application requests handled by Stanan Management Company.SuffolkTHEA BOWMAN RESIDENCECATHOLIC CHARITIES
VOCATIONAL EVALUATIONSProvides vocational assessments for Deaf, hard of hearing, or other functional disabilities. Call for further information.NassauVOCATIONAL EVALUATIONSMILL NECK FAMILY OF ORGANIZATIONS

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