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Disorders that are characterized by persistent feelings of apprehension, worry, uneasiness or dread the source of which is frequently nonspecific or unknown to the individual which may be accompanied by restlessness, irritability, lack of concentration, difficulty sleeping, increased heart rate, shortness of breath and other physiological symptoms.

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ADOLESCENT PAVILLIONProvides acute, intense, short-term, inpatient psychiatric treatment to adolescents ages 12-17. Aims to achieve rapid stabilization to make possible ongoing treatment in a less restrictive setting. A variety of behavioral and emotional problems are treated including: anxiety disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders and other disruptive behavior disorders, mood disorders including major depression, bipolar disorders and psychotic disorders. Offers special expertise in diagnostic assessment, psychopharmacology, and family and behavioral therapy. Call for more information.ADOLESCENT PAVILLIONTHE ZUCKER HILLSIDE HOSPITAL
ADULT INPATIENT PSYCHIATRIC SERVICESOperates a 27 bed unit for adults and geriatric patients with psychiatric and behavioral problems. These include anxiety and panic disorders, depression, manic depressive illness, schizophrenia, and eating disorders that require 24 hour nursing care and supervision. Weekly group meetings provide education and support for family members during the hospitalization period.SuffolkADULT INPATIENT PSYCHIATRIC SERVICESJOHN T. MATHER MEMORIAL HOSPITAL
ADULT PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES-INPATIENT AND PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION PROGRAM (PHP)Offers inpatient and partial hospitalization treatment programs for adults who suffer from varying acute disorders such as anxiety, mood, and schizoprenic disorders, as well as, behavioral and personality disorders.SuffolkSOUTH OAKS HOSPITALSOUTH OAKS HOSPITAL
ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAThe ADAA promotes the early diagnosis, treatment and cure of anxiety disorders and is committed to improving the lives of those who suffer from them. Members include clinicians and researchers who treat and study individuals with anxiety disorders and their families, and other interested individuals. Offers written materials and Referrals to Health Care Providers. Call about support groups and for more information.ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAANXIETY AND DEPRESSION ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA
ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION TREATMENT PROGRAMProvides state-of-the art evidence-based psychological treatments (cognitive behavioral therapy) for individuals suffering from anxiety and/or depression. The Center also provides a thorough diagnostic evaluation to assess current symptoms which includes a detailed interview conducted by a clinician as well as the administration of self-report questionnaires. Also the center will conduct research on the nature and treatment of anxiety and depression. Problems Treated at the Anxiety and Depression Program include: Panic Disorder; Generalized Anxiety Disorder; Specific Phobia; Social Anxiety; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; and Depression. There is a fee and no insurance is accepted. Call for an appointment or to speak with a staff member who can help determine if the program would be appropriate for the problem you are experiencing.NassauPSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION RESEARCH AND COUNSELING CLINICHOFSTRA UNIVERSITY-JOAN AND ARNOLD SALTZMAN COMMUNITY SERVICES CENTER
CHILD/ADOLESCENT INPATIENT AND PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION PROGRAMProvides treatment for a diverse mix of acute behavioral, emotional, and substance abuse problems. All treatments begin with a comprehensive assessment, including psychiatric, physical, and psychosocial components. Treatment is based on a proved behavior modification system and therapeutic rehabilitation for lasting results.SuffolkSOUTH OAKS HOSPITALSOUTH OAKS HOSPITAL
CHILD AND FAMILY TRAUMA INSTITUTEOffers services to children and their families suffering from traumatic experiences and post-traumatic stress disorder. Cognitive-behavior therapy and exposure therapy are the preferred modes of treatment for PTSD. In Cognitive-behavior therapy your therapist helps you understand and change the way you think, feel and behave in response to your traumatic experience. You will learn how to identify problematic thoughts about yourself and the world that are making you fearful and have resulted in you withdrawing from previously enjoyable activities. With the help of your therapist, you will learn how to replace these thoughts with less distressing ones and behave in effective and self-fulfilling ways. Exposure therapy is an important part of CBT. In exposure therapy the goal is to confront your fears. Your therapist will help you to stop avoiding those thoughts, feelings and situations that have caused you so much distress. Exposure therapy may involve simply discussing your concerns in detail. By talking about your trauma in-depth and frequently with a therapist, you will learn how to control these unwanted thoughts and feelings. You learn to stop fearing your past. This may be hard at first; it might be difficult to intentionally confront and deal with painful thoughts and feelings. Your therapist will guide you through this process. All services are provided in a professional and ethical manner and conform to the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association. Any materials related to the assessment or treatment will not be released without the written consent of the client, except where mandated by the law. Call for more detailed information.NassauPSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION RESEARCH AND COUNSELING CLINICHOFSTRA UNIVERSITY-JOAN AND ARNOLD SALTZMAN COMMUNITY SERVICES CENTER
DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRYProvides a comprehensive evaluation of psychiatric problems. Patients receive outpatient psychiatric treatment from psychiatric who provide individual therapy and medication management.NassauNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSETNORTH SHORE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL-MANHASSET
KRASNER PSYCHOLOGICAL CENTERServices provided at the KPC are based on cognitive-behavioral treatment models, which address the “here and now” and the problem thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may be associated with your distress. Our therapy is active and involves a collaborative effort and commitment between you and your therapist as you work towards measurable goals. CBT-based interventions are available for a wide range of problems, as typically found in outpatient clinics. Problems addressed include issues related to anxiety difficulties, adjustment problems, depression, grief, trauma, anger control problems, issues related to parenting, conduct issues with children, relationship and couple problems, sexual difficulties, occupational difficulties, academic problems including learning difficulties and ADHD, as well as issues related to personality. In addition, at the KPC we have state-of-the art specialty clinics designed to address specific kinds of problems: Anxiety Disorders; Depressive Disorders; Couple and Marital Relationships and Children and Teens. We offer group therapy and Psychological Evaluations and Testing. All clients will first undergo a careful assessment. We offer one-on-one treatment, couple and family therapy, as well as several group therapy programs. Treatment is typically once weekly, although more intensive schedules are also possible when warranted. The length of treatment varies depending on the severity and types of clinical problems. The average duration of treatment is approximately 12 to 16 sessions. We operate on a Wait List system. After a brief phone screening process, which takes approximately 15 minutes, you are entered onto our Wait List, which allows us time to match your needs with the best appropriate therapist from our team. We do not contract with insurance providers; however, our fees are based on a sliding scale according to income and are considerably lower than those of practitioners in the community. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkKRASNER PSYCHOLOGICAL CENTERSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY
MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING CENTEROffers a wide range of outpatient behavioral health services including individual, group and family psychotherapy. Specialized services for depression, anxiety and childhood emotional disorders are available. The Center offers a partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Program.NassauMENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING CENTERSOUTH NASSAU COMMUNITIES HOSPITAL
OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICESAn outpatient clinic for adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety, family conflicts, emotional or psychiatric illness. The program is offered by Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Nurse Practitioner. Specific treatment services include the following: Biopsychosocial Assessment and treatment planning Psychiatric evaluation Community consulation and education Verbal Therapy-individual, groups, couples, and family Psychopharmacotherapy Medication Management Crisis Management Health screening and referral Rehabilitation readiness Case Management.NassauOUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICESMERCY MEDICAL CENTER
PANIC AND ANXIETY DISORDERAllows people with Panic Disorder, Anxiety or Phobias the opportunity to get together in a safe environment. There is a psychoeducation portion that offers a cognitive approach to recovering from Panic Disorder/Anxiety/Phobias, teaches skills such as breathing relaxation training, exercise and changing irrational thoughts for preventing these episodes. Also provides an opportunity to share common experiences, thoughts and feelings. Call for time and location.SuffolkPANIC AND ANXIETY DISORDERASSOCIATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS
PARENTS OF CHILDREN DIAGNOSED WITH PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS-SUPPORT GROUPProvides a place for parents of children with anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive, tourette syndrome and other disorders to network and exchange information. Call for meeting dates and times.SuffolkPARENTS OF CHILDREN DIAGNOSED WITH PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS-SUPPORT GROUPWESTERN SUFFOLK PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES
PHOBIA TREATMENT PROGRAMOffers treatment to individuals suffering from phobias whose anxiety and fear limit their ability to function in social and work situations. Treatments offered include: individual and group treatment, cognitive strategies, psychopharmacologic treatment, In-Vivo exposure treatment, and Virtual Reality exposure. Call for information.PHOBIA TREATMENT PROGRAMTHE ZUCKER HILLSIDE HOSPITAL
PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES CENTERProvides a private, nonprofit mental health facility operated by the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at LIU Post. The clinic operates with the objectives of providing diverse psychological services to all members of the local community as well as serving as a training facility for the C.W. Post Clinical Psychology Doctoral candidates. The graduate student-therapist’s work is closely supervised by licensed clinical psychologists who are faculty members of the Department of Psychology, as well as licensed clinical psychologists from the Long Island community who serve as Adjunct Clinical Supervisors. While providing quality services and facilities is expensive, it is the policy of the PSC to work with individuals and families regardless of income. No client is denied treatment due to inability to pay. Clients seek services for a wide variety of reasons. Relationship problems, school difficulties, or personal stress often bring clients to the PSC. Psychological needs for which people can find help at the clinic include, but are not limited to, the following. Learning Disabilities; Attention/Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Giftedness; Personality; IQ – Intelligence; School Related Adjustment; Aggressive Behavior/Anger Management; Social Anxiety & Shyness; Depression; Oppositional Behavior & Conduct Problems; Fears & Phobias; Anxiety; Health Worries; Stress Management; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Bereavement; Phobias and Anxiety Disorders; Behavior Modification for Habit Control; Marriage & Family Therapy; Family Conflicts/Family Therapy; Parent-Child Conflicts; and Couple and Relationship Therapy. The following are current groups offered at the PSC: Child /Adolescent Groups include: Social Anxiety; Anger & Conduct Management; Dealing with Aggressive Peers & Bullies; Attention and Hyperactivity Problems. Adult Groups include: Living with Loss – Bereavement in Older Adults and Women in Transition-Coping with Challenges of Middle Age. In addition Trauma Therapy and Specialty Programs are also offered to Victims of Crime/Violence; Victims of Sexual and/or Physical Abuse and Survivors of Child Abuse. Also offered is the award-winning Trauma Response Team (TRT) of the C.W. Post Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program which has provided free on-site counseling in schools and community organizations following small and large disasters. Psychological First Aid, coping strategies and crisis counseling are provided to support recovery and foster resiliency. Call for more detailed informationNassauPSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES CENTERLIU POST
SAGAMORE/EASTERN BOCES DAY TREATMENT CENTERSServes youngsters ages 5-18 who are diagnosed as having a severe emotional disorder and who need extensive psychiatric support. Diagnostic categories include, but are not limited to: attention deficit, anxiety, schizophrenia, paranoia and affective autism spectrum disorders. Services include 6:1:1 or 8:1:1 placement with appropriate support staff at the Sayville Academic Center and 8:1:1 placement with appropriate support staff at the Sequoya High School and Jefferson Academic Center. Psychiatric, rehabilitation, social work, and psychological services are offered. Students who no longer need intense psychiatric support can remain at their respective centers and receive counseling from Eastern Suffolk BOCES staff. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkSAGAMORE/EASTERN BOCES DAY TREATMENT CENTERSEASTERN SUFFOLK BOCES EDUCATIONAL SERVICES
SOCIAL TRAINING CENTERProvides therapeutic services to high school and college-aged individuals and their families, in order to help negotiate life adjustments such as the social, academic and vocational challenges. Most adolescents and young adults with Asperger’s want to find a safe forum to discuss and explore topics that can be very difficult to address. We provide group and individual processing opportunities to students. This enables them to share and explore their experiences dealing with disabilities in areas such as understanding social cues, executive functioning difficulties, family dynamics, sexuality and dating concerns, establishing and maintaining relationships, and work-related problems. The Social Training Center provides ongoing therapeutic and support services in groups and individual counseling sessions to high school and college-aged individuals, between ages 15-22, with a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism. Each group is comprised of individuals matched according to age, interests and developmental needs. Group sessions last 1-hour, and individual sessions are 45-minutes. Each participant will be charged a moderate fee for individual and group sessions. To find out more about the Center's services, or to indicate your interest in scheduling an appointment, please fill out our Interest Form online or call.NassauSOCIAL TRAINING CENTERADELPHI UNIVERSITY

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