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    Individuals who receive treatment at a hospital, clinic or dispensary but are not hospitalized.

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    ADULT FOOT AND ANKLE RECONSTRUCTION SERVICESOffers a combination of physicians' office, ambulatory surgery and inpatient care to patients with foot and ankle pain.SuffolkADULT FOOT AND ANKLE RECONSTRUCTION SERVICESSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    AMBULATORY AND INPATIENT SURGICAL PAVILIONFeatures eight operating room suites, a recovery area, a 12-bed intensive care unit, units for ctyoscopy and endoscopy, a pre-admission testing area, and a separate area for pediatric patients that allows parents to stay with their children right up to the moment of surgery and reunites them at their bedside immediately afterward.SuffolkAMBULATORY AND INPATIENT SURGICAL PAVILIONJOHN T. MATHER MEMORIAL HOSPITAL
    AMBULATORY PHYSICAL THERAPYProvides physical therapy and rehabilitation. Walk-ins are accepted. Call for further information.NassauAMBULATORY PHYSICAL THERAPYLONG ISLAND JEWISH MEDICAL CENTER
    AMBULATORY SURGERY UNITProvides a Pre-Admission Testing facility located in Bay Shore and an Ambulatory-Surgery Unit on the hospital grounds.SuffolkAMBULATORY SURGERY UNITGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    AQUATIC THERAPY PROGRAMProvides a therapeutic swimming pool available to inpatients and outpatients where therapy is available through physical therapy, recreation therapy, adapted aquatics instruction, tai chi and leisure swims to restore mobility, flexibility and strength. Also offered is an Adapted Exercise Aquatics Program.AQUATIC THERAPY PROGRAMHELEN HAYES HOSPITAL
    BLOOD DONOR CENTERObtains blood donations from the Long Island community. Walk-ins welcome. Call for community calendar.NassauBLOOD DONOR CENTERNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    BREAST IMAGING CENTERProvides mammograms (a low-dose breast x-ray) for women. Provides test results and follow up testing including: breast ultrasound, biopsy, cyst aspiration, and needle biopsy.NassauBREAST IMAGING CENTERNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    CARDIAC REHABILITATION PROGRAMOffers a 12-week plan with three 1-hour exercise sessions per week to men and women with coronary problems in an attempt to help individuals maintain healthy hearts and return to life's mainstream. Provides support and guidance for families.NassauCARDIAC REHABILITATION PROGRAMWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    CARDIOLOGY DEPARTMENTProvides services for the diagnosis and monitoring of heart disease, on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. The Department also offers a Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit combining a supervised program of exercise and patient education for cardiac patient.SuffolkCARDIOLOGY DEPARTMENTBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    CENTEREACH-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKOffers a wide range of outpatient services including physical therapy, OB/GYN physical therapy and orthopedic manual therapy. Rehabilitative services are provided to alleviate incontinence and pelvic pain. Sports medicine, bone density and mammography diagnostic testing are other services offered.SuffolkCENTEREACH-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    CENTER FOR CHILDHOOD ASTHMAProvides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary outpatient program for children and adolescents with asthma. The team includes sub-specialists in Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine and Allergy/Immunology. Treatment includes pulmonary function testing, complete allergy testing and treatment. At the Asthma Learning Center patients and families can learn about asthma through reading, watching videos or playing interactive gamesNassauCENTER FOR CHILDHOOD ASTHMA COHEN CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER NORTHWELL HEALTH
    CENTER FOR PEDIATRIC SPECIALTY CAREOffers services and pediatric specialists in areas of expertise including cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, endocrinology, hematology, gastroenterology, sleep breathing disorders, allergies and asthma, developmental and behavioral areas. Also provides comprehensive care for children with special needs. Individuals are seen on an outpatient basis. Call for further information.SuffolkCENTER FOR PEDIATRIC SPECIALTY CAREGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY AMBULATORY SERVICESProvides consultation, evaluation and individual, group and family treatments for children and adolescents with behavioral and emotional difficulties and their families. Specialized programs under Ambulatory Care include medication evaluation and treatment legal services for divorce, abuse and criminal justice issues psycholtherapy for gay and lesbian youth and parent and professional education. Children with DSM-IV Axis l diagnosis and related significant distress and dysfunction are eligible. Call for further information.NassauCHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY AMBULATORY SERVICES COHEN CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER NORTHWELL HEALTH
    CHILD LIFE PROGRAMDesigned to help children and families to cope socially, psychologically and emotionally during experiences of hospitalization, surgery or treatment for medical illness or injury. Core activities include developmentally appropriate play, medical play and preparation, procedural support, art and music therapy, and a resource center. Special events include Pet Therapy, movies, arts and crafts, a hospital patient art gallery, a horticultural program and a science museum program. Offers inpatient and outpatient services and a hospital school.NassauCHILD LIFE PROGRAM COHEN CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER NORTHWELL HEALTH
    COMMUNITY EDUCATION SERVICESOffers educational services to in-patients and outpatients, secondary schools and colleges, professional organizations, medical facilities, and the community at large, including religious organizations. Individual help with school reports can be obtained by scheduling an appointment with the staff Health Educator. Offers staff training in reproductive health issues. Programs are designed to meet the needs of the requesting group. Speakers are provided by the Nassau University Medical Center and other Family Planning Groups. Call for more information.NassauCOMMUNITY EDUCATION SERVICESNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    COMMUNITY HABILITATION SERVICESProvide residential services which include skills training, recreation, and volunteer opportunities. Documentation of developmental disabilities required.SuffolkCOMMUNITY HABILITATION SERVICESEAST END DISABILITY ASSOCIATES, INC.
    COMPREHENSIVE EPILEPSY CENTERProvides a complete program of diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. It offers expert help to adults and teenagers with seizure disorders who have not yet been definitely diagnosed and to those who have already had a diagnosis of epilepsy but are seeking improved management or control. The Center's program includes a combination of services for inpatient and outpatient care. Services include: diagnosis of epilepsy and related conditions, establishment of a medication plan considering factors such as seizure control, behavioral/cognitive manifestations and toxicity, a four-bed epilepsy unit with on-line computer analysis for continuous EEG and video monitoring, clinical trials of investigational drugs, evaluation of intractable seizures for the surgical treatment option, preoperative and postoperative care following surgery, psychosocial assessment and rehabilitation referrals and educational and social support groups.NassauCOMPREHENSIVE EPILEPSY CENTERLONG ISLAND JEWISH MEDICAL CENTER
    COMPUTERIZED AXIAL TOMOGRAPHY (CT)Offers head and body computed tomography including state-of-the-art speed spiral tomography, 3-D reconstruction and 3-D angiography. Outpatient procedures, such as percutaneous biopsies and abscess drainage are also performed. Sedation for pediatric examinations is also available.SuffolkCOMPUTERIZED AXIAL TOMOGRAPHY (CT)STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    COURTESY COACHProvides local transport linking St. Charles Hospital and Rehabilitation Centers. Serves patients and outpatients needing transportation to Physical or Occupational Therapy. Call for further information.SuffolkCOURTESY COACHST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    CYTOPATHOLOGY DEPARTMENTProvides preparatory and diagnostic services for all fluid, smear, and aspiration specimens, including PAP smears and Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) specimens.NassauCYTOPATHOLOGY DEPARTMENTNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    DEMATTEIS CENTER FOR CARDIAC RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONOffers a wide range of fitness, preventive and wellness programs, as well as health screenings and educational programs. Programs include: screening programs, community education programs, fitness programs, cardiac education courses, cardiac emergency skills, cardiac nutrition courses, and cardiac support groups. Call for more information and catalog of course offerings.NassauDEMATTEIS CENTER FOR CARDIAC RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL-THE HEART CENTER
    DENTAL CLINICOffers dental screening and treatment to the physically and developmentally disabled and those on Medicaid. Services include cleft palate clinic, general dentistry, orthodontic clinic, and temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) clinic. Call for additional information.SuffolkDENTAL CLINICST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGYProvides 15 anesthesiologists including specialists in Obstetrical Anesthesia, Critical Care Medicine, Pain Management, and Pediatric Anesthesia. Anesthesiologists recommend the most suitable form of anesthesia based on evaluation of your medical history and type of treatment.NassauDEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGYNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGYProvides anesthesia care for cardiac, pediatric, obstetric, vascular, ambulatory as well as all general surgical procedures. Also offers a multidisciplinary service for acute and chronic pain by providing a comprehensive approach to pain assessment and management for both inpatients and outpatients through diagnosis and treatment of acute, chronic, benign and cancer-related pain.SuffolkDEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGYSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    DEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGYOffers general dermatology consultation including care for patients with pigmented lesions, eczema, psoriasis, blistering disease, photodamaged skin, hair loss, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and human papilloma virus disease. Specialized treatments and diagnostic services include dermatopathology, Mohs micrographic surgery for skin cancer, general dermatologic and laser surgery, chemophototherapy, phototherapy and patch skin testing for allergies. Cooperative programs include dermatopathlolgy, the Living Skin Bank and a leg ulcer program.SuffolkDEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGYSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MEDICINETreats all medical emergencies, as well as coordinates all ambulance care throughout Nassau County through the Medical Control Unit. Every bed has cardiac monitoring capability in the department. Provides emergency surgery, emergency pediatrics and gynecology, an emergency ambulatory unit, and emergency psychiatry and geriatrics. In addition to acute medical services provides family support services, a coalition against domestic violence, a rape advocate program, and the SCAN unit, for suspected child abuse and neglect.NassauDEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MEDICINENASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINEProvides 31 full-time faculty physicians as well as 12 part-time, 83 resident physicians and 15 fellows who provide comprehensive care in eight divisions that make up the department. Staff oversees both the inpatient and outpatient medical services offered by the Internal Medicine and Medical Subspecialty divisions.NassauDEPARTMENT OF MEDICINENASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    DEPARTMENT OF NUCLEAR MEDICINEProvides radionuclide in-vivo imaging and laboratory examinations which are performed in an ultra-modern suite containing state of the art equipment.NassauDEPARTMENT OF NUCLEAR MEDICINENASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGYPerforms laboratory testing for all facilities of the Nassau Health Care Corporation, including the Nassau University Medical Center, A. Holly Patterson Geriatric Center, Nassau County Correctional Center, and the Community Health Center Clinics.NassauDEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGYNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    DIABETES CARE CENTEROffers a comprehensive diabetes education and training program for those with type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. Provides participants with the tools and information that will enable them to achieve blood sugar control, help prevent diabetes related complications and enjoy optimal health. This program has received the distinction of being recognized by the American Diabetes Association for providing quality self-management education. Also offers diabetes support group as well as juvenile diabetes club. Call for further information.SuffolkDIABETES CARE CENTERST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    DIABETES EDUCATION CENTEROffers men, women, and children, who are diet-controlled, taking oral medication or injecting insulin, education programs to help them manage their condition. In addition to individual consultations with a diabetes nurse specialist and registered dietician, group classes are available for adults and special learning and support groups and are tailored to children.NassauDIABETES EDUCATION CENTERWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    DIALYSIS UNITAn outpatient dialysis unit consisting of a 12-chair Hemodialysis Unit and a Home Training Peritoneal Dialysis Program. Provides Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis and Automated Peritoneal Dialysis at the center's ambulatory unit for those eligible patients. A multi-disciplinary team, including staff from medicine, nursing, social service and dietary, provides care for young adults, adults, and geriatric patients diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure.SuffolkDIALYSIS UNITST. CATHERINE OF SIENA MEDICAL CENTER
    DIVISION OF ADOLESCENT MEDICINEProvides comprehensive care to young people of junior high, high school and college age, up to the 20th birthday. Health assessments are offered for school and college entry, camp enrollment, sports participation and employment application. Health care maintenance visits include immunization updates, age-appropriate screenings and on-site laboratory testing. Referrals are made for the evaluation and management of acute and chronic problems including disturbances of growth and development, weight loss and sexually transmitted diseases.NassauDIVISION OF ADOLESCENT MEDICINENASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    DIVISION OF ALLERGY/IMMUNOLOGYOffers evaluation of the following kinds of medical problems: asthma, eczema, hives, food and latex allergies, poison ivy, insect stings and bites, medication reactions, and indoor environments.NassauDIVISION OF ALLERGY/IMMUNOLOGYNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    DIVISION OF RESPIRATORY THERAPYProvides inhalation therapy and oxygen therapy. Call for more information.NassauDIVISION OF RESPIRATORY THERAPYNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    DIVISION OF WOUND CARE AND HYPERBARIC OXYGEN CENTERProvides patients with hyperbaric, or pressurized, environment to treat conditions including: crush injuries and traumatic ischemias, compromised skin grafts, decompression illness, thermal burns, exceptional blood loss anemia, cyanide poisoning, refractory osteomyelitis, carbon monoxide poisoning, acute arterial insufficienc, air or gas embolism, multiple brain abscesses, gas gangrene and problem wounds.NassauDIVISION OF WOUND CARE AND HYPERBARIC OXYGEN CENTERNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    EAST SETAUKET-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKOffers a wide range of outpatient services including sports medicine, orthopedic manual, occupational and physical therapy.SuffolkEAST SETAUKET-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    EATING DISORDERS CENTERProvides comprehensive psychiatric, medical and nutritional care for children, adolescents, and young adults with eating disorders. Inpatient, partial-day, and outpatient services are provided exclusively for the younger population ages 6-23 and each program is tailored to the needs of the patient. Treatment modalities include: outpatient, individual, family, and group therapies outpatient medical management outpatient nutritional counseling intensive evening outpatient program partial hospitalizations and inpatient treatment.EATING DISORDERS CENTERTHE ZUCKER HILLSIDE HOSPITAL
    ELMONT TREATMENT CENTERFunctions as an outpatient satellite of The Zucker Hillside Hospital. Offers several levels of treatment geared to the individual needs of adults experiencing difficulty due to their use of drugs or alcohol. DWI and court evaluations performed early intervention, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization available. Also offers evaluation, crisis intervention, referral, psychiatric evaluation, medication management, individual, group and family therapy, vocational evaluation, vocational counseling, activities therapy and toxicology testing.NassauELMONT TREATMENT CENTERTHE ZUCKER HILLSIDE HOSPITAL
    EPILEPSY CENTER-DIVISION OF NEUROLOGYProvides comprehensive care for children diagnosed with epilepsy and seizure disorders. Services include diagnostic testing, multidisciplinary outpatient services, specialized treatments, long term inpatient video-EEG monitoring, and long term ambulatory homebound EEG.NassauEPILEPSY CENTER-DIVISION OF NEUROLOGY COHEN CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER NORTHWELL HEALTH
    HAND CENTEROffers care to patients with hand injuries or maladies including rheumatic diseases, Dupuytren's Disease, tendon and nerve problems and tumors wrist arthroscopy, microscopic reconstructive surgery and a variety of pediatric hand problems.SuffolkHAND CENTERSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    HAUPPAUGE OUTPATIENT CENTERProvides a broad spectrum of dermatology services delivered by Memorial Sloan-Kettering physicians.SuffolkHAUPPAUGE OUTPATIENT CENTERMEMORIAL SLOAN-KETTERING CANCER CENTER
    HEALTHFIRSTOffers a health maintenance organization (HMO) known as Healthfirst. Those enrolled receive pediatric and adult medical care, as well as maternity, women's health, mental health and alcohol and substance abuse services.NassauHEALTHFIRSTNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    HOME CARDIAC PROGRAMOffers the ability for home monitoring of cardiac patients via trans telephonic electrocardiogram and an individually tailored home exercise program to prepare patients for entrance into out-patient cardiac rehabilitation programs.SuffolkHOME CARDIAC PROGRAMGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    INFANT CAREProvides a 2 hour class for expectant parents with instruction and discussion on infant bathing, dressing, feeding and safety. Call for dates and times.NassauINFANT CAREWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    INFANT TOT SAVER COURSEOffers classes teaching parents/family members to perform artificial respiration, CPR and assist in helping a choking child. This course also covers childproofing your home and reviews child/infant safety.NassauINFANT TOT SAVER COURSEWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    INSTITUTE FOR HEART CAREProvides the most advanced levels of diagnostic technology, medical management, interventional cardiology, and cardiac surgery. Clinicians also address modifiable risk factors to help their patients stay well.NassauINSTITUTE FOR HEART CAREWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    KINDRED SPIRITSProvides a support group for parents of children with diabetes. It provides lectures, guest speakers and education. Meets monthly at the Diabetes Education Center. Call for dates and times.NassauKINDRED SPIRITSWINTHROP UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    LONG ISLAND CENTER FOR ADVANCED LAPAROSCOPYProvides comprehensive services in minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. Conditions treated include: gallstones and bile duct stones, groin and abdominal hernias, reflux disease(heartburn), disease of the esophagus, bowel and colon disease, removal of diseased organs, operations for morbid obesity, and diagnostic operations to determine the cause of abdominal pain, inflammation, tumors or adhesions.NassauLONG ISLAND CENTER FOR ADVANCED LAPAROSCOPYNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGINGProvides CT scanners and magnetic resonance imaging unit (MRI), to provide abdominal, pelvic, chest, and musculoskeletal imaging. Call for more information.NassauMAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGINGNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    MELVILLE-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKOffers a wide range of outpatient services including orthopedic, physical, speech and occupational therapy. Additional services include physical medicine and rehabilitation, golf and fitness program and functional capacity evaluations.SuffolkMELVILLE-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    MICROBIOLOGY DEPARTMENTProvides testing for infectious diseases. Tests for antibiotic sensitivity, yeast and fungi, mycobacteria, parasites, and serology.NassauMICROBIOLOGY DEPARTMENTNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    NEURO AND BODY COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHYEquipped with state-of-the-art imaging modalities currently available. These include fluoroscopy, neuro and body computed tomography, high speed spiral computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, general diagnostic radiology including gastrointestinal, uroradiology, orthopedic and pediatric radiology, diagnostic ultrasound, angiography, nuclear medicine studies including PET/CT, and interventional special procedures and neuro-interventional procedures.SuffolkNEURO AND BODY COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHYSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    OCCUPATIONAL THERAPYAddresses patients' needs for self-care, home management, community living skills, and functional mobility. Provides activities of daily living, cognitive testing and retraining, driver assessment, hand therapy, and repetitive strain injury(RSI).SuffolkOCCUPATIONAL THERAPYST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    OPEN HEART SURGERYAs New York State's only specialty-designated heart center, St. Francis provides expertise in coronary artery by-pass surgery and valve repair/replacement surgery. To locate a St. Francis Hospital Cardiothoracic Surgeon, call 1-888-HEARTNY.NassauOPEN HEART SURGERYST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL-THE HEART CENTER
    OTOLARYNGOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION DISORDERSOffers primary and tertiary care for diseases affecting the neck and head. Services include otology, paranasal sinus and nasal surgery, head and neck surgery, laryngeal reconstructive surgery, carbon dioxide laser treatment of laryngeal papoilloma, and endoscopy. Facilities include a Same Day Surgery inpatient unit, and outpatient program and a Hearing and Speech Center.NassauOTOLARYNGOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION DISORDERS COHEN CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER NORTHWELL HEALTH
    OUTPATIENT PHYSICAL THERAPY DEPARTMENTProvides outpatient physical therapy services. Offers complete decongestive therapy for lymphadema.SuffolkOUTPATIENT PHYSICAL THERAPY DEPARTMENTJOHN T. MATHER MEMORIAL HOSPITAL
    OUTPATIENT REHABILITATIONEmploys multidisciplinary approach to provide comprehensive outpatient rehabilitative services. Offers a mixture of therapeutic services including occupational/physical therapy, speech therapy, and balance/vestibular therapy. Provides patient/family education. Call for further information.SuffolkOUTPATIENT REHABILITATIONSOUTHSIDE HOSPITAL
    OUTPATIENT SERVICESOffers various outpatient treatment groups for people with chemical dependencies. Call for group information. Licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS).SuffolkSOUTH OAKS HOSPITALSOUTH OAKS HOSPITAL
    PATCHOGUE-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKOffers a wide range of outpatient services including sports medicine, orthopedic manual, occupational and physical therapy. Conducts pre-employment screenings and functional capacity evaluations.SuffolkPATCHOGUE-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    PATIENT SUPPORT GROUPSOffers a patient support group for individuals diagnosed with a blood cancer. Meetings are facilitated by a social worker and an oncology nurse. Call for locations and times.SuffolkPATIENT SUPPORT GROUPSTHE LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA SOCIETY LONG ISLAND CHAPTER
    PHYSICAL THERAPY AND REHABILITATION CENTER-OUTPATIENT WELLNESS PROGRAMProvides exercise regimen to patients whose prescribed therapy period has ended. Also offers massage therapy through Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center.SuffolkPECONIC BAY MEDICAL CENTERPECONIC BAY MEDICAL CENTER
    PHYSICAL THERAPY AND SPORTS REHABILITATION CENTERProvides care for conditions including arthritis, back and neck pain, Bell's palsy, fractures, shoulder and knee problems, sports injuries, sprains and strains, stroke, tendinitis and bursitis. Call for appointment.NassauPHYSICAL THERAPY AND SPORTS REHABILITATION CENTERST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL-THE HEART CENTER
    PORT JEFFERSON-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKOffers a wide range of outpatient services including sports medicine, physiatry (physical medicine and rehabilitation) and pulmonary rehabilitation. Provides hydrotherapy, physical, orthopedic manual, speech and occupational therapy in addition to a gait lab. Electronic diagnostics are also performed.SuffolkPORT JEFFERSON-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    PULMONARY FITNESS AND REHABILITATIONOffers a variety of preventative and rehabilitative programs for pulmonary conditions including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, complicated asthma and other lung diseases. This physician-prescribed program offers alternatives beyond medication, oxygen therapy, and breathing aids. Candidates should ideally be able to walk one block. Call for further information.NassauPULMONARY FITNESS AND REHABILITATIONST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL-THE HEART CENTER
    PULMONARY REHABILITATION PROGRAMProvides an outpatient 10 week (3 visits per week, two hours per visit) program offering diagnosis, exercise therapy and patient education for people with respiratory disabilities. Services include medical evaluation and follow up by Board Certified Pulmonary Physicians,complete pulmonary function studies including supervised cardiac-monitored exercise modalities.SuffolkPULMONARY REHABILITATION PROGRAMGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    QUANNACUT OUTPATIENT ADDICTION SERVICESOffers outpatient drug/alcohol counseling sessions for clients and their families.Licensed by The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS).SuffolkQUANNACUT OUTPATIENT ADDICTION SERVICESSTONY BROOK EASTERN LONG ISLAND HOSPITAL
    RADIOLOGY/IMAGING SERVICESThe Radiology Department includes state-of-the-art MRI, MRI breast coil, and MRI breast biopsy system, bone densitometry, PET CT, digital mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy unit, 64 + 264 slice CT scanner, digital x-ray equipment as well as a new angiography/interventional radiology suite. Picture Archiving Computer System (PACS) provides access to radiology images though out the hospital and to referring physicians at various locations. Powerscribe, a voice recognition transcription system, leads to real time radiology results reporting and improved test turnaround time. A Breast Health Navigator is available in our Women's Center.SuffolkRADIOLOGY/IMAGING SERVICESST. CATHERINE OF SIENA MEDICAL CENTER
    RADIOLOGY SERVICESOffers a full range of radiological services, including x-rays, CT scans, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear scan, and other imaging modalities. Call for further information.NassauRADIOLOGY SERVICESST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL-THE HEART CENTER
    REHABILITATION CENTERProvides inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative care, including amputation, brain injury/trauma, multitrauma, orthopedic, pediatric, spinal cord injury, and stroke rehabilitation.SuffolkREHABILITATION CENTERST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    RIVERHEAD-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKOffers physical and orthopedic manual therapy to outpatients. Additional services include sports medicine and a back rehabilitation program.SuffolkRIVERHEAD-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    ROSE WALTON CARE SERVICES AT DAVID E. ROGERS MD CENTERProvides medical, mental health and massage therapy services to adults with HIV/AIDS. Also offers counseling, outpatient, nutrition, housing, legal and social support services. A satellite Center of Southampton Hospital.SuffolkROSE WALTON CARE SERVICES AT DAVID E. ROGERS MD CENTERSTONY BROOK SOUTHAMPTON HOSPITAL
    SLEEP APNEA CENTEROffers a sleep laboratory for pediatric and adult patients. The center can assess, examine and treat those suspected of having sleep-related breathing disorders, ranging from apnea, excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), to chronic snoring. Evaluation and diagnosis are done for all ages via diagnostic testing known as polysomnogram.SuffolkSLEEP APNEA CENTERGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    SMITHTOWN-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKOffers a wide range of outpatient services including sports medicine, golf and fitness program, physical and orthopedic manual therapy.SuffolkSMITHTOWN-ST. CHARLES REHABILITATION NETWORKST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    SOUTH OCEAN CARE, L.L.C.Provides medical care in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Prenatal Care, Family Planning, Pediatric and Adult Dental, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, and Orthopedics. Testing available includes: X-Ray, EKG, Bone Density, Audiology, Blood Drawing, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Latent TB. Call for further information.NassauSOUTH OCEAN CARE, L.L.C.SOUTH OCEAN CARE, L.L.C.
    SPINE CENTEROffers medical treatment and pain management for disorders of the spine. Also provides surgical intervention for spinal disorders and postoperative management.NassauSPINE CENTERLONG ISLAND JEWISH VALLEY STREAM
    THE CHRISTIANE AND RICHARD HIEGEL HEALTHCARE CENTERA state-of-the-art ambulatory care facility offering primary care and family medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation, massage therapy and acupuncture. Medical specialties include gastroenterology, general surgery, nephrology, neurology,obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, osteopathic manipulative treatment, psychology and rheumatology. Appointments are available and walk-ins are welcome. Weekend hours are available.SuffolkTHE CHRISTIANE AND RICHARD HIEGEL HEALTHCARE CENTERSTONY BROOK SOUTHAMPTON HOSPITAL
    THE FORTUNOFF TREATMENT AND REHABILITATION CENTEROffers services including: Diagnostic evaluations, primary care, medical, dental, orthopedic, physiatry, neurology, optometry, podiatry, gynecology, psychiatry, psychology, social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, audiology, and rehabilitative services, which includes wheelchair evaluations, seating and mobility, pressure mapping, orthotics, splinting, augmentative communication, power mobility training and computer access.NassauTHE FORTUNOFF TREATMENT AND REHABILTATION CENTERCP NASSAU
    THE LONG ISLAND SURGICAL WEIGHT REDUCTION CENTERProvides consultation and evaluation for gastric stapling or bariatric surgery, for those who are severely overweight, or those with medical conditions that have worsened with increasing weight. Provides nutritional counseling, monthly support group meetings, and a quarterly newsletter.NassauTHE LONG ISLAND SURGICAL WEIGHT REDUCTION CENTERNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT CENTEROffers total joint replacement or revision including pre-operative orientation and training, latest post-surgical pain management techniques, autologous blood donation or cell saver to avoid transfusion risks, specialized orthopedic and rehabilitation nursing care, and complete outpatient rehabilitation services at various Nassau and Suffolk locations.SuffolkTOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT CENTERST. CHARLES HOSPITAL
    TRANSITIONS OF LONG ISLANDProvides comprehensive neuro-rehabilitation program for persons with acquired neurologic injuries including: traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, anoxia, encephalitis, mild head injury and brain diseases. Offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, neuropsychology, social work, rehabilitation counseling, pre-vocational counseling, nursing, life-skills training, and case management. Operates in-patient and out-patient programs, patient/family support groups, and educational programs. Involves patients in active, mutually beneficial relationship with local community.NassauTRANSITIONS OF LONG ISLANDLONG ISLAND JEWISH MEDICAL CENTER
    VIROLOGY DEPARTMENTProvides an annual influenza testing program for community nursing homes, and a newsletter proving information and epidemiology on current viral isolations. Also offers an ultrasensitive HIV viral load assay available for outside specimens, as well as a full range of viral and chlamydia identification techniques, including direct fluorescent antibody staining, conventional culture methods, and special typing.NassauVIROLOGY DEPARTMENTNASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER
    VOLUNTEER SERVICESProvides a wide array of volunteer services including transportation for outpatients to Mercy Medical Center's areas of service such as Radiation Therapy, Physical Therapy, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Respiratory Therapy.(No transports to doctor's offices), Silver Spoons which provides assistance to patients needing help at meal times, Cancer Care Volunteers as well as a listening therapy program. Call for more information.NassauVOLUNTEER SERVICESMERCY MEDICAL CENTER

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