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Eye, optic nerve or brain malfunctions which prevent affected individuals from seeing normally. Eye disorders that can lead to visual impairments include retinal degeneration, albinism, cataracts, glaucoma, muscular problems that result in visual disturbances, corneal disorders, diabetic retinopathy, congenital disorders and infection.

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ADAPTIVE LIVING PROGRAM (ALP)Provides a range of services to visually impaired seniors to help them independently care for themselves and their homes including individual assessments and evaluations, homemaker training, low vision services, mobility training and rehabilitation teaching. Case management provided. Serves residents of Nassau and Suffolk Counties.NassauADAPTIVE LIVING PROGRAM (ALP)HELEN KELLER SERVICES FOR THE BLIND
AFFILIATE PROGRAMProvides assistance to over 40 state and private agencies to serve people with deaf-blindness and enhance local service capability.NassauAFFILIATE PROGRAMHELEN KELLER NATIONAL CENTER FOR DEAF-BLIND YOUTHS AND ADULTS (HKNC)
AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR THE BLINDProvides the following services to the blind and visually-impaired and to organizations/individuals working with this audience information and referral, publications on blindness, data collection and information dissemination, and production of recorded materials for the blind through the Talking Books Program. Conducts a wide variety of programs to support independent living, literacy, employment and access to technology. Advocates for legislation and operates a web site which offers access to an on-line book store, Career Connect(employment planning tool), and Braille Bug(children's web channel for literacy).AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR THE BLINDAMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR THE BLIND
BLINDLINE RProvides an information and referral call center staffed by visually impaired or blind volunteers on services and products for people who are visually impaired or blind throughout New York.BLINDLINE RVISIONS-SERVICES FOR THE BLIND/VISUALLY IMPAIRED
BRAILLINGProvides limited brailling of materials onto CDs or floppy disks for computer use. No full length booksNassauBRAILLINGNATIONAL FEDERATION OF THE BLIND OF NEW YORK STATE-GREATER LONG ISLAND CHAPTER
BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PROGRAMServes eligible legally blind persons wishing to operate facilities (e.g. newstands, snack bars, cafeterias) in government buildings. Provides management skill training, initial stock/equipment. Offers continuing support services.NassauBUSINESS ENTERPRISE PROGRAMNEW YORK STATE OFFICE OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES-COMMISSION FOR THE BLIND AND VISUALLY HANDICAPPED
CAMP HELEN KELLEROffers a five week summer camp experience to children who are blind or visually impaired that includes recreation, socialization, orientation/mobility, career explorations, dance and arts and crafts. Campers can be from Nassau, Suffolk or Queens counties.NassauCAMP HELEN KELLERHELEN KELLER SERVICES FOR THE BLIND
CHILDREN'S CENTER EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAMPurpose is to maximize each child's strengths and minimize weaknesses, address every facet of child's development, and encourage and assist parental participation in child's development. Program includes evaluations and services for infants and toddlers individual and family counseling, speech and language therapy, occupational/ physical therapies, and education for the visually impaired. Other services include family training, parent/child feeding group and feeding services. Home and center based therapies available.SuffolkTHE CHILDREN'S CENTER AT UCP OF LONG ISLANDUCP OF LONG ISLAND
CHILDREN'S CENTER PRESCHOOL PROGRAMOffers evaluations and services for preschoolers with suspected or confirmed disabilities. Services available in special education, individual, family and group counseling/workshops, play therapy, occupational/physical therapy, speech and language therapy, adapted physical education, MOVE philosophy (Mobility Opportunities Via Education), augmentative communication, education for the visually impaired and behavior management. These services can be provided in the center or in the child's home.SuffolkTHE CHILDREN'S CENTER AT UCP OF LONG ISLANDUCP OF LONG ISLAND
CHILDREN'S CENTER SCHOOL-AGE PROGRAMCenter based school program providing: evaluations, individualized education, related services, family education, pre-vocational training, individual and group counseling, and play therapy. Related services include: physical, occupational and speech therapies, vision training, nursing, and assistive technology. Adapted physical evaluation, creative arts, and MOVE philosophy (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) are also available. Program offers an educational/therapeutic curriculum that provides individualized attention and intervention while facilitating communication skills, cognitive development and emphasizing individual abilities. UPC Suffolk's Children's Residential Program provides both educational and residential placement using a collaborative team approach.SuffolkTHE CHILDREN'S CENTER AT UCP OF LONG ISLANDUCP OF LONG ISLAND
CHILDREN'S SERVICESProvides funds for children under age 14 (or under 21 if multi-disabled). Offers services of children's consultant to develop a plan of services, including services provided in the home, community, and/or with other rehabilitation agencies. Provides family counseling/guidance, advocacy services, case management, educational consultation and vocational coordination.NassauCHILDREN'S SERVICESNEW YORK STATE OFFICE OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES-COMMISSION FOR THE BLIND AND VISUALLY HANDICAPPED
CHOICE MAGAZINE LISTENINGProduces a free quarterly anthology on cassette tape for visually or physically impaired or dyslexic subscribers Nationwide.NassauCHOICE MAGAZINE LISTENINGCHOICE MAGAZINE LISTENING
COMMUNITY RESIDENCEProvides residential services for developmentally disabled adults.NassauCOMMUNITY RESIDENCEHELEN KELLER SERVICES FOR THE BLIND
COMMUNITY SERVICES PROGRAMAssists individuals who are deaf-blind in learning daily living and communications skills. Assesses individual's mobility and vision needs providing both training and customized mobility tools. Provides vocational assessment, job readiness training and job placement. Refers individuals to appropriate government programs and services. Services are provided in individuals' homes, work sites and communities.NassauCOMMUNITY SERVICES PROGRAMHELEN KELLER NATIONAL CENTER FOR DEAF-BLIND YOUTHS AND ADULTS (HKNC)
CREATIVE ADAPTATIONS FOR LEARNING, INC.Dedicated to creating, publishing and distributing tactile illustrations for readers who are blind or visually impaired. Creative Adaptations for Learning (CAL) produces books, flash cards, and other educational materials which use raised lines and textured shapes to help visually impaired people recognize shapes and objects the product is particularly useful for developing reading readiness (braille or print), orientation and mobility and communication skills. Young children, their parents, siblings, teachers and Occupational Therapists, any of whom may be blind or visually impaired, use these well as children who have dyslexia, autism, cerebral palsy or learning delays. Serves a national geographic area.NassauCREATIVE ADAPTATIONS FOR LEARNING, INC.CREATIVE ADAPTATIONS FOR LEARNING, INC.
DAY HABILITATION PROGRAM: PROGRAM WITHOUT WALLSProvides daytime activities for individuals who are developmentally disabled. Individuals need not be visually impaired. Individuals each have a person-centered plan of activities designed to make them more independent in the community, including community volunteer experiences. Activities are done in the community.SuffolkDAY HABILITATION PROGRAMHELEN KELLER SERVICES FOR THE BLIND
DAY HABILITATION PROGRAM-SITE BASEDProvides daytime activities for individuals who are developmentally disabled. Individuals need not be visually impaired. Individuals each have a person-centered plan of activities designed to make them more independent, and community volunteer experiences.NassauDAY HABILITATION PROGRAMHELEN KELLER SERVICES FOR THE BLIND
DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHALMOLOGYProvides services in ophthalmology including neuro-ophthalmic problems, retinal disorders, corneal-external diseases, glaucoma center, oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery, laser vision correction, diabetic services, pediatric ophthalmology and general eye problems. Outpatient services offered at Stony Brook Technology Park.SuffolkDEPARTMENT OF OPHTHALMOLOGYSTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHALMOLOGYServes patients needing opthalmic surgical care. Provides treatment for a range of conditions, including cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment, eye muscle imbalance, opacified posterior capsule and lacrimal duct dysfunction. Also performs opthalmic plastic surgery and repair of traumatic eye injuries.NassauDEPARTMENT OF OPHTHALMOLOGYSYOSSET HOSPITAL
DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINEOffers consultation, research on disease prevention and health promotion programs, evaluation and treatment of individuals, workplace evaluations, education, health studies and assessment services for employees and employers. Divisions within the department include: Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Division of Epidemiology/Preventive Medicine Research which coordinates Center for Eye Disease Studies Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine-Travel Medicine Services, and the Women's Health Initiative, part of the Stony Brook Clinical Center. Call for more Information.SuffolkDEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINESTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
GARVIES POINT MUSEUM AND PRESERVEOffers a natural history museum and nature preserve. Offers 5 miles of nature trails, and self-guiding nature trail with descriptive signs in braille for the visually impaired.NassauGARVIES POINT MUSEUM AND PRESERVENASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PARKS, RECREATION AND MUSEUMS
GLAUCOMA EYECARE PROGRAMPromotes early detection of glaucoma, raises awareness of glaucoma risk factors, and provides free glaucoma educational materials and facilitates access to eye care. People eligible for a referral through the program receive a glaucoma eye exam. Patients with insurance will be billed and are responsible for any co-payments. Uninsured are seen at no charge. Visit website for online referral questionnaire.GLAUCOMA EYECARE PROGRAMEYECARE AMERICA
ITINERANT SERVICES FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIREDServices are available to blind and partially sighted students in their home schools. The itinerant teacher carries out an ongoing program with local school staff so they can help a student develop those skills needed to function optimally in the regular school setting. These skills can include the use of optical and visual aids, tactile and auditory aids, braille reading and writing, listening and oral communication, orientation, mobility, travel, proficiency in the skills of daily living, counseling in social adjustment, independence, efficient use of resources and personal organization. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkITINERANT SERVICES FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIREDWESTERN SUFFOLK BOCES SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM
LARGE PRINT AND BRAILLE BILLSProvides Braille summaries of PSEG bills, along with regular statement, to blind individuals. Contracts with Helen Keller National Center in Sands Point to convert bills to Braille. Also offers 55% larger print bill for the visually impaired. Call to request either accommodation.SuffolkLARGE PRINT AND BRAILLE BILLSPSEG LONG ISLAND
LIGHTHOUSE INTERNATIONALDedicated to preserving vision and to providing crucially needed vision health care services to help people of all ages overcome the challenges of vision loss, through clinical services, education, research, and advocacy enabling people with low vision and blindness enjoy safe, independent and productive lives. Call or visit website for more information.LIGHTHOUSE INTERNATIONALLIGHTHOUSE INTERNATIONAL
LONG ISLAND COUNCIL OF THE BLINDProvides information and advisory services on all aspects of blindness, awards annual scholarships to outstanding blind post-secondary students in academic, professional and technical training programs, advocates on behalf of people who are blind or visually impaired, produces public service announcements promoting the independence, dignity and advancement of all people with impaired vision and provides legal advice and assistances on the rights, services and benefits available to blind people. Meetings usually held every third Saturday of each month except July, August and December at Ellsworth Allen Park, Community Room, 45 Motor Parkway, Farmingdale, from 12:30pm-4:30pm. From time to time there is a change in scheduling so call or visit website for additional information.NassauLONG ISLAND COUNCIL OF THE BLINDLONG ISLAND COUNCIL OF THE BLIND
NASSAU-COMMUNITY REHABILITATION SERVICESProvides rehabilitation teaching to the blind and visually impaired including braille, keyboarding, travel training, independent living skills, and low-vision services. Also offers social casework and counseling servicesNassauNASSAU-COMMUNITY REHABILITATION SERVICESHELEN KELLER SERVICES FOR THE BLIND
NATHANIEL H. KORNREICH TECHNOLOGY CENTERProvides assistive technology evaluations and training for individuals, training and education for professionals, demonstrations and an on-site library. Serves people with disabilities of all ages and all ranges of disabilities with special education related services and vocation-related professionals. Serves Nassau and Suffolk Counties and the statewide area.NassauNATHANIEL H. KORNREICH TECHNOLOGY CENTERABILITIES, INC.
NEWSLINE FOR THE BLINDProvides newspapers, 4 Spanish-language newspapers, and magazines read on the telephone. Person receives a special phone number and security code, then may access New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Buffalo News, Christian Science Monitor, USA Today in New York, and other national papers. Call or visit website for more information.NEWSLINE FOR THE BLINDNATIONAL FEDERATION OF THE BLIND OF NEW YORK STATE-GREATER LONG ISLAND CHAPTER
NEW YORK CITY STUDIOProvides textbooks, library services and other educational resources to people who cannot read standard print because of a visual, physical or perceptual disability. National Headquarters located at 20 Roszel Road, Princeton, NJ 08540NEW YORK CITY STUDIOLEARNING ALLY
NORTH FORK SUPPORT GROUP FOR VISUALLY IMPAIRED PEOPLEThis support group for visually impaired residents of the North Fork meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Southold Recreation Center at 10:30am. Meetings feature speakers on various aspects of blindness, related health subjects, local politics, and other topics of interest to the group. Volunteer drivers transport members, many of whom are elderly and suffering with macular degeneration to meetings, field trips, grocery shopping and doctor appointments. Affiliated with the North Fork Parish Outreach (Parent Organization), Catholic Charities Services for the Blind, Helen Keller, and St. Patrick's Church in Southold. Call for information.SuffolkNORTH FORK SUPPORT GROUP FOR VISUALLY IMPAIRED PEOPLENORTH FORK SUPPORT GROUP FOR VISUALLY IMPAIRED PEOPLE
OLDER ADULT PROGRAMProvides program consultation, staff development, coordination of workshops, seminars and conferences, and development of resource materials to professionals in the fields of rehabilitation and aging.OLDER ADULT PROGRAMHELEN KELLER NATIONAL CENTER FOR DEAF-BLIND YOUTHS AND ADULTS (HKNC)
PAL-O-MINE EQUESTRIAN, INC.Provides a therapeutic horseback riding program to help benefit those with disabilities by stretching the mind and muscles. Teaches horseback riding to students who are physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged and those who are visually or hearing impaired. Call for more information.SuffolkPAL-O-MINE EQUESTRIAN, INC.PAL-O-MINE EQUESTRIAN, INC.
PARENTS OF VISUALLY IMPAIRED CHILDREN SUPPORT GROUPOffers a monthly support group and socialization time for parents of visually impaired children.NassauPARENTS OF VISUALLY IMPAIRED CHILDREN SUPPORT GROUPFRIEDBERG JCC
READING EQUIPMENT AIDS AND DEVICES ROOMProvides a variety of special aids on display for people with physical, visual, and hearing impairments.SuffolkREADING EQUIPMENT AIDS AND DEVICES ROOMWEST BABYLON PUBLIC LIBRARY
REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVESProvides client advocacy, consulting and technical assistance to schools and agencies, assistance in developing local services, client follow-up services, information and referral, professional development and in-service training, public education and awareness and maintenance of client registry. Regional offices located throughout the United States.NassauREGIONAL REPRESENTATIVESHELEN KELLER NATIONAL CENTER FOR DEAF-BLIND YOUTHS AND ADULTS (HKNC)
SENIORS EYECARE PROGRAMEnsures that all eligible seniors 65 and older have access to medical eye care. It also raises awareness about age-related eye diseases and provides free eye care educational materials. Eligible people (through a referral program) receive a comprehensive, medical eye exam and up to one year of treatment for any condition diagnosed during the initial exam, at no out of pocket expense for the physician's services. Visit website for online referral questionnaire.SENIORS EYECARE PROGRAMEYECARE AMERICA
S J K LISTENING THERAPY PROGRAMProduces/distributes audio recordings and Talking Libraries to hospitals, nursing home patients and homebound who are unable to read in the conventional manner.NassauS J K LISTENING THERAPY PROGRAMS J K LISTENING THERAPY PROGRAM
SPECIAL EDUCATION RELATED SERVICESServices are available to local districts, at a specified cost per session, based on the IEP for students attending BOCES Special Education Programs. Services include: Speech/Language Therapy; Counseling; English as a Second Language; Hearing Services; Vision Services; Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkSPECIAL EDUCATION RELATED SERVICESEASTERN SUFFOLK BOCES EDUCATIONAL SERVICES
SUFFOLK-COMMUNITY REHABILITATION SERVICESProvides rehabilitation teaching to the blind and visually impaired including braille, keyboarding, travel training, independent living skills, social casework and counseling services.SuffolkSUFFOLK-COMMUNITY REHABILITATION SERVICESHELEN KELLER SERVICES FOR THE BLIND
THEA BOWMAN RESIDENCEProvides a 31-unit, low-income housing complex for people with physical disabilities, either mobility-impaired, visually-impaired, or hearing-impaired. Inquiries and application requests handled by Stanan Management Company.SuffolkTHEA BOWMAN RESIDENCECATHOLIC CHARITIES
THE FOUNDATION FIGHTING BLINDNESS, NORTHEAST REGIONAL OFFICEResearches the cause, cure and treatment of retinal degenerative diseases, Retinitis Pigmentosa, macular degeneration, and Usher's Syndrome. Also serves as a source of information, referral and education.THE FOUNDATION FIGHTING BLINDNESS, NORTHEAST REGIONAL OFFICETHE FOUNDATION FIGHTING BLINDNESS, NORTHEAST REGIONAL OFFICE
THIRD EYE INSIGHT-FITNESS FOR THE BLINDProvides a fitness program offering martial arts/self-defense, yoga and meditation classes designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired.SuffolkTHIRD EYE INSIGHT-FITNESS FOR THE BLINDTHIRD EYE INSIGHT-FITNESS FOR THE BLIND
VIPSOffers a support group for the blind and /or visually impaired for all races, religions, and creeds. Empowers the blind and/or visually impaired so that an individual who is visually impaired can enjoy fellowship and social functions without the usual prejudices that are sometimes associated with the blind community.SuffolkVIPSVISUALLY IMPAIRED PERSONS OF SUFFOLK INC.
VISIONS AT SELIS MANORProvides employment and job placement services, recreational classes, adapted computer training courses, fitness and exercise classes, social work and benefits counselors as well as volunteer readers for adults who are legally blind or severely visually impaired. Call to register. Registration available in print, audiotape, or braille.VISIONS AT SELIS MANORVISIONS-SERVICES FOR THE BLIND/VISUALLY IMPAIRED
VISIONS CENTER ON AGINGServes older adults who are blind or visually impaired by offering a full array of customized service programs ranging for benefits assistance to health and wellness programs in a fully accessible facility. Also offers a hot dinner meal Monday-Friday.VISIONS CENTER ON BLINDNESSVISIONS-SERVICES FOR THE BLIND/VISUALLY IMPAIRED
VISIONS CENTER ON BLINDNESSProvides a year round overnight recreation, social service and rehabilitation program for blind and visually impaired teens (18+), adults, and senior citizens and families with one or more members of any age who are visually impaired. Offers educational programs, Employment and Technology Institute, Consumer Conference, sports, arts and entertainment. Call for an application.VISIONS CENTER ON BLINDNESSVISIONS-SERVICES FOR THE BLIND/VISUALLY IMPAIRED
VISION SERVICESProvides services for students attending local district programs who are visually impaired or blind. These include Assistive Technology Assessments and Orientation and Mobility Training. Assistive Technology Assessments are used to determine the appropriate assistive devices and/or educational technology needed to facilitate a student's learning in his/her current educational setting. Orientation and Mobility Training is provided for an individual student at the request of the local school district. This training assists students in traveling safely, efficiently and confidently in a variety of environments and develops independence and self-esteem. Individualized training is based on a student's cognitive and motor ability and geared to his or her specific vision deficit. Specialized services include: sensory and concept development with formal orientation and mobility training for younger students, training in the use of residual vision in conjunction auditory and tactual skills for partially sighted students training in street crossing and the use of public transportation for students who demonstrate age-appropriate concepts and cognitive ability and training for students who are totally blind through the use of the long cane and sight guide techniques. Call for more detailed information. NassauVISION SERVICESNASSAU BOCES DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION
VISIONS/HEBREW HOME V.I.P. SOCIAL ADULT DAY PROGRAMServes older adults who are blind or visually impaired by offering the opportunity for stimulation and companionship via adapted activities. Allows seniors to leave their homes and be socially and physically active while being monitored and supervised by a professional team.VISIONS/HEBREW HOME V.I.P. SOCIAL ADULT DAY PROGRAMVISIONS-SERVICES FOR THE BLIND/VISUALLY IMPAIRED
VISUAL IMPAIRMENT SERVICE TEAMProvides coordination of services for legally blind veterans and their families. Duties include providing and/or arranging for the provision of appropriate treatment modalities to enhance a blinded veteran's functioning level. Other duties include identifying new cases of blindness, providing professional counseling, resolving problems, arranging annual healthcare reviews and conducting education programs relating to blindness.SuffolkVISUAL IMPAIRMENT SERVICE TEAMNORTHPORT VA MEDICAL CENTER
VISUALLY IMPAIRED PERSONS OF SUFFOLK INC.Aids the blind community to self-advocate and to be a valued member of their community.SuffolkVISUALLY IMPAIRED PERSONS OF SUFFOLK INC.VISUALLY IMPAIRED PERSONS OF SUFFOLK INC.
VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION SERVICESAssists blind/visually handicapped persons ages 10 and older wishing to engage in a vocational program, to obtain a job, or keep a present job. Offers consultations with rehabilitation counselor to develop a plan of services that can include training and/or education. Assists with job placement upon completion of plan requirements.NassauVOCATIONAL REHABILITATION SERVICESNEW YORK STATE OFFICE OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES-COMMISSION FOR THE BLIND AND VISUALLY HANDICAPPED

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