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Individuals who are involved in legal proceedings, including administrative hearings as a defendant; or who have committed acts that have been defined as felonies or misdemeanors by federal or state laws or municipal or local ordinances and are currently under required supervision by the criminal justice system.

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ACCOUNTING UNITResponsible for processing the collection of restitution payment as ordered by the various courts. Also responsible for collecting administrative fees from offenders on probation and those for whom the court has ordered a pre-sentence investigation.ACCOUNTING UNITSUFFOLK COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION
ALTERNATIVE TO INCARCERATION (ATI)Provides the ATI program. The goal of the ATI program is to reduce recidivism through educational achievement and employability development. ATI is designed to meet the individual needs of youth 16 - 21, who are assigned as a court placement or for high-risk students whose needs are not being met in their current school setting. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkALTERNATIVE TO INCARCERATION (ATI)EASTERN SUFFOLK BOCES EDUCATIONAL SERVICES
ANGER MANAGEMENT PROGRAMThe Anger Management Programs helps individuals control anger and resulting negative behaviors. One day anger management programs are held on Saturdays (off site) from 9am-3pm Appointments required. An extended 12 week program is also available.NassauANGER MANAGEMENT PROGRAMEAC NETWORK
COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAMProvides referrals and monitors community service for defendants ordered to perform services by court order or a condition of probation. Call for more information.NassauCOMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAMNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL DIVISION
CRIMINAL SUPERVISION PROGRAMSupervises adults sentenced to probation. Monitors adherence to special conditions of Probation imposed by the court. Provides one-on-one counseling and guidance to positively influence the probationer's behavior, the protection of the community, and prevention of recidivism.NassauCRIMINAL SUPERVISION PROGRAMNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL DIVISION
CUSTODY/CHILD ABUSE INVESTIGATIONSResponsibilities include specialized investigations conducted by probation officers who are trained in custody, visitation, and child abuse cases. Assists Family Court Judiciary in determining the best interests of the children involved. Call for more information.NassauCUSTODY/CHILD ABUSE INVESTIGATIONSNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-FAMILY DIVISION
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROGRAMAttempts to modify the batterer's behavior through probation supervision, education, and specialized group sessions. Criteria is violation of an Order of Protection, or history of domestic violence against an intimate partner. An exclusion is untreated mental illness.SuffolkDOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROGRAMSUFFOLK COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL COURT DIVISION
ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCEProvides the closest supervision possible next to incarceration when combined with Probation Supervision. May be used to replace or reduce an intended period of incarceration. Open to any offender for whom jail is a likely, but not mandatory sentence, and who is not perceived as a violent threat to family or community. Referrals may come at time of pre-sentence investigation. Program may also be used for probation violators. Potential candidates must be screened in advance by Probation. Usual term of program is four to six months.SuffolkELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCESUFFOLK COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL COURT DIVISION
INFORMATION NOTIFICATION EVERYDAY (VINE)Provides a 24 hour, toll-free hotline to crime victims with up-to-date custody status information on offenders. Registered victims receive automatic phone calls when an inmate has a change in status, such as release or transfer. Notification calls continue until notification is confirmed using the registered person's 4-digit PIN number. Purpose is to assist crime victims and other concerned persons by providing continual access to inmate custody and case information. Serves Suffolk County. Victims, their family members, criminal justice professionals, and the public can also obtain basic information about an inmate in the custody of New York State Department of Correctional Services by accessing the Department's Internet web page, INFORMATION NOTIFICATION EVERYDAY (VINE)SUFFOLK COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE
INTENSIVE SUPERVISION PROGRAMProvides an alternative to incarceration for felony convicted high-risk offenders. State funded. Call for more information.NassauINTENSIVE SUPERVISION PROGRAMNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL DIVISION
INVESTIGATION SERVICESProvides pre-sentence investigations for the Criminal Courts of Nassau County and the cities of Long Beach and Glen Cove. Investigations assist the judiciary in imposing an appropriate sentence for convicted offenders. Referral required. Call for more information.NassauINVESTIGATION SERVICESNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL DIVISION
JUVENILE AID BUREAUProvides educational programs within the community and schools within the Town of Southold via the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program and other programs that explore the law and responsibility in an attempt to prevent crime. Educates youth in various safety areas (for example bicycle, babysitting, etc.).SuffolkPOLICE DEPARTMENTTOWN OF SOUTHOLD
MENTAL HEALTH/ADDICTION SERVICESProvides consultation and referral services for investigation and supervision officers with regard to probationers who have substance abuse or psychological problems. Referral required. Call for more information.NassauMENTAL HEALTH/ADDICTION SERVICESNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL DIVISION
MENTAL HEALTH COURTOffers Nassau County residents with mental health issues a dedicated court offering appropriate judicaial response. Judicial monitoring is provided to assure court mandated treatment plan is followed. Mental health management refers clients to treatment programs and related services as an alternative to incarceration.NassauMENTAL HEALTH COURTNASSAU COUNTY OFFICE OF MENTAL HEALTH, CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES SERVICES
NASSAU PRETRIAL SERVICESProvides intervention in the criminal justice system: assists in getting eligible persons released from jail or on their own recognizance accompanies clients and family to court appearances counseling referral to drug/alcohol programs,housing, job assistance, educational opportunities.NassauNASSAU PRETRIAL SERVICESNASSAU COUNTY COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS
OPERATION NIGHT WATCHWorks to foster closer cooperation between Nassau County and local police departments and develop information about criminal activity in the community. Probation officers and police officers team together to make unannounced visits to probationers homes. Referral Required.NassauOPERATION NIGHT WATCHNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL DIVISION
PRE-TRIAL SERVICESPre trial services provided in the District Court where probation officers screen cases to determine if they can be released on low or no bail status. Also provide supervision and monitoring of some defendants of help assure their appearance in court.NassauPRE-TRIAL SERVICESNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL DIVISION
PROGRAM FOR INCARCERATED ADULTSProvides an in-jail educational and counseling program for persons above the age of 21. Individuals will have the opportunity to enroll in an Adult Basic Education program leading to a High School Equivalency Diploma or an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkPROGRAM FOR INCARCERATED ADULTSEASTERN SUFFOLK BOCES EDUCATIONAL SERVICES
PROGRAM FOR INCARCERATED YOUTHSProvides educational and counseling services for incarcerated youth under 21 years of age. The program is designed to prepare students to complete the requirements for a Regents, Local or High School Equivalency Diploma. Courses of study infuse contextualized learning, career preparation and skills achievement into daily lessons. Call for more detailed information.SuffolkPROGRAM FOR INCARCERATED YOUTHSEASTERN SUFFOLK BOCES EDUCATIONAL SERVICES
RESTITUTION/ECONOMIC SANCTIONS UNITDisburses court ordered restitution collected by the Probation Department. Economic Sanctions oversees the collection of monthly administrative fees paid by probationers under supervision.NassauRESTITUTION/ECONOMIC SANCTIONS UNITNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-ADMINISTRATION
STOP DWI ALTERNATIVE TO INCARCERATION PROGRAMProvides a Correctional Treatment program designed for jail bound multiple DWI offenders and female defendants with a drug/alcohol history. The program provides addiction treatment in a correctional setting staffed by Addiction counselors and Correctional staff. Upon completion, offenders who receive a split sentence continue on probation supervision under the direction of the Probation Addictions Treatment(DWI) unit. All others receive mandatory supervision/aftercare.SuffolkSTOP DWI ALTERNATIVE TO INCARCERATION PROGRAMSUFFOLK COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL COURT DIVISION
VICTIMS ASSISTANCE UNITCollects and verifies information relative to monetary loss of victims in criminal matters to sentencing. Call for more information.NassauVICTIMS ASSISTANCE UNITNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROBATION-CRIMINAL DIVISION

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