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    ACCESS TO CARE-RYAN WHITE SERVICES FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDSOffers peer support services, case managemnet, medical case management, and health education are provided to low income individuals who are HIV positive to facilitate engagement in care.SuffolkACCESS TO CARE-RYAN WHITE SERVICES FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDSOPTIONS FOR COMMUNITY LIVING, INC.
    ADOLESCENT HIV PROGRAMThe Adolescent HIV/AIDS Program is a comprehensive program designed to meet the medical and mental health needs of teens and young adults ages 13-24 that are HIV positive.Please call for more information. Appointments are requiredSuffolkSTONY BROOK CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, DIVISION OF ADOLESCENT MEDICINESTONY BROOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
    AIDSINFOProvides answers to questions about HIV/AIDS treatment plus free telephone reference for people with HIV, their families and friends and Health Care providers, and offers updated information from on-line databases and on federally approved drugs. Staffed by information specialists who answer questions on HIV treatment options using federal, national and community based information resources. Provides copies of federally approved HIV/AIDS treatment guidelines, Retrovival Drugs and Information. Contacts, phone numbers, eligibility and locations given for open clinical trials, vaccine trials and prophylaxis for exposed health care workers. Printouts, custom database searches, press releases and relevant pamphlets and booklets are sent to callers via fax, mail, fed-ex, etc. Call for more information.AIDSINFOUNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES-AIDSINFO
    AIDS INSTITUTEProvides access to medications, health care and insurance continuation for persons living in New York State with HIV/AIDS, who are uninsured or under insured. Covered services include AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), Primary Care, Home Care Services and Insurance Premium payment assistance.AIDS INSTITUTENEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH
    AIDS SERVICE COORDINATIONEnsures that people who have been diagnosed as having AIDS receive all of the services and benefits for which they are entitled from the Department of Social Services and the many public and private helping agencies.NassauAIDS SERVICE COORDINATIONNASSAU COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES-ADULT SERVICES
    CENTER FOR PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATIONProvides training, seminars, conferences workshops, and lectures to health and human service providers regarding HIV/AIDS. Arranges preceptorships and mini-residencies for all level clinicians.SuffolkCENTER FOR PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATIONCENTER FOR PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATION
    HIGHER GROUND PROGRAMOffers faith based counseling centered on Christian biblical principals in combination with HIV/AIDS and chemical dependence prevention education, to increase positive health outcomes for participants of the program.NassauHIGHER GROUND PROGRAMTHE CENTER FOR RAPID RECOVERY
    HIV/AIDS EDUCATION AND PREVENTION PROGRAMProvides youth and adult peer education strategies and skills to foster awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS, as well as support to persons infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS virus. Outreach includes youth and adult conferences and workshops, participation in health and community fairs, and peer educator training.NassauHIV/AIDS EDUCATION AND PREVENTION PROGRAMLEADERSHIP TRAINING INSTITUTE
    HIV/AIDS SUPPORTIVE SERVICESOffers a comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care program which includes case management, individual, group and family therapy, Special Group for People in Recovery/Mothers with AIDS/African Americans and Latinos, nursing services, nutritional counseling, and a social/recreational program.NassauHIV/AIDS SUPPORTIVE SERVICESCOPAY, INC.
    HIV/AIDS/ (-) TARGETED PREVENTION AND SUPPORT SERVICESProvides information on HIV/AIDS and its prevention to community members, schools, and professionals through workshops and individual conferences. Makes referrals to appropriate agencies, and provides training through a faith-based initiative.SuffolkHIV/AIDS/HIV (-) TARGETED PREVENTION AND SUPPORT SERVICESECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY COUNCIL (EOC) OF SUFFOLK, INC.
    HIV PREVENTION SERVICESA High-Risk Youth program offering HIV education, counseling and testing. Medical and psychosocial care for HIV-positive youth is coordinated with the Allergy/Immunology Division.NassauHIV PREVENTION SERVICES COHEN CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER NORTHWELL HEALTH
    HIV TREATMENT INFOLINEProvides HIV treatment and care information, free of charge, to people living with HIV, their providers and support networks. Staffed by highly trained volunteers to answer questions about living healthfully with HIV. The InfoLine is a call-back service only. Messages must be left and will be returned.HIV TREATMENT INFOLINEPROJECT INFORM
    LAMBDA LEGALProtects civil rights and offers legal assistance to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and everyone living with HIV.LAMBDA LEGALLAMBDA LEGAL
    LONG ISLAND COMMUNITIES OF COLOROffers several programs aimed at educating the African-American population about HIV infections and promoting behavior that reduces the incidence of HIV infections. Programs offered include the SISTA (Sisters Informing Sisters About Topics on AIDS) Intervention, Peer Program and Outreach, and Health Communication/Public Information (HCPI). Also provides the coordination of multi-agency case management, HIV counseling and testing along with information on related supportive services. The SISTA Intervention, comprised of five 2 hour sessions, offers opportunities to role play, discuss relevant issues and build self-esteem.NassauLONG ISLAND COMMUNITIES OF COLORLEADERSHIP TRAINING INSTITUTE
    LONG ISLAND REGIONAL STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES CENTERProvides training, resources, and technical assistance to all schools and community agencies in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in all areas related to health and wellness. These areas include health curriculum, health services, violence prevention, nutrition, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, emotional health, parent and community involvement. The center also offers a health resource library with curricula, videos, health modules and guides available for loan to all school staff, parents, and community organizations.SuffolkLONG ISLAND REGIONAL STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES CENTERWESTERN SUFFOLK BOCES CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION
    PREVENTION EDUCATIONEducates individuals, community groups and at risk populations on Long Island about HIV/AIDS. General community programs include: HIV Overview, Teen Peer Training, Professional Development, Parent/Caregiver and Teen HIV Training, Multiple-Session Education and Skill Building Programs for out of school youth, homeless adolescents and active substance users are available. Programs for people living with HIV/AIDS include: HIV and Disclosure Training, Health Education and Risk Reduction Program and confidential rapid HIV and HCV testing for partners and social networks of HIV+ individuals. Adults over 50 and communities of color, STI testing is available.SuffolkPREVENTION EDUCATIONLONG ISLAND ASSOCIATION FOR AIDS CARE, INC.
    PREVENTION SERVICES FOR LONG ISLANDDesigned to engage and/or re-engage HIV+ persons who are newly diagnosed and/or those who are virally unsuppressed who have been lost to care.SuffolkPREVENTION SERVICES FOR LONG ISLANDECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY COUNCIL (EOC) OF SUFFOLK, INC.
    PROJECT SAFETY NETOffers at-risk Long Island residents in targeted Nassau and Suffolk County communities a variety of outreach services including FREE rapid HIV/HCV testing and counseling, fast tracking into substance abuse treatment, Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services (CRCS), distribution of condoms and referrals to primary health care, mental health, case management and other supportive services. The program also offers on the spot education about reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other STD transmissions and the link between substance abuse and HIV. Provides assistance with enrollment in the HIV Uninsured Care Programs and Health Insurance Marketplace.SuffolkPROJECT SAFETY NETLONG ISLAND ASSOCIATION FOR AIDS CARE, INC.
    SPARC-CENTRAL ISLIPOffers short-term intensive interventions for people living with HIV who are either newly diagnosed or previously diagnosed but not in care in order to successfully link them with medical care and case management services. Offers free rapid HIV testing.SuffolkSPARC-CENTRAL ISLIPSPARC
    SPARC-RIVERHEADOffers short-term intensive interventions for people living with HIV who are either newly diagnosed or previously diagnosed but not in care in order to successfully link them with medical care and case management services. Also offers free rapid HIV testing. Respite and transportation services are available for clients of SPARC Consortium member agencies participating in each program. SPARC's Women's Care Coordinators work to ensure that clints are engaged and retained in care and are linked to other needed services in the community. SPARC's nutritionist offers comprehensive assessments, individual and group education.SuffolkSPARC-RIVERHEADSPARC

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